Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering 9-11

I can't believe today is the 6 year anniversary. It doesn't seem that long ago. Here is a great link from the White House.

Desperately seeking Susan asks where were you ...

It was a Tuesday & I had to told my BIL that I would watch my nieces. Aly wanted to go to daycare anyway that morning. I had dropped her off and was driving home with Cammie (then just over 2 months old). I was listening to the radio when they cut in to announce a plain had just hit a building. I seriously thought it was a joke & the way that the dj was speaking reminded me of back before tv the way that they would tell stories over the radio. And no, I wasn't alive then but I have seen shows about it. Then they said another plain hit & again I was like what is going on. I was wondering how they were getting away with playing a joke on the radio like that. Then it hit me it was true. When I got home, I ran up to my apt to put on the tv. I was shocked & horrified. My husband at the time was working about an hour away, so I called him to. I needed to hear his voice I guess. It was so hard to pull myself away from the tv, but I had to get ready to babysit. I had the tv up high, so I could hear what was going on while I was in the shower. I kept Cam close, I felt terrible bring a new baby into a world that was being attacked. I picked up Aly early because I hated her being away from me. Then I had to hurry over to my BIL house to babysit. It was such a strange day & it sucked having to do normal things. On top of that, that was the day of Aly's first ballet class. Now if you have read even a few of my posts, you know my girls are huge into dance. I had dreamed of having a little ballerina before I even got pregnant. I really struggled because I was so excited for her, but felt badly to enjoy the day. Luckily nobody in my family was directly affected by what happened. I felt so much loss for those that were.

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