Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fun Christmas Crafts around the Web

Reindeer pouch craft * Sorry removed, gal got mad about me posting it. *

Get a free softie pig pattern at Wee Wonderfuls. Get sewing!

This site has lots of great ideas, Family Fun!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Freebie Alert ~ Christmas Cards

I haven't looked through all of these, so don't get mad if they stink :)

List of Free Greeting/Holiday Card Samples

3 Free Holiday Greeting Card Samples from 1st Class
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Free Kogle Greeting Card Samples

Free Greeting Card Samples from Good Cause Card

Free Greeting Card Samples from Greenhill Greeting

Up to Five Free Eimicke Greeting Card Samples scroll down to: Click here for
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Free Greeting Cards from Holiday Classics

Three Free Greeting Card Samples
Click on "Order Samples" on the left (enable pop-ups
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Free Greeting Cards from Hammond
The request page just says to enter the item #s of the
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Free Greeting Cards from Nebs

The Gallery Collection Free Card Samples

Free ECards and Scrapbooks for Moms- Create free
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List of Free Greeting Card Samples Free Samples
Browse catalog, select cards you want samples of, then
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Free Handmade Greeting Card Sample

Free Christmas and Holiday Cards and More

Get 100 Free Beautiful Personalized Postcards. Makes a
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Free Greeting Card Sample

Free Personalized Greeting Card from IambicChick

10 Free Personalized Holiday Cards with Envelopes (s/h)

Free Samples from The Card Shop Wild Life

Free Embossed Cards from SandScripts

Get to know your friends: Christmas Edition

Welcome to the Christmas edition of getting to know your friends... Feel free to join in on the fun yourself!

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
Combination of both
2. Real or artificial tree?
3. When do you put up the tree?
Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year we haven't yet, hopefully this weekend
4. When do you take the tree down?
By January 6th
5. Do you like eggnog?
Never tried it, hubby loves it though
6. Favorite gift received as a child?
I used to get a lot of things, I guess a lot of the big things like the Glamour Girls Cruise ship, She-Ra castle, Bike
7. Do you have a nativity scene?
8. Hardest person to buy for?
9. Easiest person to buy for?
My daughters, can't seem to stop myself
10. Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
Things from my MIL, she would buy stupid things like Campbell's soup
11. Mail or email Christmas cards?
Usually mail, but this year I'm not bothering, so email the ones I can
12. Favorite Christmas Movie?
The one with the boy & the BB Gun, Christmas Story maybe
13. When do you start shopping for Christmas?
I pick up things whenever I see a good deal. I really start looking in October though
14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
Chocolate Truffles from Swiss Colony
16. Clear lights or colored on the tree?
I've done both, our tree came prelit with white. I think I prefer white so that the ornaments can stand out more
17. Favorite Christmas song?
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
18. Travel at Christmas or stay home?
Prefer to stay home with the kids
19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen & Rudolph
20. Angel on the tree top or a star?
21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning, but if the girls don't get pj's from my Grandma during our Eve visit then I do give them a present with new pajamas in it to wear to bed
22. Most annoying thing about this time of year?
Everything, the music in the stores, the crowds, traffic, cold weather, stress over presents & $
23. Do you decorate your tree in any specific theme or color?
We only have room for 1 tree & I like a hodge podge of ornaments because I always by the girls meaningful ornaments each year & I love looking at the full collection. I do have a white tree that we don't use, that I'd love to decorate in all one theme as a 2nd tree one of these days
24. What do/did you leave for Santa?
Cookies & little bit of milk if we have it or some juice if we don't

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gift Ideas from Get Organized

Great Gift Idea for Him - Mobile Office only $29.98 from GetOrganized! Valid 11/28 - 12/31.

Great Gift Idea for the fitness fanatic - Hydracoach is now only $29.98 from GetOrganized! Valid 11/28 - 12/31.

Great Gift Idea - Checkbook Calculator only $14.98 from GetOrganized! Valid 11/28 - 12/31.

Holiday Shipping Special - $4.98 shipping on ANY order at Get Organized! Offer valid through 12/21/07.

$4.98 Flat Rate shipping on all orders from GetOrganized, through December 21st.

