Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big Brother Last Night Oh my ~ James Yeah!

I just got finished watching Big Brother 9 from last night. Aly had dance till 8:45, so had to wait, ugh. I was dying to find out what happened with James! I don't know why, but I love him & Chelsia. It was so hard to watch it without cheating & looking. I'm glad I didn't, it was awesome! I was so excited that James won HOH. I wasn't sure at the beginning if he could make it, but he did! I honestly don't care much for Natalie even though I do feel very sorry for her. I was bummed at how upset she was, she did great. I think if Matt wasn't on the show, I'd like her more. I just can't stand how hung up she is on him when he is so cruel to her. I was bummed that he made a deal not to put up Matt. I really wanted it to be Matt or Sheila this week. I know James made a comment that he knew Sheila was being sneaky, so I hope he gets her out. I cannot stand her!

The last episode where it showed Sheila turn because of Chelsia's mommy card comment. When I first heard it, I thought she was trying to warn Sheila. That if people thought she had a good chance of winning because she is the single mom that needs the money, then she would be up next on the block. Sheila didn't take it that way though & talked Ryan into backdooring James. I knew it was Sheila that did that, but I didn't know why. Well, I hope Sheila is out soon :)

If you haven't yet, subscribe to the live feeds, this season is good! Lot better then last season that is for sure!

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