Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who am I? + MomDot Launch Info

Trisha over at Momdot wants to know about us, so here is my post ~

1) who are you? I'm Ginny. I'm a wife, stay at home mom that occasionally works from home, avid reader & scrapbooker.

2) how many kids? pictures? I have 2 beautiful daughters. My youngest just turned 7 & my oldest is about to be 11.

3) what do you blog about? why do you blog? I started blogging to keep track of my scrapbooking. It has evolved into so much more! Being a scrapbooker, blogging seemed a natural progression.

4) Something terribly interesting about you everyone should know ~ I never wanted kids, I really never even wanted to get married. I wanted to be a criminal psychologist. My family was quite shocked when I got married at 19 & had my first daughter, lol.

By the way MomDot has a great contest going on, check it out here.

Make sure to check out the launch party that they are having as well.



Maestra Jen said...

thanks for the info about the MomDot contest. My daughter is a dancer too.

Just wanted to say thank you for commenting on our product giveaway ( Bilingual Fun) w/ Mamas Like. I appreciate your interest. Feel free to visit our site and sign up for our newsletter if you are interested in more info about language learning. We often do giveaways as well. :)

Myspace Layouts said...

I have entered into this contest. lets see.

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