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First Car Wash

My kids finally went through their first car wash.  I never realized it until they both got excited, lol.  They are 11 and 15, oh my.

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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Welcome to It’s Monday!  What Are You Reading! 

In my car, I'm listening to Merry Christmas, Alex Cross.   

I'm also reading Devil's Waltz (Alex Delaware) and Shiva: An Extremely Controversial Historical Thriller (Book 3 of the Betrayed Series).

I highly recommend the Alex Delaware series.  I love it.

Alex Delaware is a literary character created by Jonathan Kellerman. The Alex Delaware detective series begins with When the Bough Breaks, published in 1985. Delaware appears in 27 of Kellerman's popular murder mysteries. Kellerman sets the series in Los Angeles. Delaware is a forensic psychologist; although Kellerman writes a back story in which Delaware practiced as a child psychologist.

Delaware has a friend, Milo Sturgis, who is a gay LAPD detective. Delaware helps Sturgis in his investigations, and the detective who eventually reaches the rank of lieutenant appears in each book in the series. As the series progresses, Delaware's relationship with Robin Castagna ev…

March Month in Numbers

March 2013 had 31 days in it.

I managed to read only 4 books which put me behind about 5 books for my goal of 100 by years end.

March mainly focused on Dance.  The girls had their first 2 competitions for the year this month.

Cammie's large group lyrical received a Platinum, 1st place in her category and 1st overall for all 9 -11 year olds at both competitions.  Her large group Jazz took Platinum, with 1st in category and 2nd overall (her lyrical beat her jazz).  Her teen tap took High Gold at both comps.

Her solo and duet only danced at the 2nd one.  They both received Platinum's, 1st in their category and 2nd overall for age division.  Super proud of my little dancer!

Alyssa's small group lyrical took 2nd overall at the 1st competition with Platinum and 5th at the 2nd with High gold.  Her large group lyrical and large group jazz took Platinum at the 1st competition and 1st and 3rd place.  At the 2nd they had some pretty steep competition and only took High Golds with …