Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Therapy Wine Glass

This is such a fun idea for a wine glass, My Therapy Wine Glass by Got Me Tipsy! Isn't it so fun, I just love it.

Great for the end of the day glass of wine or juice, no judging here. Also would make a really fun gift. The glass is super high quality, really thick glass, nice sturdy base. Seriously, the glasses we got for our wedding, I never even unpacked they felt so fragile. This is a glass made to be used!

Made in the USA and holds 13 ounces!

Imagine this cute gift, this glass, bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers in a basket! You can give alone as well, comes in a nice sturdy cardboard box, all wrapped up in pretty bubble wrap.

The vinyl is also dishwasher safe! What Mommy wants to hand wash her wine glass?

The company is great to work with. Very quick replies to emails, friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the company Got Me Tipsy, they have a nice line of Glasses as well if the My Therapy isn't your cup of tea.

Watch for my review for a couple other of their items!

* Received this wine glass in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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