Saturday, September 1, 2007

Loose Tooth

My 6 year old has her first loose tooth! Funny too because we just went to the dentist for cleanings on Wednesday. We were talking about how it should be soon since she is going into first grade. She tried eating an apple today & had to stop because it hurt too bad. I'm excited for her, she was upset all last year that she hadn't lost any yet. All her friends already have. My oldest was late as well, she lost her first tooth in first grade also. She was at her first sleepover at a friends house & lost it. The girls dad was nice enough to even put a handful of change under her pillow!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Advantage Auto Quotes

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Most people fear what their insurance bill will be if they have a poor driving record or teens in the house. Advantage helps you find good rates and quality insurance. They also give great tips on how to improve your record. You can also use Advantage to lower your Car/SUV Insurance.

Do you hate calling around to all the local insurance agencies? Advantage lets you get your Insurance quotes right online. It is an easy process, the quote policies application form is quick and easy to use. Start by telling them where you live, add in information about your household, driving history, and the type of insurance policy you need, and within minutes, you will be on your way to receiving the best possible rates on automobile insurance.

Don't fear if you are already carrying a policy. You can still check rates, you are bound to lower your rates and save money on car insurance for your entire family. If you are currently shopping for your first policy, you can rest assured that will start you off with the best rates available. Both new and seasoned drivers benefit when they compare auto insurance prices with Advantage!

Summer Reading Challenge

I just came across this & love the idea! I have luckily been keeping track of what I read, so I have my list going back to June 1st when this started.

Here are the guidelines:

This is not a contest. This is not a race. This is simply encouragement to READ more. It's not about quality or quantity so much. After all, when our kids see us read, we encourage them to read. And exercising our brains is good too. It's really just about celebrating your love of reading and trying to read more.

The challenge starts June 1 and will end on Labor Day (September 3). Respond to this post with the number of books you plan to read. Then post on your own blog about this challenge and invite others to join.

Ok, MY GOAL IS *** 20 Books

Since this started June 1st, I'm going to list what I have read up to date.

1. See Jane Die by Erica Spindler
2. Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter
3. I Heard That Song Before: A Novel by Mary Higgins Clark
4. Killer Takes All by Erica Spindler
5. The 6th Target by James Patterson
6. Undead and Uneasy (Queen Betsy, Book 6) by Mary Janice Davidson
7. Step on a Crack by James Patterson
8. Lean Mean Thirteen (Stephanie Plum Novels)
9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)
10. Lucinda's Secret (Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 3)
11. Sugar Shock!: How Sweets and Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life-- and How YouCan Get Back on Track
12. Purity in Death (In Death)
13. It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff

* Updated August 30th

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Her Fab Life

I found a great website today while surfing the net It is the latest social lifestyle community for young urban hit and trendy woman who are interested in the latest fashion styles, newest restaurants, bar, spa, salon, retail store openings. You can also find the latest relationship/dating advice, newest music/video/book releases, and also beauty and health tips. This site allows influential bloggers to contribute content to the site and allows the users to voice their opinions and vote on content that you like or dislike.

Since finding the site today, I have spent a lot of time there. I plan on visiting all the time! It is super easy to register. Just tell them your desired user name, email & something about your self (this part is optional). Password & instructions are then emailed to you. What are you waiting on, head over there! If you are a mom like me, it is fun being at a site that is for WOMAN & not moms, lol.

Throwback Thursday School Photos

I really wanted to share some of my school portraits, but I couldn't seem to find them. I was just about to post something else, when I did come across 3 pictures from end of 1st grade & the first day of 2nd grade.This is my last day of 1st grade with my teacher. For some reason I thought this was kindergarten but luckily my mom labeled when this year :) I don't think I remembered because for 1st grade, we lived with my grandma while our new house was being built. I had to go to that school just for the one year. I think we moved in May, so I just had to finish out May & then June there. It was an awful school! We used to have to skip in the halls for gym class. If you tattled you had to wear a donkey tail on your butt. The principal actually hit with rulers if you were bad. This was in '85 I don't think any other school did that in my area. I was so scared going there every day, it was horrible! I was already quite & shy, so that fear made it worse. Probably why I have that nice fake smile, lol
This is another pic of me on the last day of school, 1st grade June 1985

This is me on the first day of 2nd grade, back in September 1985. I'm in the middle & the light blond was my best friend for years (we lost touch a few years ago due to moves, etc)

Look at the horrible hair I have, ugh! Mom what were you thinking? Remember how us girls had to dress so nice on the first day. Now I'm lucky to get my oldest in a jean skirt on the first day. We'll have to remember this post when I post my girls first day of school pic on Tuesday.

