Wednesday, July 16, 2008


During the summer, there is nothing I love more then sunglasses. Actually in the winter too, that white snow sure reflects the sun. When I was in high school, I got a second job working at a sunglass shop. I learned so much about the importance of wearing sunglasses. I also found out then there are sunglasses that cost 100's of dollars. I thought that was just crazy at the time. Of course after my second or third paycheck, I was the new owner of some sunglasses that cost almost $250. Crazy right, they had awesome lenses though. The entire time I worked there, I believe I bought at least 4 pairs of sunglasses, I had to have spent just over $1,000 on shades alone! I had a couple pair of Revo's and a couple pairs of Serengeti's.

Now I like to change my sunglasses to much to buy those expensive ones. I also have 2 kids that seem to suck up all my money :) I like to have a variety, and I don't mind the cheaper versions. As long as they protect my eyes, and of course look good. I love the look of the designer womens sunglasses that are being made right now. Especially the larger styles, well not the super large ones, those are just too much {for me}. What I really like about the larger styles is that they are more protection for your eyes and the skin around your eyes. UV rays cause
premature signs of aging, nobody wants that! They also help protect the eyes from wind and dirt.

Eyes regularly exposed to too much sun can develop serious and sometimes permanent damage. Opthomalogists recommend wearing UV blocking sunglasses whenever you are in the sun long enough to get a sunburn or tan in order to avoid age related eye diseases, especially cataracts, and photokeratitis (sunburn of the cornea, the surface of the eyeball). Too much sun exposure can also cause yellowed areas on the whites of the eye.

Fun fact about sunglasses ~

According to scientists at the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, wearing sunglasses on long plane journeys can actually reduce the effects of jet lag.

The body’s internal clock is affected by light and it seems that by wearing sunglasses on plane journeys, people can help their body clock adjust to new time zones.

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