Sunday, April 1, 2007

April 1st

Ugh, I barely got anything done in March Scrapbook wise. I started out the year with 8 pages in jan, then 3 in Feb & for March I didn't even finish 1, OMG!!! I started a 2 page spread & it is close to be done, but just couldn't get it finished. I need to do some serious scrapping in April! Last year in April I did a a great album in 6 x 12 format where I took photos & journaled every day. I recently looked through it & really enjoyed it. I was thinking of doing another album again but later in the year. After looking through last April, I saw so many things similar & then again so many changes! I'm wondering if I should do another album for this year? Need to decide soon since it is April 1st. Maybe I could do the album as the weeks in april vs. the days. Hmmm ...

I will be taking pics today for sure, I'm taking the girls to an Easter event, so I guess I will see what I come up with during the week to decide what format I should take. I actually have a few extra page protectors in last years album, so I'm thinking of doing the 4 weeks of April, each a 2 page 6 x 12 spread. If I decide to do it, I will post what I come up with. Maybe I will actually scrap this month :)

Enjoy the day & watch out for April Fools ~~~

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