Holiday Savings at Get Organized - Shop Now and get 15% off any orders at Get Organized! Expires 12/31/2007

18" Doll Cowgirl Outfit

I'm selling a really cute 18" Doll Cowgirl Outfit on Ebay. It has no bids, so go check it out! It is darling :) Be sure to check out my other auctions!

I will be listing more this weekend too, so come back. I have tons of size 5 girls clothes that I need to get up, so if you have a girl in size 5 or about to go into size 5, check out my deals :)

Oh & don't forget to Send a letter from Santa to your child.

$5 Coupon Polly Pocket - Polly Promise

Mattel is giving out a $5 off $5 coupon on Polly Pocket playsets. Great coupon if your kids like Polly. They do make a doll with some clothes in the $5 range. Most of the toys are $9.99, so you would get half off, not bad at all!

Click here for the coupon.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Won Gideon’s Gift & Do not open

The last week or so, I received 2 great books from winning bloggy contests!

The first one, which was like forever ago & I am such a slacker was Gideon's Gift from the wonderful Oh Amanda (love her blog, check it out). I can't wait to get a chance to read this book. She was so nice, she had it sent brand new straight from Amazon & even gift wrapped with a card. I wish I would have snapped a picture!

Then the other day I get a package & had no idea what it was. Opened it & it was that awesome book Do Not Open. I am embarrassed to say, I have no idea where I won it from, lol. I am thrilled though because I am giving it to my 10 year old for Christmas. I have been struggling with what to buy her & how to come up with $$$ to do that, so this was a wonderful surprise!

Now if I could just win The Daring Book for Girls, I'd be set :) Or actually a bunch of $$$$

Kids Crafts Weekly

I just found this cute little craft site today & wanted to share, Kids Craft Weekly. It looks like they send out newsletters & the few I have looked at I like. When I have the time I want to go through them all. I subscribed to the newsletters also. The site is free, but they do take donations.

The mom is in Australia & each newsletter is a theme, very cute!

If you have little ones check it out :)

Gift Idea: Digital Cameras

Digital cameras were the number one requested electronic gift for last years holiday season. They are sure to be just as popular this year. More and more people are branching off into the digital age, including kids! Last spring I bought a Canon Powershot S3 and just love it. I chickened out of getting the Digital Rebel and opted to get something similar but still had tons of features. I use my camera almost every day. I love being able to capture tons of pictures without worrying about running out of film or waiting to actually see the photo I took. I use my camera to capture my kids daily life more then ever, plus milestones, holidays, dance class, etc. I also take many more nature pictures with my digital, then I did with my film. Too worried about wasting my film. Another feature my camera has that I love is being able shoot digital video. I use this all the time & have gotten some really great videos. Our library holds quite a bit of events, one time Aly got picked to do a dance with some hula dancers. I actually got to film it! I never would have brought out my video camera with me, so that would have been a missed opportunity.

I carry my camera everywhere that I go. I also use it for taking nice quality Ebay pictures. If you have ever sold on Ebay then you know pictures could make or break the bidding!

My kids each received a nice Fuji camera for there birthdays this year. I figured it out, and the savings of film & developing far out numbered the cost of the camera & memory card. Some days, Cam can take over 100 pictures!

One camera that I'd like to own one day is a Nikon camera. I have had Sony, Canon & Fuji for digital cameras and I have owned Canon, Olympus and Nikon for film.

If you are considering purchasing a digital camera or accessories this Christmas, I would suggest Ritz Camera. I have been going to Ritz Camera since my photography days in high school! They are a wonderful business with high quality products. Right now they are offering free shipping on most photo items and no sales tax online. They sell more then just cameras also, go check them out!

*Photo was taken by my 6 year old while watching fireworks outside our house*

Wordless Wednesday

Our first snow that we had last week, be sure to check out more Wordless Wednesday.

If you have ever tried relocating, then you know how hard it can be. If you are thinking about relocating, then is the place for you. They can help you with any aspect of moving including rentals, mortgages, real estate, finding a Realtor and so much more. If you want to find your dream home, then they can help you find a rental to use while you look. The service is easy to use and best of all free. You can browse rentals for houses, apartments and condos. They can help you locate something throughout the United States. If you own property, you can even use the service to list for free.

