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Book Tour ~ Against My Will by Benjamin Berkley Review & GIVEAWAY

Publisher: Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc., September 1, 2012
Category: Fiction- Relationships, Abuse, Romance, Holocaust, Suspense
Tour Dates: February, 2013
Available in: Print and PDF, 247 pages Against My Willis the life changing novel about Danielle, a victim of marital abuse, who finds the strength to leave her husband and pursue a career in law. Danielle Landau knows she should feel lucky, but she can’t feel anything but dread. Not only did she pass the New York Bar, but she married the man her father says is just right for her and lives in a fashionable new loft in Queens. But the man who seems like the perfect catch is a perfect nightmare at home. Jacob tries to control her career, her daily routine, and even what she eats. He ignores her desires and belittles her every chance he gets. Soon, Danielle doesn’t recognize her husband or herself, and she struggles to find a way out. Danielle tries to talk to her father but he dismisses her marital problems.  But she can confide in her N…

Resolution to get Fit? Try Sparkpeople

SparkPeople is a great, free program to use if you are on a journey to lose weight or just get fit.  There are articles to read, advice, great free fitness videos.  I love the fitness videos, when you finish them, you can calculate how many calories you burned and it instantly tracks into your fitness for the day.

That brings me to another thing, and my favorite of Sparkpeople.  You can track your foods for the day, fitness you did, how many glasses of water you drank.  You can also track your weight, BMI, and a bunch of other things.

As you do things, you earn Sparkpoints.  You can also earn fun badges.  Give Sparkpeople a try to help with your health and fitness.

The next thing I want to try is the Fitbit.  Anyone use one?  I love how it tracks your activity for the day and your sleep patterns.  It is a bit pricey though, so I want to do some more research.

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