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Saying Goodbye to Mean Streat (Cedar Point)

The Mean Streak is one of my favorite wooden roller coasters. It was built in 1991 at Cedar Point and at the time it was the tallest wooden coaster in the world with the longest drop! This has been our go to ride the last few years since there is never a wait. My kids hate lines, they are totally of this generation and do not want to wait more then 15 minutes for a ride. I remember waiting hours for every ride, lol.

Anyways, we go on this ride all the time. I cannot even believe it gone now. I think my daughter and I, maybe a handful of other people were actually upset at the rides funeral. While the funeral was funny and made tons of jokes and Mean Streaks expanse which were funny, my daughter was not thrilled about it.

The funeral was Friday and we went back to Cedar Point on Sunday. It was really hard seeing the Mean Streak and not being able to go on it. We also were not able to ride it Friday, we got stuck at the gate check in process and missed getting in line by minutes. It wa…