Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Unit ~ Like Myspace Facebook

My favorite radio station has this cool new thing called the Unit. It is similar to Myspace. They are having a contest, so if you sign up put ginny in the referral field! Thanks & enjoy! If you join, make sure to add me as a friend!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

So you think you can dance winner

Well Sabra wasn't my pick, but I am SO happy a woman finally won the show. My top pick was Sara, loved her! Once she was out my top favorite was Neal, then Danny & then Lacey. I didn't vote on the last night because I would have voted for Neal & like I said I didn't want a man to win again. I know silly, I just really wanted a girl to pull it off. I think it is hard because man are just so much stronger & they can get those jumps up so high. Neal & Danny were just amazing at their abilities. I do think Sabra is an amazing dancer though & I am very happy she won. She is adorable & really filled the stage. What was even more amazing is she has only been dancing for 4 years. I hope all the dancers find something out of this & have amazing careers!

I was happy to see quite a few of them come back & choreograph a number. 2 of last years dancers even had their dance picked as one to watch on the finale. Too cool!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mozy Free PC Backup

Recently I started looking for free online backups for my documents. Mozy is the one that I found that I seem to like the best. They give 2GB free & then you can earn more through referrals. My 2gb has been up for about a week now & I just realized today that I could get some more free. If you are interested in backing up your files, check out Mozy. You can also buy more space for backups, so you are not restricted to getting referrals.

Signing up is very easy ~

1) Fill out an easy online survey about yourself

2) Verifying your email address/account

3) Downloading and installing the Mozy software on your computer

4) Select the folders to backup & start

Mozy is a FREE program. It supports Windows. Macintosh support is available under public beta.

Mozy does everything in the background. You can also set up how you want to be a notified & if you select that you do, a little window pops up. Very easy to use. That way if your computer crashes or even if you delete a file & change your mind. You can restore your computer.

5 star program!

BookCloseouts Sale

If you haven't shopped at this book site they have some great prices. I've been buying books through them for about 3 years now. They have some sales this month!

Educational Sale

Journal and Photo Album Blowout

New Arrivals

Ebay listing till 3am!

Well the ebay sale is officially over. The very last auction I did, just missed the free listing day. I cannot believe I listed auctions till 3 am. I am SO tired. This week I have been getting to bed before midnight & waking up around 9:30 which is early for me! Hopefully I can get to sleep now & I won't be too wired doing the auctions. I got a bunch of my size 4 & 5 girls clothes up. Hopefully they sell so I can get some more room in my house :) I still have a ton more, but I almost always start clothes at .99, so not a big deal I missed the sale on the rest of my stuff. I debated selling my Tupperware, but I think I'm going to wait more for the Christmas season. If you want, check out my auctions here. I wanted to get more scrapbook stuff up as well, just ran out of time. It was bad timing since Aly had competition practice. Plus I had to run to the store. I had a 50% off coupon on an apparel item that expired today. I found this adorable top for Aly. It was $14.99 & I had 50% off & $6 in bottle returns, so I only paid $1.94 for it (since I didn't pay for the bottle deposit originally, someone else did). I haven't given it to her yet, hopefully she likes it. I wasn't able to get anything for Cam in that shopping trip, so I didn't want to cause a fight. On top of the great deal, I got another 50% off coupon from that same transaction, lol. Now I can go back for Cam :) Ok off to bed, I am SO tired!

BTW, anyone watch the showtime feeds for Big Brother? I put them on since I was working anyway. It is so annoying when they just cut out at 3am. Someone will be in the middle of a sentence & poof it is gone. I've never watched feeds before, they can get addicting. I'm glad I won't consider paying for them 24/7 I don't think i'd leave the house. I don't even care much for this group of hamsters, I just can't tear myself away, lol

Ok seriously, off the computer now. Must get some sleep!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gorilla at the Zoo

My 6 year old took this picture. Isn't it adorable? This little guy was sleeping right up against the window. It was precious! He ended up waking up & he just kept staring into the eyes of all the kids gathered around. It was really cool. You can't really see his hand, but it was amazing how much it looked like ours. I wanted to get better pics, but there were SO many kids gathering. There was one little boy that wouldn't leave him, he had to have been around 3. He kept screaming Mon-key-key it was cute. Well I thought it was cute till his mom or grandma almost knocked Cam over trying to take a picture of him. Then I got a bit annoyed, lol. Cam was trying to get a pic of his face & seriously this lady came really close to knocking her down. Luckily Cam got out of the way quick enough. After a few more minutes, I gave up trying. Sad though, Cam got a better pic then I did with her $100 digital camera, lol.
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Zoo Books for kids

FREE Elephant Issue!  FREE Tiger Poster!
Simply written and beautifully illustrated. Each monthly issue "captures" one of 60 different animals through magnificent photography, illustrations, diagrams, descriptions and includes interactive activity pages. Kids get "up close and personal" with the world's most amazing creatures.

TV Store Online Halloween Costume Giveaway

I didn't realize that the sold a huge line of Halloween costumes until recently. They are the place to go if yo...