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X-Chef Kitchen Knife Sharpener Review

This August will be my 19th wedding anniversary, and we have never owned a knife sharpener. I've been wanting one for years to save our oldish knife set. I always thought they were expansive, so when I came across the X-Chef Kitchen Knife Sharpener for only $5.29 on Amazon at time of posting, I was pretty excited!

There are 2 sharpening modes for blunt knives. The blades are made of tungsten carbide and the rods are made of ceramic and are angled in a way that both sides of the knife will be sharpened at the same time. The sharpener is designed specifically with safety during use. The rubber non-slip feet eliminate any sliding when in use and the handle is large which allows for a firm grip when sharpening. You can also use this if you are right or left handed!

An important note, this is only for steel knives, you cannot use it with serrated knives or ceramic knives!

I found going slow works the best, and you only need to pass the k knife a few times. I did try it on a yellow kni…