If you are looking for an apartment to rent, just click what state you are looking for. Once you click on the state you can narrow your search to county/city. They also give you information on the state, that could help you make your decision.

Some of the features I really like are the neighborhood guides. Just click on the state to get profiles of each state you are thinking about moving too. You can also get information on schools, inspectors and title insurance.

National Relocation can even give you information on moving services. You can get quotes from traditional movers or use an auction style bid process to bid on the service. It isn't just long distance moving either, you can find local movers, household movers, auto movers and even piano movers.

It really is the one stop place for all your moving needs.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

10 Favorite Things to Complain About

10 Favorite Things to Complain About

Love this topic, LOL

Before my list, I have to say that I agree with the commercial gripes of being too loud & the Sonic one. We also get them, stuff looks so good & NONE around here, ugh!

Ok on to my list :)

  2. My daily Headaches
  3. Coming up with the $$$ for Christmas presents
  4. Ebay fees, they are so high
  5. Drivers, I swear people are getting worse at driving
  6. My car, it sucks
  7. Family, gotta love them Right?
  8. The annoying crap on Disney & Nick
  9. The writer strike, I miss my tv
  10. My hubby's business partner <-- Don't even wanna get into that one!

Win Shrek the Third on DVD!

Table for five is giving away Shrek the Third on DVD right now. Contest runs for 1 week.

For one entry, leave a comment on this post telling me what you most look forward to during the holidays. It can be anything-the decorating, the baking, the shopping.

For two entries, leave a comment and subscribe to this blog’s feed using the easy subscription button at the top (make sure to say in your comment that you subscribed). This blog only has 45 RSS subscribers and I KNOW I have more readers than that! If you are already subscribed, then please write a post mentioning this contest and linking back to it.

If you want to purchase it now, just head over to Amazon!

Signup for travel news and Win 4 free tour tickets

A lot of people travel during the holiday season. If you are planning on a vacation, you should check out Trusted Tours and Attractions. Right now, if you sign up for their newsletter, you are entered to win 4 free tickets to attractions and tours in one of 21 different cities. Offer ends Friday, December 14th, 2007.

Trusted Tours and Attractions offers discounted tickets to the best sightseeing tours in Key West, San Diego and Savannah.

I personally have always wanted to visit Savannah. Being known for their history and architecture it has always been on my wish list of places to visit. My biggest reason though is for their famous Ghost Tours that they offer. On the Ghost Tour they tell you about local legends, house hauntings, peculiar sightings, plus learn why it is one of America's most haunted city. There is also a Ghosts and Gravestones tour which sounds amazingly fun!

Come aboard if you dare, for an evening excursion through the darker side of America's Most Haunted City. Our "Frightseeing"sm experience, Ghosts & Gravestones will include entry into the Sorrel Weed House, a real antebellum mansion which was recently featured on SCIFI Channel's GHOST HUNTERS! The Ghost Hunter staff uncovered a veritable cauldron of supernatural activity in the house, including ghostly handprints on a wall, invisible to the naked eye and a frantic communication from the other side.

Savannah is often referred to as "America's Most Haunted City!" Her turbulent history has unleashed a fascination with the supernatural. Old Town Trolley Tours® of Savannah presents an unforgettable "FRIGHTSEEING
sm" experience aboard the Ghosts & Gravestonessm Tour. Step aboard the "trolley of the doomed" as we share tales of murder and mayhem, ghosts , ghouls and other mysterious happenings and phenomena. Let us take you to the secret haunts that only the gravediggers know INCLUDING ENTRY INTO THE SORREL WEED HOUSE!

You never know what you might encounter wandering the streets, cemeteries and haunted houses of Savannah. Don't be a afraid, well, maybe a little...

You can also take a great Civil war walk, that in my opinion is one of the reasons Savannah is such a haunted city. On the walk you get to see some of the South's most prominent general houses, learn about Savannah's role in the civil war and some war strategies.

