Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oyster Funny + some facts

What did the girl oyster say to the boy oyster?
"You never open up to me."
So, Are Oysters Male or Female? - Yes, there are male and female oysters.However, there is no way of telling male oysters from females by examining their shells. A really neat Fun Fact is, While oysters have separate sexes, they may change sex one or more times during their life span. Wow! The gonads, organs responsible for producing both eggs and sperm, surround the digestive organs and are made up of sex cells, branching tubules and connective tissue.
Oysters are large shellfish with rough, fluted shells and creamy-white flesh that has a unique dusky flavor. Oysters grow wild in shallow intertidal areas, but many oysters in today’s market are grown by aquaculturists on strings or nets. Oysters have a long culinary history. As long as 2,000 years ago, the Romans so loved oysters that they imported them from all over the empire. These delicious shellfish haven’t lost their popularity since. Millions of people eat oysters. They are a low calorie protein that are a great source of zinc, vitamin B-12 and omega 3 fatty acids.

I guess there are some risks to eating Gulf oysters that wants Oyster consumers to know about.
It provides a thorough background on Vibrio vulnificus bacteria that you can get from raw or under cooked oysters. If you eat oysters on occasion or all the time, head on over there to see if you are at risk. It is always good to be aware!

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Chandra said...

I did the same oyster post but your joke is so much better than mine!

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