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Nursery Rhyme Murders Collection

I love to read, and I love books.  I was hesitant to get a kindle because I wasn't sure if I would miss the feel of paper books.  Am I ever glad I got my kindle.  For several reasons, but one of the biggest is my discovery of indie authors.  Most people when they get their kindle, they start looking for free or cheap books.  I of course love a good freebie, so quickly delved into the world of indie authors. I've blogged about some in the past, here is another favorite.

Nursery Rhyme Murders Collection, I've read the first two in this series - Mary Mary Quite Contrary which is a prequel short story to Humpty Dumpty.  The characters are a lot of fun.  Love the small town cop and the ex-FBI agent working with a strong black female fbi agent that has a lot of self doubt she is working through.
The crimes are interesting and revolve around Nursery Rhymes which is a lot of fun.  I felt like the two books I read out of this series were less grisly then other books written by the au…