Monday, December 17, 2007

SnapTint Window Tinting

Did you know that you can purchase do it yourself window tint for your car and your home? SnapTint sells customized kits that you can install in an afternoon. The kits are made with high performance window film from SolarGard and SunTek. They do not use cheap dyes that fade or turn purple. The kits are pre-cut to the precise measurements that you need. They also offer how to videos on their website,

There are many benefits to tinting your windows besides looking nice ~

Benefits to Window Tint

People have found that window tinting is not just about giving your ride more character, there are many practical benefits to tinting your windows. Some benefits include:

  • Avoid Overheating - Block 50% of heat
  • Skin Protection - Block 99% of UV rays
  • Accident Protection - Holds shattered glass
  • Enhanced Privacy - Protect your privacy
  • Safer Driving - Reduce glare from sun
  • Protect Your Car - Prevent sun damage"

They have a vast library of over 1,000 cars from 1980 to present with lower prices then the professionals charge for the same tint.

I love the home tint kits that they sell! You can choose from Solar Control Films, Frosted decorative films, Architectural Design films or Floral decorative films. They are very pretty, making your home a work of art plus many other features depending on the film you add.

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Amy said...

I tried to apply SNAPTINT.COM 's product SNAPTINT to my wifes Honda Civic. It is a terrible product. It is NOT and easy install. It kept rolling up on itself, no matter how wet i got it, which lead to creases in the final application. It also requires a heat gun which they do not tell you until you get the product. The install is much more complicated than they show online. Taking the rubber seal off is not a problem but replacing is a PIA. Do yourself a favor and pay 50-100$ to get it done professionally by people who know what they are doing. You can spend all day trying to get this product to work and it will still look bad. I usually love DIY's but this stuff just doesnt work. Oh yeah... when you call they say the voicemail isnt working and to email them... then they dont email you back... If you like bubbles in creases in your tint buy this product... if you want your tint to look good please do not buy from this site

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