Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shopping for Christmas Dresses

My Grandma decided to take us shopping yesterday for Christmas dresses for the girls. Since it was conferences, they had no school. We hit JC Penney, Gymboree, Children's Place & Macy's.
At Macy's, Cami wanted to write a letter to Santa. The set up was adorable, with a big red table, postcards, pens & a free pin for the kids to take. I love how hard she is concentrating. Other shoppers walking by kept saying how cute she was :)
Here is my oldest helping Cam spell Christmas
Then the drop in the huge red mailbox. If you haven't heard about it yet, Macy's is donating $1 to Make a Wish for every letter they mail. A great program. Make sure to bring a stamp! We didn't have one, but there was no way she was going to leave without sticking in the letter. I will have to try & get up there again for another letter with a stamp.
Now onto the shopping dilemma. Cami has such a hard time making decisions. She ended up seeing a couple dresses that came with 18" doll dresses. She had her heart set on that, but the dresses were not our style. She ended up trying on one {above} and of course did not like it.
Now this dress was beyond gorgeous. Totally stunning. Very thick fabric, gorgeous pearl detailing with lattice ribbons. Super thick, high quality. However, it kind of just hung on her.
This one was so pretty. It was ivory with gold circles all over it & a big gold bow. Had a great shape on her & she really liked it a lot.
This is the one we picked though. Her favorite color is pink. It is a pink tank dress with flowers all over it. There are rhinestone & glitter accents. It came with the black velvet shrug. BTW, after looking at 7 stores, this was the VERY FIRST dress I picked for her at the VERY FIRST store we looked at {JC Penney}

Now you may be wondering where Alli's dress picture is? Well she kept bugging my grandma for a coat, in addition to the dress. My grandma said dresses only. Finally after the second store of her bugging me, I told her go ask if you can get a coat instead. Luckily my grandma agreed & she got a cute Dollhouse coat from Macy's. Really she isn't a dress girl anyway, so this worked out better. I meant to get a picture, but somehow in the mist of her driving me crazy ALL day, I forgot.

This girl can drive me mad. Every store we went in, she went on & on about all the stuff she wanted. I totally lost count on how many things she bugged my grandma for. Even when we went to Aeropostale for ME, she would not shut up. I finally lost it & yelled at her in the store. How embarrassing.

She even manged to talk my Grandma into getting her ears pierces instead of toy. Again worked good for me because she has been wanting it for years. We originally went 3 years ago to Libby Lu when she was 8. My youngest was 4 & talked us into doing her 2nd holes as well. Alli's got infected, so we had to let them close. Then we never got back up there. She has been on a huge kick lately because now all the middle school girls have more then one piercing, since she already it done she felt really left out.

Libby Lu is going out of business, so we got 14k white gold rainbow flower studs for only $23.50! Pretty good because Claire's charges $36.50 for the fake birthstone studs which are the cheapest. There were 2 girls getting a Hannah Montana makeover that wouldn't get of the way, so I didn't get a picture of that either. I really have to pull her aside & get some pics of her! Glad I documented the first time, they didn't do all the cute stuff they used to do {certificate + free earring at 6 week mark}

We also ate at the food court, Sbarro's has the best pizza!

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Dee said...

oh good choice! She's so cute!

Nancy Murphy said...

The dress is darling! It sounds like Alli is just at a hard stage.

IMMomsDaughter said...

I thought you made the best choice out of all the dresses in the pictures.

Lisa Knight said...

We picked the same dress for my little one! Mostly because without the wrap it worked for spring too & they are just so darn cute in poofy pink!!!

Hayley said...

I love Sbarro pizza even though all of my friends make fun of me and tell me its mall pizza :-(

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