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Amazon introduces Handmade

Amazon launched Handmade at Amazon, an Etsy-like virtual storefront where artisans can sell their handcrafted wares. With strict criteria, it should be a huge rival to Etsy who recently started allowing non-handmade items on their site. I'm pretty excited about what it has to offer. They already have over 1,000 products!
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Cedar Point Halloweekend

Our first attempt at HalloWeekends ended up with my tire almost falling off my car. 3 of the 5 bolts holding it on sheared right off. We had to get a tow truck and spent almost $600 getting towed all the way back home. Talk about upsetting. Then I had to fight with Days Inn to refund my money. After days of back and forth emails, I got back my payment, but not the points I spent. It took contacting them on facebook to see results, so remember social media really helps with business complaints!

Last weekend we tried again, and finally made it. We had to wait for my daughter to finish dance on Wednesday, so we headed out after 3:30 hoping to catch a few hours Saturday night. It ended up pouring the entire way, so we went checked into our hotel and shopped a little bit Ollies.

After that, the rain was only drizzling, so I decided to check it out. We were able to get there 10 minutes before  Sideshow - A Carnival of Magic started which was inside, so it was perfect! The show was really fun…