Monday, July 7, 2008

EZ School Supplies + 10% Discount Code

Yes I am talking about school supplies in July. Hey if we can talk Christmas in July, then we can talk school supplies in July, right?

I was contacted by EZ School supplies, and I happily took them up on their offer to do a review. One of the biggest things I dread before the new school year is buying school supplies. It is stressful hunting down the needed items, fighting the other moms & dads trying to also buy school supplies. Running from store to store to get the right items. Well EZ School Supplies takes all that hassle away from you. Especially with the high gas prices, it is extra nice to have a box of supplies come right to your door! provides services to thousands of schools and parents throughout the US, offering a ‘one-stop’ location to find every item that children need for a productive school year. Schools or teachers can submit supply lists directly to the site, so that parents can find the exact supplies required and purchase everything at once, without leaving the house. Supplies are delivered right to their home, making the whole process much simpler than the scavenger hunt that school supply shopping often becomes.

The site offers over 26,000 brand name items which are delivered from 32 distribution centers strategically located throughout the US. And as an added bonus, every school which signs up with the site also receives back a 10% donation to assist them with their fund raising efforts. has also helped refurbish six schools in Baghdad and Mosul, as well as working with other national and international organizations and foundations.

My box arrived very quickly. I was pretty excited to see everything that came in it. One thing I noted was that it was packaged wonderfully. Everything was secure and wrapped in bubble wrap. My favorite feature is the box that the supplies came in. It has space on it to label your child’s name, school year, grade, teacher, etc. That way you can use the box to store all of their schoolwork and art projects during the year. Great extra feature in my opinion!

When looking at the prices on the site, they seem comparable to a lot of the office supplies store. I know you can find better prices during the crazy back to school sales at places like Target & Kmart, but you have to hope the sale items are in stock. A lot of times, if you don't go right away on Sunday morning, you lose out on all those great deals. Plus you have to deal with lines, fighting your way through other customers, your kids & driving there! EZ School supplies is a very easy alternative and worth the cost in my opinion!

If your school is already registered, you can locate it by zip code. Then click on your school to get a list of needed supplies.

If your school isn't enrolled, they can get forms here. They also have a wide variety of brochures. Remember if your school registers, they can earn 10% on all sales for fundraising.

If you homeschool, you can also use EZ School supplies. EZ School Supplies will donate 10% of your purchases to the non-profit organization of your choice. For example your homeschool association, sports or club teams. All they need to do is register. For customers who do not specify a school or organization, 10% of purchases are donated to the Learning Legacy Foundation.

EZ School Supplies has offered my readers a 10% discount on their orders. Just use coupon code EZMB005.

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