Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gift Ideas for Dance Recitals

It is the long awaited Dance Recital Season, that all little dancers look forward to. A lot of parents, grandparents even aunt & uncles like to give some kind of little gift at the recital.
Flowers ~ Now of course Flowers are one of the best options. Personally I hate spending money on flowers, but the kids just love them! Most studios do a bow at the end, and the kids can take out there flowers. Show off their families love. And yes, most kids feel this way. There have been years that we only did flowers one of the nights. My daughter was just heart broken that she didn't have flowers for the 2nd night. There have also been years that she has taken apart of her flowers to let other girls have some to hold.

I try to have my husband & I see one night of the show, and then grandparents/family go another night. That way, the girls have someone in the audience for each show. They also get flowers for each show. I have been lazy the last few years, and just bought mine at Kroger. You can find nice colorful bouquets for under $9.99. Some of the flower shops though have great deals and will even spray glitter on the flowers. That is always a big hit!
Jewelry ~ This would probably be geared more towards girls then boys. What little girl doesn't love some pretty jewelry. There are many dance themed jewelry items. Especially charms, you can put them on necklaces or even charm bracelets.

Cherished Time Designs has a nice selection of Dance gifts. The Dance Shop, also has a selection of charms & keychains.
Books ~ Usbourne has a great selection of dance books. I'm sure other companies sell them as well.
Personalized Gifts ~ Personalized presents has an amazing selection for dance related gifts that are personalized.

Blanket Worx makes photo blankets, pillows & towels for the dancer.
Dance Trinkets/Merchandise ~ There is a huge amount of dance related items. I find the biggest selection online, but most local dance stores sell items. Hallmark has also been getting better with there selection. You can find frames, mugs, photo albums, scrapbooks, keychains (girls love these to attach to their bag), Pins (especially rhinestone), etc. If you have a doll fan you could get Pink Ballet Recital Doll.

Here are a few places that sell dance related items: I Dance U Cheer, Find Gift, Ballerina Gifts, The Crazy Dazy, Dance Xtras, Bambina Ballerina

You can also read my review of a pretty doll that makes a great gift ~ Corolle Camille Ballerina 13" doll
CafePress ~ They have a great selection of dance related items, check it out here.
Needed Dance Items ~ Dance can be very expansive. Is your dancer needing a new dance bag, leotard, skirt, tights, etc? This is a great time to get that needed items, plus give a gift! If the dancer isn't your child, ask the parents is there anything little Lucy needs for dance?
Something related to theme of recital ~ This is always fun, if your recital has a theme, find a gift to match it. My oldest danced in the Nutcracker two years in a row. I found her Nutcrackers during Christmas time & gave her those. My youngest was a duck & a cow one year {yes I was furious, but anyways} so I gave her a plush duck. This year the theme is Green/Environment, hmmm I could have some fun with that but I don't think the girls would like the gifts they got. I could also do nothing and say it is better for the environment, Bwahahahah.
Dinner ~ If you don't want a physical gift but want to do something. Take your dancer out to lunch, dinner or even out for ice cream. What better way to celebrate then time with family. Plus no clutter coming home :)

* UPDATE * If you are buying dance gifts for Christmas this year - Dancewear Solutions is offering free shipping on orders over $50, use code FSNOV14


Anonymous said...

I thought I left a comment but it seems to have disappeard....I will check back later before I repeat myself again!

Anonymous said...

Well as soon as I posted that last one it showed up so I will repeat - sorry!!

I had no idea how big of a deal a recital was, this is all new to both of us. A friend informed me that I needed flowers for her. We also recently went to Scholastic Books warehouse sale (where everything is 30-80% off) and we found a beautiful ballet book for her.

Hubby thinks it is all silly but graciously going along with it.

MyGoodFinds said...

Thanks for the ideas for dance recitals. My daughter is having one this June. I hear you on the flowers, I would much rather spend it on something that lasts.


What a great idea! Trash to Treasure is always a good thing!

Too cute, great advice.
OMG! This is awesome.Nice Comment!

samantha Garboden said...

I am a dancer, and have been for 11 years currently. I always love getting flowers and my mom gets me chocolate. I think a cute little trinket could work, but I would do it at the bigger shows if the child has multiple, like at the end of the year recital rather than the Christmas show. Everyone is different though. I never am really interested in gifts

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