Thursday, July 3, 2008

My baby girl turns 7 today!

I cannot believe that my youngest, my little baby is now 7 years old! It just blows my mind, seriously. When my oldest turned 7, I thought of her as so old. Probably because I had a little one running around going through terrible twos, lol. My baby came 5 weeks early, weighing in at 7lbs5oz. If I would have went full term, I seriously think I would have died during labor, lol.

My baby will be starting 2nd grade this year. She will be going on her 5th year of dancing. She is an excellent reader and good at math. Her fav subjects are Spanish, Art, Music & Gym. She is super creative in both art & play. Loves Webkinz & anything Virtual. Love Mac & Cheese, Pizza & McDonalds. Finally learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, getting good at roller skating. Loves to go in the pool.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

It is my Mom's bday today as well. Happy Birthday Mom :)

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