If you aren't into ghosts or war history, Savannah also offers tons of various walks and some wonderful trolley rides. During Christmas, one of the best tours is the Holley Jolly Holiday Trolley Ride. Enjoy caroling from the trolley, see festive decorations, experience 19th century holiday traditions, visit the historic Isaiah Davenport House and get to sample the Savannah candy kitchen! This tour is offered 30 nights during November and December.

Tween Girl Gift Ideas

I've been struggling with what to buy my 10 year old daughter. I have a bunch of little things for my 6 year old since she is still really into toys, but my 10 year old is growing out of that phase. I decided to start scouring the internet & wanted to share what I have come up with so far.

The main things she does want is Webkinz, I have been watching for deals on Ebay, check out Webkinz on Ebay. Watch the shipping charges though especially if you buy more then one. I bought 8 from 1 seller, the Webkinz came to $21.xx & I was charged just under $37 for shipping! Yep, crazy huh. It was a 2.4 lb package using free priority box & no packing material at all. Then I was shorted 1, but it is supposed to be coming this week {crossing fingers} I have bought some from some wonderful fair sellers though, so just keep an eye on the shipping & if you buy more then one, ask for a specific quote before bidding. I just asked if they combine, & when they said yes made the mistake of assuming it was a fair combination.

Webkinz Husky GREY (amazon) or Webkinz Husky on Ebay

She wanted the Alley cat because that is her nick name from my dad. I found a great deal on Ebay for it, Lil Kinz Alley Cat, you might find a better deal at Amazon right now though, Webkinz Lil' Kinz Alley Cat.

Pet of the Month for January ~ Ganz Webkinz Lil' Kinz Golden Retriever

Good stocking stuffers ~ Webkinz Charms, Webkinz Lip Gloss and Webkinz Trading Cards.

Webkinz Trading Cards Sealed Packs FEATURE CODE Card for Online Pets! 3 PACK LOT

Here are some other fun ideas for the tweens on your list ~

Under $15

Me and My Friends: The Book of Us (Colors may vary) (Klutz)

Hannah Montana "Fashion Collection" Miley with Extra Outfit

Rubik's Revenge Cube 4 X 4


Nintendo DS Lite Earforce D2 Headphone Pink

Hannah Montana "Best of Both Worlds" Singing Doll

I bought my kids the ice cream version last year & they loved it! They actually ran right up to brush their teeth after opening presents! About 2 weeks ago, they asked if I thought Santa would bring another toothbrush this year. They keep saying they hope he does, too funny!

Under $30

Disney Channel's High School Musical DVD Board Game

This is the new toothbrush they actually want, not sure if my pocketbook can afford it. Thought I'd throw it in the mix, in case yours could :)

PECOWARE - Child Girl Gifts - Photo Album Kit with Camera - Girls Camera - Kid's Camera Gift Set

Under $50 ~

Sandisk Sansa Shaker 512MB MP3 (Blue)

DreamLife Superstar TV Plug-In Game

Mattel Barbie 2007 Holiday Collector Doll

Over $50 ~

LeapFrog FLY Fusion Pentop Computer

SanDisk SDMX4-2048-A70 Sansa e250 2 GB MP3 Player with microSD Expansion Slot

Nintendo DS Lite Pink

Magazine Subscriptions ~ These are great because it helps the girls read and it is a gift that keeps giving each month! Some tween favorites:

American Girl

Discovery Girl

National Geographic Kids

This mag says 8 - but I think it is geared more for 8 & up. Supposed to be an excellent magazine that isn't pushing makeup, fashion, etc.

General Stores that Tweens Like ~

Limited Too 234x60 Banner

Justice if you have them, they are similar to Limited Too but a bit cheaper & a lot of girls like the clothes better.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend Snapshot {Week 3}

My girls with the new Webkinz they bought from ebay. You can read a bit about that fun experience in my post about Tween Gift Ideas :)

Click the banner to visit more Weekend Snapshot players!

Sunday, December 2, 2007 Deals for Christmas + Free stocking stuffers

$10 off at

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Transformer Toys
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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2)
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TV Store Online Halloween Costume Giveaway

I didn't realize that the sold a huge line of Halloween costumes until recently. They are the place to go if yo...