Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting Freedom from debt

As you probably know, I am trying to get out of debt. Credit card debt specifically. I would love to have no high interest accounts, to pay cash for everything. That is my goal that I am working towards anyways. We have been working on paying off credit cards for several years now. With the economy, it is hard to make all the minimums, let alone pay over the minimums!

Freedom Debt Relief is one site out there that is trying to help families get out of debt. Did you know that bankruptcy can stay on your credit for 10 years? Freedom debt relief helps you prevent bankruptcy by working out deals with your credit cards. Best of all, once your creditor accepts the settlement from Freedom debt relief, you are marked paid in full. This protects you from bankruptcy and helps you become debt free.

They help lower your monthly payments, making it manageable to pay off your debt. Freedom from debt also offers a debt reduction guarantee. You could be debt free in 12 - 30 months. Best of all, they charge no service fees unless they save your money. There is a great calculator on the website that will tell you how quickly you can become debt free. They are even a BBB accredited company!

Are you debt free? What are your tips?

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