Saturday, August 4, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

My newest smart habit is going to deal with my finances. I am going to go through all my bills, write down what I owe. Then make a budget. I usually don't do budgets because we haven't had a steady paycheck in years. My husband is a carpenter & hasn't had a Friday paycheck in a LONG time. I quit working in jan of 2002, so I haven't either. We still don't have a steady paycheck, but I want to make a budget anyway. With school & dance starting back up in 1 month {today} I have to get my finances in order!

My previous "habits"

Walking ~ Doing well
Keeping kitchen table clutter free ~ not doing well :)
Playing games with kids ~ Doing good with my 6 year old. My 9 year old would rather play with friends, so will try to get her involved in the colder months (what am I going to do when she is a teen, ugh!)

I just joined I thought I joined awhile ago, but couldn't find my info. If you want, check it out here.

Friday, August 3, 2007

10 years ago today ...

was my wedding day. I cannot believe it has been 10 years already! Time flies, doesn't it. Nobody thought we would last since we got married when I was 19 & he was 21, but we have :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

What Being a WAHM Means to Me

Moms in Business is doing a blog carnival on August 2nd on the topic: What being a WAHM means to me. Well first and most important, it means that I can stay home with my girls. Before even becoming pregnant, I told my husband if we have kids, I want to be a stay at home mom. My oldest daughter will be 10 in less then 2 months. Out of that time, I worked for about 3.5 years at CVS in the pharmacy. I actually really enjoyed my job, but picking her up usually around 6pm every night got very tiring.

After I had my second daughter, daycare wasn't an option because of cost. My mom who was trying to babysit became too ill. I ended up quitting my job and staying home. That was in January 2002. Luckily I had started selling on eBay back in April of 2000, so I had a way to help with the income. eBay has really helped with that even though it is very hit or miss. I find my sales usually do good in the Spring, Fall & then right before Christmas. The down months are quite a struggle for us. We keep pushing at it though because I think it is very important to be home with my kids. Now I am not putting down Mothers that work outside the home by any means. I did it for almost 4 years with only 1 kid & it was hard. Of course being a stay at home mom is very hard at times too. Sometimes I do miss the interaction with other adults that is actually in person. I have made tons of great online friends between networking with other WAHM's and then of course Scrapbooking groups.

Some of the benefits of staying home and working are that I get to be very involved with my kids. I can decide what time I am working, I can plan it around their schedules. I still make a small income to help pay for the kids dance classes and extras we may need. A few other reasons being a WAHM is important to me is, I am available for my kids when they need help with homework, we can do spur of the moment things like go to the park, etc. I can volunteer at school, I can take them to the dance classes they want. I can do all those things because I set my own schedule. I work when I need to. I can work late at night, early in the morning, during school, etc. Luckily this has worked for us. Working from home is very hard to do. The pay usually isn't the greatest, you usually don't get a weekly paycheck, sometimes there is no money coming in. You have to be very dedicated. Sometimes you are working late at night because the kids didn't cooperate with your day schedule. For me it is worth it though, to be home with girls!

Will I ever go back to work? Yeah probably, but if all goes well it will be after my kids are grown.

2P Slim Mouse Giveaway Contest

2P Slim Mouse Giveaway Contest

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fundraisers & Dance

Today Aly had another day of dance. She actually pulled through & did 2 hours of ballet technique with her messed up toe. I'm proud of her! I had to bribe her with a bowl of ice cream though We had our parents meeting to discuss the dreaded FRUNDRAISERS!!!! They actually have some pretty cool ones that are strictly for the competition team. We are going to raffle off an American Girl doll with a dance outfit & a Nintendo DS with a game. Then we are going to raffle off a Christmas tree filled with gift cards. We have to donate a $25 gc to participate plus sell tickets. They will end up being raffled off at some kind of Christmas party that the owner is planning. It works out nice because if you win that is basically your Christmas shopping! The biggest downside is we have to sell a certain number outside of the studio. Hopefully it won't be too high. Right now the girls are selling Candy bars for $1 & then pizza kits & that will go towards there regular classes. Cam wants 5 classes & Aly wants 8, but it might not work out since she also has a weekly competition class. She might end up only doing 6 or 7 + comp. We'll see, I'm still trying to work out the schedule. If we do the max, we will be there 5 days, ugh!!!

