Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Simplify your life

I think Simplify is going to be motto for the year 2008! Ali Edwards does a One Little Word Challenge every year. Last year as I was making my list, I kept going back & forth between Enjoy & Simplify. I ended up picking Enjoy. This year I am definitely going to pick Simplify. I didn't pick Simplify because I didn't think I was ready for the work involved in making things simple. I think because I chose not to, I wasn't able to fully enjoy things either.

I need to simplify my life so badly! I started today but unsubscribing from a bunch of yahoo groups & store newsletters. My inbox gets so full, I get overwhelmed & don't check the messages. I'm doing a little bit at a time till I get it under control. I'd love to sit & just take care of it at once time, but honestly it is so bad, it would take me ALL day long. With christmas right around the corner I can't do that. I figured I'd do a bit here & there & then maybe during the christmas break, I can really attack it.

I also need to simplify all the stuff in my house. Anybody have too much stuff? I do! My kids are overflowing with toys, I am overflowing with paperwork, etc. Ugh! It needs to go. I also have tons of collectibles. I actually started wanting to get rid of lots of it a few weeks ago, but none of it gets any bids on ebay right now. It is packed away anyways, so I'm going to hold off till I actually get a sale for the stuff. I don't even care if I don't make my money back, just something!

Anybody else need to simplify your life? If so tell me what you plan to do!

Here are some good articles on simplifying your life:

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Melissa Goodsell said...

Thankyou for the links...I definitely need to simplify some things in my life too!
P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kelly Malloy said...

I need to stop trying to think I can do it all!

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