Check out more throwback thursday here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

BzzzAgent Frogpond & Gather

Frogpond BadgeThis site is a lot of fun. I have been a member for some time. I have been able to try out new products & sample new websites. They basically just want people to create local buzz about various things. It is pretty cool! Check it out :)

Another fun site to earn points & network with people is Gather ~

Gather is a social network where people like us can write about and share our interests. The content is great and ranges from politics to cooking, plus you can publish your own articles or photos and comment on others' contributions. We even earn Gather Points just for using the site! You can exchange your points for great stuff like books, CDs, wine, and vacations. Check it out! Hope to see you on Gather.

Check it out here.

Wordless Wednesday

We had a bad hailstorm back in July. Another one might be hitting us tonight. It was pretty cool having it in July, we got so much it actually looked like snow on the ground once it was finished. Check out more wordless Wednesday here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

Cam's organizer came today, so this is my tackle. I have to get her dresser cleared out to go in the trash tonight. Then I have to put everything away again. I also have to finish all the cleaning from our big weekend project we did. Suffice it to day, I have tons of things to tackle today & basically the rest of the week :)

Today Aly has practice for Jazz Competition from 5 - 7.

Tomorrow we have too much to do. The girls have their dentist cleaning at 3. Then they have open house at school to meet their teachers from 5 - 7. I was also supposed to take Aly to ballet technique class for competition from 5:30 - 7. I'm thinking of not going to the ballet because it will be too crazy. Plus it will save me $12.50 for an hour & half class :)

Off to tackle!

Be sure to check out other tacklers at 5 minutes for mom.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Best Buys Comparison

Post brought to you by Best Buys

If you have ever attempted to compare prices on products or services, then you know what a daunting task that is. I found an amazing resource today, Best Buys. They offer side by side comparison

Being a scrapbooker and a digital camera user, I am always looking for the best online photo processing site. I spend precious time searching for the best deals, coupon codes, etc. The first thing I did when I landed on Best buys was check out their Best Buys Comparison Reviews. Right away I found a side by side review of Snapfish vs. Clark photo. It tells me picture quality, pricing, other services offered, their pick & even coupon codes!

I also found the review of Netflix vs. Blockbuster interesting. I have thought about joining one of these services for awhile now, but I never felt like looking into which one was better. Now I don't have to!

The website is easy to navigate with several categories of comparisons. This is really a cool website, and one that I will be using from now on!

Bloglines beta

I use bloglines & they just came out with a Beta program. I tried it, but I'm not sure I liked it. I have a hard time with change though, lol. Anyone try the beta program & like it?

ING Direct Open Account & Get $25 Free

I've been with ING direct since 2001 & I love them! They have great interest rates, very easy to use website & just all around a great bank. You can open a savings account with as little as a $1. They have money markets with no minimum. Back in 2001, I opened a money market account for both my daughters for only $100. What bank allows that? Now they have electric orange which is a paperless checking account. It is really cool, no paper checks to worry about. You can pay bills electronically or have ING mail a paper check for you. That means no cost in envelopes, checks or even stamps. They also have a great line of overdraft protection. If you need to use it, they just charge 12% interest on it. Really cool!

Right now if I refer you, and you start the account with at least $250 you will earn $25 bonus & I will get $10. Email me if you are interested & specify if you want ING Savings or Electric Orange (checking).

End of summer giveaway

Musings of a housewife is having a great end of summer contest. The prize ... Eliza Grace Tote. Click here to enter.

