Monday, July 14, 2008

Review ~ Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake

I was fortunate enough to be allowed to review the wonderful dvd, Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake. It was created by two moms, Mary Kate Mellow and Stephanie Troeller after struggling to find ballet movies for their children.

Prima Princessa narrates this fun 40 minute long movie. The animated fairy ballerina, magically transports a group of pre-school girls to see the ballet Swan Lake, performed by the world famous Paris Opera Ballet. Prima Princessa narrates the story of Swan Lake to the girls. In between each act, the children return home, dress up in fun pretty tutus, and learn a simple ballet step. Each step is playfully shown mixed into a colorful montage of toys, animals, birds, children and young dancers from the School of American Ballet, the official academy of New York City Ballet.

My daughters were mesmerized by this movie. They instantly fell in love with Prima Princessa. I tried asking them a question during the movie and they shushed me. Then my youngest wanted a drink and refused to move, she didn't want to miss a thing. Both my daughters are avid dancers with ballet being one of their top choices. I had a feeling they would enjoy this movie. I wasn't sure if it would hold my soon to be 11 year olds attention though. I was totally wrong, her only complaint ... It was too short, she wished it was longer.

After watching it for the first time, every time since my 7 year old danced along. They both really enjoyed watching professional ballerinas, and they both got a kick out of the pre-schoolers dancing along. My oldest, really enjoyed the clips of the girl and boy doing the dance moves in the ballet classroom.

If you have a child interested in dance or even just princess they will enjoy this dvd. Most children 2, 3 and 4 really enjoy dancing. This is a great time to introduce them to the world of dance. Dance classes at this age, teach more then dance. They teach social skills, respect, responsibility, listening skills and so much more. You can view a clip here. Be sure to check out the free coloring pages that are offered to go along with the dvd.

Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake retails for $19.99. You can purchase the dvd directly from Amazon (rates 5 stars!). Be sure to check out Mary Kate Mellow and Stephanie Troeller blog, Tutu Zone.


MK said...

Dear Ginny,

Thanks for taking the time to view our DVD with your family and post such a detailed review. I agree that introducing young children to dance is a wonderful thing.

Mary Kate

Irish Mom said...

My dd just started ballet, this would be perfect for her!! I'll have to check it out!!

Lisa Sharp said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway and more tips on how to go green and save money to come!

Mekhismom said...

Nice blog of reviews!

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