If you are in Michigan & your kids are interested in dance, give me a buzz. This dance studio has great prices & lots of great classes!

Feel free to help out :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Countries I'd like to visit

This is a fun one! I wish I could travel :) The top 5 were very easy to pick, the last 5 I had to think about. Guess I know what countries I would go to for sure if I ever got the chance!

1. Ireland ~ my grandparents were born there
2. England ~ my mom was born there
3. France {Paris} ~ been a dream since I was young & used to be my top spot
4. Egypt ~ always has been a fascinating place to me
Australia ~ another place I have always wanted to go to
6. Sweden ~ not sure why, just like to
7. Greece ~ Greek mythology was always one of my favorite subjects & I had a lot of greek friends in school
8. Germany ~ husband has roots there
9. Japan ~ my brother has always been fascinated with it, like to go with him
10. Italy ~ it is just such a famous place, wouldn't want to miss out

$250 Gymboree Contest

Just passing on another great giveaway. Love Shak, Baby is giving away (2) $250.00 gift certificate to Gymboree!! Wouldn't that be wonderful to win with back to school! My oldest wouldn't wear Gymboree, but my youngest sure will !!!

Past Weekend

I had a nice weekend. My hubby had to work Saturday then he had to do some work on the roof. He ended up going out of town on Sunday to do another job. Not sure if he is coming back today or tomorrow. It will depend on how quick they get the job done. After he left on Sunday, me & the girls took a nice walk. It was the first time this summer that my oldest came with us. She is more concerned about playing with friends then family time already. What will happen when she is a teenager, LOL. On the walk, I asked if they wanted to go to the park. Of course they did. It ended up being hotter then we thought, so they went swimming first. Then we went to the city park & then we stopped at the school park. Had a really nice time!

The last few days I have been playing around with their hair. They had a lot of fun. We haven't done anything fun with the hair in quite awhile. I took some pics, will update this post later. I don't have them uploaded yet.

Yesterday Alyssa somehow tore apart her big toe going down the curb on her bike. The neighbor heard her scream & carried her into her house. Then she cleaned it up & put a thick bandage over it. I guess she ripped open her toe & pulled part of her nail off. I haven't seen it yet. She totally has been milking it, LOL. Of course once she decided she wanted to play today it was feeling better. When I asked her to do something though, her toe was throbbing. I love the way that she can play things to her benefit. She has always been a good manipulator. Drives me nuts! She was supposed to practice for her competition team tonight & tomorrow. I'm trying to convince her to still go anyways. She wants to start pre-pointe this year & I tried explaining she needs to get used to having bloody toes if she wants to be a pointe dancer! I think we are going to go up there & she will at least watch. Today's class they actually work on the competition number. Tomorrow is just an added ballet tech class. Hopefully she will at least be able to do the ballet tech tomorrow. Today is jazz, so a bit harder on the feet.

Ok off to get some work done. Will upload pics later. Oh & I joined a 30 day of blogging challenge yesterday. Check it out here.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Reading Harry Potter 7

I finally started reading Harry Potter 7 over the weekend. The first chapter had me a bit confused, so I went back & read the last chapter of book 6. Not really confused, I just need a refresher :) I think I'm on chapter 19 now. The kids are about to go in the pool, so I'm going to read some more. I have been cleaning like crazy after spending so much time online entering contests last week The dumpster got picked up today & spent some time each day throwing stuff out. I also found a ton of stuff to donate :) I have a bunch more I want to write about this past weekend, but I have to run. Just wanted to do a quick update.

My thoughts so far on Harry Potter. I am really liking the book. I think she is such an amazing author. One thing that I have been feeling other sadness is frustration. Usually authors will jump from character to character so you know what EVERYBODY is doing/thinking. The fact that is is always coming from Harry has left me a bit frustrated. I want to know what is going on with Ginny, Ron & everyone else, lol. The reason I say that she is an amazing author is that Harry is frustrated. He feels in the dark & the reader does as well. I cant' wait to get farther into the book!

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