My Little Pony

I took the girls to a garage sale a week or two ago. The very first one we hit, they had a table of my little pony's. Cam (my youngest) loves them. She would not leave the table, lol. The lady was selling the big ones for $2 & the small ones for $1. Now this is an awesome price, but I only had $15 cash on me & $5 of that was Cam's. She kept picking them & I kept saying hold on let me look around & decide. My main objective was buying to sell, so I hated to waste my cash on more junk in the house. The lady ended up telling her she could get a big one for 1.50. Cam had 5 little ones picked out & then 1 big one (Mom the ponies need a mom). The lady told her she could put back one little one & get the rest for $5. This is after my little precious blond headed girl showed her the $5 cash & told her it was her own money, LOL. That is one thing I love about bringing her to garage sales, she never leaves without a deal :) Anyways, I saw a boy pony with a firefighter hat on. I thought, hmmm that might sell on ebay. I asked her how much to add this pony & she said $1.50. I handed her $1 & went to put my purse down to get .50. The lady turned around & gave me .50. I was like COOL !!! I ended up selling it on ebay, Chief sold for just over $30, YEAH!!!

Did you know it is My little ponies, 25th anniversary. Back in 1983, this was my new favorite toy! I had tons of them including the stable, ballet studio, nursery .... I loved them. I saw at Kmart that they have special 1983 ponies remade. It was so hard not to buy it, lol. I do have a few of my originals. My stable & ballet studio could possibly be in my parents attic. I need to do some research on how to clean them. The ones on ebay are so nice & clean with curled hair, etc.
That same day, I found 2 1960's Dolly Darling dolls. One of them is currently up on ebay for $50 !!! Mine is really dirty though, have to see if I can clean her up. I also got one of the misfits from Jem (not in original clothes) & a bunch of barbie food & kitchen items.

I love garage sales & have barely been able to go to any this year. Oh well, always next year & there should be some in September still.

I worked my butt off today

I did So much work today it isn't even funny. We did a bunch of furniture re-arranging trying to get things better organized for the new school year. I had a list of things that needed to get done & we finally tackled most of it today. We got rid of a couch, had someone from craigslist pick it up. That is part of why it took so long to get these things done. I need my hubby's help & that usually takes some time, LOL. He is usually either working or feeling sick {so frustrating} I finally talked him into the big jobs today. His partner is screwing him over so he didn't end up working yesterday or today. After all that work, my house is in shambles though. Figures, my luck, lol. I have a lot of work to do this week. Tuesday that pink thing I ordered my youngest should be here via fed ex. I have been going nuts to get it, I cannot wait to get some order in her room. Her dresser thing just has not been cutting it. She hasn't had her clothes on hangers in like 2 years, so this will be such a nice change for her. She might actually get to wear all her cute clothes, instead of the items that happen to be on top. Don't you hate that about dressers? You end up losing things because they are at the bottom & you forget you own them. Hard when for kids when they are only in clothes approx 1 year. I've been a little lucky with Cam though, she can usually pull 2 years out of her clothes.

Since I got such a workout today ie: moving a couch from the back of the house to the backyard through the fence to the driveway, I am feeling wide awake. All the lifting is causing my legs to feel like I walked on a stair master for hours. Thinking about my huge to do list, also isn't helping my sleeping. I honestly do not know how i am going to get back on track for school next week, ugh! At least once I have to start getting them up, I will get back on track quick :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another teacher letter

Thankfully Aly got her teacher letter yesterday. Hers came in a big manila envelope, while everyone else came in #10. She was freaking out, lol. Her 5th grade teacher ended up putting a letter in it welcoming her to 5th grade & a list of supplies that we could opt in to buying. The school isn't allowed to ask for supplies, they must provide them. The teachers have to put it like a donation to your child. She got the teacher she really wanted, so I'm happy for her! She rushed to call her boyfriend & he is in another class. She was so bummed out. They have been in the same grade the last 2 years & are like best friends. They started calling each other girlfriend & boyfriend about half way through school last year. I think it might be good that they aren't in class together, but I know she really enjoyed talking to him. He was also a distraction & all the girls fought over him last year. She had lots of problems with the girls being mean to her because this boy liked her the best. Crazy huh, I never expected that kind of drama in 4th grade!!!

TV Store Online Halloween Costume Giveaway

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