Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review ~ Purse Insert Organizer + Great deal $3.55 Shipped!

I use large purses, everyone makes fun of me.  A bunch of the ladies I work with call me Mary Poppins.  Since I use such big bags, I'm always in search of the perfect purse organizer.   I've used many brands from all price ranges.  

I realized that since they hold the majority of my items, they tend to get dirty quickly.  After realizing that, I started looking for cheaper versions of purse organizers.  I bought the Nylon Handbag Insert Cosmetic Gadget Purse Organizer in pink from a daily deal site.  I thought I was getting a great deal and later found it cheaper on both Amazon and Ebay.  Oh well, live in learn.  I didn't realize it was from Hong Kong when I originally ordered it from the deal site.  

I was a bit worried, but when it arrived it actually felt like a nice quality organizer.  I had purchased something similar on Amazon about a year ago for a gift, and it was so thin, I decided it wasn't gift worthy.  I got maybe a few weeks out of it.  This purse organizer though has a nice thickness to it.  

It also has side snaps so you can snap it closed so it is thinner.  Has a lot of pockets and is very versatile.  I love it!  I've been using it about a month and half, and it looks good as new.  

I'm actually going to purchase this  Yellow and Gray Handbag Organizer because it is only $3.55 shipped (at time of writing).  

These inserts are really great to have in the summer. I usually use tote bags for going to the beach or park.  I can just grab the organizer and my wallet, toss it in my tote and be ready to go.  With kids, it helps to be able to grab and go, lol !!

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* I was not paid for this review.  I actually bought this item and recommend it.  There is an Amazon affiliate link included *

1 comment:

MAC said...

This review was pretty helpful. I thought that insert was going to be add on extra weight since it looks so puffy but it doesn't seem like it did. Thanks for the review.

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