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Giveaway ~ Pair of Clawz shoes

This is a really fun giveaway with review from BabyDashCo. What little boy (or maybe girl) wouldn't love a pair of Clawz shoes. How fun, with summer coming up, these look great. Good luck! Clawz Slip on a pair of Clawz, and you'll immediately be transformed from civilized to savage, from city to jungle, and from human to beast. Clawz Shoes build on that comfort with a material that both repels odor and molds to the shape of your foot as you wear them. Clawz are available in a wild range of colors - lime, orange, black, blue, pink and white! For kids, even picking your size is fun, simply take out a pencil and paper and mark the length from Junior's heel to his big toe. Then, consult the size chart and place an order. Caden LOVES his Claws! He wears them everywhere we go! He say's they're very confortable. What an animal! Want to win a pair of Clawz! *Winner can choose size and color of choice* Open to U.S residents only If you don't want to wait for the contest…