Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Mom Video Site to Learn + Share

If you have ever been to youtube and you are a mom, you will love this brand new website, Newbaby.com let me tell you.

NewBaby.com is a safe, secure and free site where moms can create, share and learn with video. You will find mom produced videos as well as corporate product infomercials and expert solution Vcasts. For those of you with the desire to Vlog, it's easy to do with your webcam or Flip camera and fun too! My favorite feature of Newbaby.com is the Family Video Gallery. Here you can upload videos and choose to mark them "private" or "public" and share them with select friends and family. Imagine! You can now sit with your child in front of a webcam, tape a conversation and share it with Grandma on another coast and store it for a long time in a safe, secure place for FREE! You can also customize our video widget and have your videos feed into your Blog.

I wish this was around when my kids were babies! Sometimes it helps to see someone doing something, then it all clicks. It is so hard being a parent, especially a new one. The only con I can even find on the site is that it doesn't go past pre-school. I'd love to see a grade school and even a tween section added. I know us moms need help too, lol.

They have such a vast array of videos, you could get lost on the site for hours. Plus your kids can actually be in the room with you, with no fear of clicking on the wrong kind of video. The site is geared towards pregnancy through pre-school.

Sign up now for FREE and set up your profile to be entered in the 30 day giveaway going on in July where they are giving away a prize a day to registered members.

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