Saturday, December 1, 2007

Contest Roundup

Apples 'n Oranges is having a great contest for Gramma's Hat, enter here.

From Dates to Diapers is having a bunch of great contests, click on the banner to visit her blog!

Diary of 1 are having a Holiday Sports-Themed Giveaway and have 13 gifts that you can win. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment saying which item you’d like to win - it’s that easy! You have until December 5 to make your comment and then the random winners will be chosen and announced the next Thursday. Shipping is free, but the contest is only open to people in the United States and Canada.

Win a Compact DVD Player Not entirely british is giving away a RjTech UNO-02 DVD compact slim dvd player. * I really neeed this, ours broke & all we have is a little portable one, ugh *

Win a Canon IXY Digital 1000 camera (slightly used)

Neil Duckett is running a contest from today until December 10 and is giving away his old camera that cost him $450 just under 12 months ago. Here’s the details on how you can enter:

  • 1 entry - subscribe to his feed via email
  • 5 entries - make a post on your blog about the contest
  • 10 entries - purchase a recommended reading spot on his blog for $15
  • 15 enteries - purchase a 125×125 advertising spot for $20

Read up on the all the details here.

Laura William's Musings is giving away Baby jamz mix master chair. She is also giving away a Baby Jamz Move N' Groove Dance mat. Enter by December 6th.

I really want this book Do not open! Enter for your chance to win a copy here. Breeni Books is giving away a copy right now. Be sure to check out all the other contests there as well!

Vanessa is having a cute little giveaway of some fab goodies, check it out here! 10% Discount

I just got an email for 10% off online orders at, just use code HOLIDAY2.


Friday, November 30, 2007

I have been tagged!

I'm It! Lorian from Coffee with Controversial Craftiness tagged me, so here we go:

The Rules
Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 facts about yourself.
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Random Facts

  1. I just cut bangs, I haven't had them in at least 15 years
  2. I listen to rap music, started in about 4th grade
  3. I quit Brownies after the first day because I didn't like holding hands at the end of the meeting
  4. I didn't want kids, now I have 2 & am a stay at home mom
  5. I have year round allergies, ugh!
  6. I have a headache every day
  7. I love the beach
Ok I tag:

SAHMmy Says
Wilson six

Plum Lucky - In between Stephanie Plum Book

If you are a fan of Stephanie Plum, she has a new in between book coming out!
You can pre-order it right now on Amazon at a discounted rate! If you haven't read any of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books you are totally missing out. They are the funniest mystery books I have ever read & just adore them! They are quick reads & you will be seriously laughing out loud when you read. I won't even read them in public because I can't help buy laugh :) The first one is One for the Money (Stephanie Plum Series, Book 1), go run & buy it if you haven't read it yet!!!

Bonus tip: Makes a great Christmas present to the reader in your life!

Save Buckets - Compare Prices

When shopping online, it is always smart to compare prices before buying. With so many stores, it is hard to know just where is the best deal. Save buckets is a great site to use for price comparisons. They have a great layout, and an easy to use site. Right on the home page is a great feature showing the HOT 4! products. It shows you the weeks best selling products.

Right now, I use a desktop computer. Our dance studio has wireless though, so I really want a laptop. I'm looking for a really good deal since it is mainly for while I'm out. I just typed in laptop in the search and was able to pull up tons of results. Once you get a general search going, you can then refine your search by category. This is definitely a great option, since typing in laptop yielded many results including toy laptops & even accessories.

Another feature of Save Buckets that I like, are the buying guides. They have many guides available, that will give you tips on how to buy certain things, safety tips, what to look for, etc.

This is a really great site! One that I will be checking out before shopping online every time.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fall Reading Challenge 2007

I have fallen behind on updating this. I have to find a few minutes this week/weekend to do it!

I have finished Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion, The Ironwood Tree (The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 4) & I think another book since updating.

