Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Great links around the web

Today marks the 150th anniversary of Natural Selection. I always get chills reading about Darwin and Wallace and their amazing discoveries!

Did you hear about the elementary school that got locked down when a Ninja was spotted in the woods?

Learn how to backup your blog on blogger.

Read about continuing education through the summer. How to choose a safe password and some fun ways to have fun in the Water without a pool.

Did you know that the US Ranks #16 as the happiest country.

Learn all about Foof, it is a firefox plug in that
eliminates all ads and lets you replace up to two of the ads with content that is related to the page you're viewing.

Planning a birthday party, check out the Precious Party package.

Today is July 1st and that means it is time to log your Cheeky Monkey into Webkinz.

Make sure to check out my Contest blogs for new contest listings around the web.

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