Saturday, February 3, 2007

Last 2 for Jan DW Challenge

These were for the DW Challenge. Aly did a cheer clinic for a HS football game, she had SO much fun & wants to cheer when she is older :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Layouts, DW 2007 & Ebay

I did this at an online crop. I used a Becky Fleck sketch. I have been wanting to do these photos for so long (they are from Halloween 1997!). I'm ok with the layout, not exactly what I wanted but it is finally done! I used Leaving Prints green cardstock, couldn't find my green Bazzill. Want to get the LP stuff used up anyway since they went out of business. I think the cardstock came from one of those huge stacks from JoAnn's, another thing in my stash I'm trying to use up. Plus all the metal alphabets I have, used up a bunch of those spelling out Halloween. Looks awfully crooked in the pic, but doesn't look as bad on the page, LOL.

I have (2) more 2 page layouts that are almost finished that I started this week. One of them, I don't know what to do with & the other one I just need to do the journaling. The one that needs journaling will be for the DW 2007 challenge, so I will have met that challenge this month with 4 layouts, YEAH!

I've been really this week. My mom out of the blue on Monday decided to sell most of her Barbie collection. I've been really busy doing that on ebay. I also decided to sell some of my extra LP Kits. I started them all at .99 even though I paid $10.50 plus shipping on them & they retailed for $15.00 I just need to get them out. My mom started selling her Silkstones & they are doing ok. Not what she paid, but not bad. Now she pulled out all her Vintage stuff. I have to sort it all & decide what is worth selling. She has tons of clothes for Barbie, Skipper & Tutti. She is keeping all the Tutti stuff except one case that I listed last night. I hate selling Skipper, she is my favorite, LOL. She has a ton of the Christmas barbies too, but those don't seem to be doing so well. She wants to redo her room, so is trying to get rid of all the boxes of Barbies (there is a lot!). Here is a link to the auctions: Barbie & LP Kits Auctions

Off to work on Auctions & maybe get those pages done!

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