I'm about halfway through Pandora's Daughter. I also started another book, What's A Ghoul to Do? (Ghost Hunter Mysteries, Book 1), that I will hopefully finish this coming up week.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

5.11 Tactical - Police Gear website

If you are a police officer then you know how important tactical gear is. 5.11 tactical was established to better serve the 5.11 Tactical customer. They have a huge inventory, and they are able to ship most orders within 24 hours. They offer free shipping on all orders over $50, if your order is over $100 you will receive a free tactical operations flashlight and if you purchase boots you will receive 3 pairs of socks. They sell anything that you could possibly need if you are in the police, military or firefighter. If you have a loved one that uses tactical equipment, it could make a great Christmas present!


The Webkinz CHIHUAHUA is the pet of the month for December in Webkinz World. If you don't know about pet of the month, you basically adopt the pet of that month & you get exclusive items. You can adopt any time during the month, but obviously better at the beginning vs the end. Cam decides she really wants the Chihuahua. She had $10 left over from some birthday money, so I found one for $6 on Amazon with $4.99 shipping. I had a $4.20 credit from selling a book, so it worked out great. I even placed my order early on November 17th. Of course, Cam has been stalking the mail box & no Chihuahua, ugh! I went to see if I had any kind of tracking number & notice that the seller just received a bad feedback today saying "Didn't send & no contact". I am so upset. I emailed him, but have to wait till December 11th before Amazon will do anything. I ended up winning one on ebay for $12.99 shipped so I guess that is ok. If I end up with the second one, I will just give it to Aly. She didn't want it, but she won't turn it down either, lol.

If your kids want it, ebay has some decent deals here. Make sure to get the full size, the Lil Kinz doesn't count!

Christmas Gift Idea - Digital Photo Frame

With almost everyone going digital now a days, the perfect Christmas gift is a digital picture frame. Digital Framez specializes in digital frames and are the #1 spot to get your Christmas gifts. They carry frames from 7" all the way up to 15". I think the 7" is just perfect for Dad's desk or for the grandparents. The changeable face digital frames are very nice. If you really want to splurge on your gift, why not pick up a portable dvd player. They sell both 7" & 10". I have a 7" one and love it. Since we are at the dance studio so much, it is nice to be able to pop in a dvd for my youngest while my oldest dances. Really helps pass the time by!

Right now they are offering an extra 5% discount, just use promotion code xmspxl07 before the 1st of December. They are also giving away a free 256 mb SD Memory card with every 10" frame you buy.

These really make a great gift. Think of Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, Special Teachers. A fun thing to do is to load the frame with pictures of your kids, etc. Grandparents especially love that :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Snapshot Week 2

This is week 12 for Weekend Snapshot, but week 2 for me. Click on the banner to participate this week!

This is my girls acting silly on Thanksgiving. I ended up taking a total of 4 pictures from Thursday - Sunday. Ugh, I spent most of my weekend taking eBay pics, didn't think you guys would want to see that, lol.

Manic Monday for November 26, 2007

Manic Monday for November 26, 2007

Which personality trait has gotten you into the most trouble? Being shy I would have to say. Not really in trouble, but it has cost me a lot of opportunities.

If you had to gain 10 pounds what would you eat to gain the weight? Pizza & Chocolate Krispy Kream Donuts

How is your private self different from your public self? I'm usually pretty quite & shy outside, but in my house I'm not shy at all & can be very load

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend Edition: Contest Roundup

Amanda is giving away the cutest set of girlie reindeers bows. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment in THIS post.

For an extra 2 entries link to THIS contest in a post on your blog and also include a link to my online store


Win a Little Red Riding Hood Reversible Doll

HandCrafting Justice is kind enough one of their Handmade Little Red Riding Hood Reversible Dolls to a lucky Mamanista reader as part of the 12 Days of Giveaways. To enter for a chance to win, you must complete both of these steps:
  1. Share: Click here to find out how to share the fun. You only have to share the 12 Days of Giveaways once to be able to enter any or all of the twelve contests--you do not need to be a blogger to play! Just remember to visit again to comment on the giveaway posts individually.

  2. Leave a Comment: Check out the selection of toys at HandCrafting Justice and leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite (besides Little Red Riding Hood). Remember to leave a valid e-mail or URL where we can reach you (OR use a nickname and then let us know). Complete both steps by Thursday, December 6, at 11:59 PM EST and you'll be entered for your chance to win this prize

Win a Ring-Type Finger tip USB Powered Optical Mouse from Blog Contests. Just visit the contest post and be sure to check out the toolbar post.


An American in Canada is having a Christmas giveaway. Some really great prizes, check it out here.


The Laughs will go on ... is giving one lucky Mommy a LTDChix tee! Visit her Living the Dream post to enter.

GPS Insights

If you own a company, then GPS Insights might be right for you. They have many features that your company may need using reliable GPS technology. There overview page lists many of the features that they have. They have a full line of tracking hardware that is used for mapping, speeding, mile per gallon, detailed activity reports, etc. GPS Insights offers a 30 day guarantee and you can also qualify for a free demo. What a like most is that their product is always evolving with new technology and customer insights.

Dance & Angelina Ballerina DVD Giveaway

How could I not enter this contest by Crazy Hip Mamma's for an Angelina Ballerina DVD giveaway, all we have to do is write about dance! (or mice, lol)

I'm sure if you have read my blog, you know my girls are very active in Dance. My 10 year old has been dancing for 7 years now. She takes ballet, lyrical, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pom, musical theater. She sometimes take praise & she used to take acrobats. She also does Jazz Competition & her hip-hop class is competition.

My 6 year old is on her 4th year of dance. She takes ballet, tap, jazz, pom & musical theater. She also used to take acrobats (not offered at the dance studio we are at now).

My girls just love dance & spend most of their free time dancing around the house, the yard even at recess. We have found that dance provides so much more then just learning to dance. It teaches respect, teamwork, a sense of the arts, friendships, athleticism, confidence, self respect and so much more.

I can't recommend signing up your kids for some kind of dance class at some point in their life. Even if it just once session, hopefully more.

Dance can be expensive, but we have found it worth the expensive. If cost is an issue, call around to all the dance studios around you. Check out what your town/city offers. A lot of times they offer a X week session for so much & it is usually really affordable.

You can buy dance clothing & even shoes used. Most dance studios sell used shoes. I have also purchased on ebay & even found at thrift stores. I have also bought great lots of leotards, skirts, tights & shoes on ebay. There are also several great online catalogs with excellent deals. You can also find new items at stores like Target, Walmart, Meijer, Kmart, JC Penney, Kohl's & even Payless sells shoes.

Before buying anything, check with your studio on if they have any requirements. A lot of studios prefer a certain color shoes & some even prefer certain color leotards & tights. I myself have found good deals on shoes in the wrong color & just had the girls use for class & not recital. Most of the time they seem to have a growth spurt right after Christmas anyway.

Also, check out summer programs. Sometimes you can find free dance camps during the summer. You can always find lower costing classes & camps throughout the summer as well. The dance studios usually discount for the summer since there is no recital, etc.

You can also opt out of the recital to save money. I think the recital is the highlight of the year for parents, but the classes are more important if that is all you can do financially.

Recital pictures are expensive. You can opt out of them. I usually do them at home or go somewhere cheap like the studio at Walmart. I have also went to Penney's with the $3.99 sheet deal.

This is written for Crazy Hip Blog Mammas Angelina Ballerina DVD giveaway.

Happy Birthday Origin of Species

Happy Birthday the book Origin of Species. Take some time to learn about Darwin!

TV Store Online Halloween Costume Giveaway

I didn't realize that the sold a huge line of Halloween costumes until recently. They are the place to go if yo...