Saturday, February 2, 2008

Starbucks Winner

Aly is the lucky winner of the $20 Starbucks card. CONGRATS!

Funny, my daughter goes by that too :)

I had so much fun doing this & totally shocked by the number of comments. I hope I found some new readers, I know I found some new blogs. I am currently reading so many that I'm not sure how I can keep up, yikes!

You can Check out the other winners here.

Do you have GirlMogul?

What is Girl Mogul you ask? Why it is inside you. It is inside you and it is inside your daughters! It is an attitude, a way of approaching life that says you can be and do what you dream. It defies convention and stereotyping and is inspiring and encouraging. GirlMoguls come in all ages, shapes and sizes. It’s an approach to living that encourages big and little dreams, to forging your own path.

I absolutely love the philosophy behind this webstore. Having 2 girls, it is an inspiration.

The Mission
GirlMogul is a multi-media company dedicated to encouraging girls to dream big.

The History
When Founder, Andres Stein was shopping for clothes for her niece and then her own baby girl she was horrified. There were
way too many princess t-shirts and not enough shirts featuring strong and resourceful girls. With that in mind, she created the
GirlMogul series, featuring four girls who dream big. The GirlMogul series shows that girls can grow up to be anything they
want – a CEO, a Rocket Scientist, even Leader of the Free World. With a multicultural palette and a range of Girls – there is
sure to be something that speaks to your girl.

Reach for the Stars Kids Hoodie
Reach for the Stars - Bags & Gifts

Looking through the site, I totally think of my tween daughter. She is 10 and growing up way to fast. Tons of peer pressure already, plus boy problems. Yikes, way to soon. I want to install a high self esteem and sense of worth for her. I had that growing up, and never felt like I needed to drink, smoke or do drugs growing up. I want that for her as well. Being so active in Dance really helps her out. She is focused with lots of confidence. Whenever she starts to have issues at school, I try to remind her of how much she has to offer. Dance seems to always be what ends up making her feel better. I don't know if it is the great friends and teachers, seeing herself do well or just the major amount of workout she gets. When I saw that GirlMogul had a design that says "Reach for the Stars, and you just might land of the moon." I thought how perfect. They have a full line of products for each design including bags, water bottles, t-shirts, sweatshirts, even a stuffed bear. I know the hoodie would be her favorite, isn't it cute? Priced really affordable at only $21.94 in the kids. They even have clothes for the Adult GirlMogul!

Go check them out, great for any girl or woman! Learn about the 4 GirlMoguls, chat on the community board or shop shop shop!

Bloggy Giveaway ~ Starbucks!!!


Oh yeah, it is bloggy giveaway time ~ I am coming through for you today. I have a $20 Starbucks Gift card to give to one lucky winner!

All you have to do is leave a comment. Comments must be entered by February 1st at midnight. I will post the winner sometime on Saturday afternoon. Please only one comment per person. If you like the blog, feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Make sure to click the banner above to enter tons of contests, seriously it is crazy!

If you are feeling generous or like the contest, feel free to fav me at Technorati, I'd so appreciate it!!!

UPDATE ~ Contest is now closed, thanks for all the entries, I am totally amazed! You ladies (and guys?) sure love Starbucks. Now I know gift cards are the secret :) Hopefully some of you will continue to check in with me. I found tons of great blogs myself.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Webkinz Pet of the Month Feb March April 2008

Webkinz Pet of the Month February ~~ Cow

Webkinz Pet of the Month March ~~ Lil Kinz Pig

Webkinz Pet of the Month April ~~ Pink Poodle

593 School Closings ...

And we are not one of them!

Unbelievable, we are seriously the only school in session today in Michigan. Every district around us is closed!

Worked out well though because I was able to finish entering contests. Plus I had to pick up some med for my mom, she is in the hospital & wanted to make sure her Rx was home for her in case she comes home this weekend.

Then I ran to the thrift store. I bought 15 pieces of clothing for $15. I also got a brand new scale for only $5, they have a bunch of bed & bath products that are all new donated from a store. I went looking for stuff to sell & got a cute Gymboree Coat, not sure I will make my money back on it though, it wasn't on sale for as much as I thought. I also found a really nice wool coat for Aly to wear in a few years.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Watching Along Came a Spider

I recently read Along came a spider by James Patterson. I decided to watch the movie, since I didn't watch it when it came out. Ok so far, I'm about 1/2 hour in & it is not good. I hate when movies totally change the book. It seems like it is lazy movie writing to me. The book was so amazing, the movie has such major changes, it would have been better on it's own. UGH!

I'm going to try & stick it out though, I'm entering contests still, so might as well. I just only hit 500 & I believe there are over 900 already. Crazy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ebay Lowering Fees ~ Effective 2/20

Did you see that Ebay is lowering insertion fees! (they are raising final value fees though)

Basic fee prices can be found here. They have lowered the

Insertion Fee (effective 02/20/2008)
$0.01 - $0.99 $0.20 $0.15 Lower fee!
$1.00 - $9.99 $0.40 $0.35 Lower fee!
$10.00 - $24.99 $0.60 $0.55 Lower fee!
$25.00 - $49.99 $1.20 $1.00 Lower fee!
$50.00 - $199.99 $2.40 $2.00 Lower fee!
$200.00 - $499.99 $3.60 $3.00 Lower fee!
$500.00 or more $4.80 $4.00 Lower fee!

Gallery Fee (effective 02/20/2008)
$0.35 old price NOW ALL OF THEM ARE FREE!!!!!!!!

Plus they reduced Gallery Plus

They also lowered some of the fixed priced listings & Store listings!

Insertion Fees for Fixed Price listings

Starting or Reserve Price Current Insertion Fee Insertion Fee (effective 02/20/2008)
$0.01 - $0.99 $0.20 N/A
$1.00 - $9.99 $0.40 $0.35 Lower fee!
$10.00 - $24.99 $0.60 $0.55 Lower fee!
$25.00 - $49.99 $1.20 $1.00 Lower fee!
$50.00 - $199.99 $2.40 $2.00 Lower fee!
$200.00 - $499.99 $3.60 $3.00 Lower fee!
$500.00 or more $4.80 $4.00 Lower fee!

Insertion Fees for Store Inventory listings

Starting or Reserve Price Current Insertion Fee Insertion Fee (effective 02/20/2008)
$0.01 - $0.99 $0.05 N/A
$1.00 - $24.99 $0.05 $0.03 Lower fee!
$25.00 - $199.99 $0.10 $0.05 Lower fee!
Above $200.00 $0.10 $0.10

I'm a little unsure of the Feedback Changes, I have dealt with many types of people on eBay & some buyers deserve Negative. This reminds me a bit of Amazon.

Feedback Changes
The eBay Feedback system was designed to provide a simple, honest, accurate record of member experiences. Focusing on customer service includes doing everything we can to grow customer confidence in our sellers.
Buyers will only be able to receive positive Feedback.
Positive repeat customer Feedback will count (up to 1 Feedback from the same buyer per week.)
Feedback more than 12-months old won't count towards your Feedback percentage.
When a buyer doesn't respond to the Unpaid Item (UPI) process the negative or neutral Feedback they have left for that transaction will be removed.
When a member is suspended, all their negative and neutral Feedback will be removed.
Buyers must wait 3 days before leaving negative or neutral Feedback for sellers with an established track record, to encourage communication.
All Feedback must be left within 60 days (compared to 90 days today) of listing end to encourage timely Feedback and discourage abuse.
Buyers will be held more accountable when sellers report an unpaid item or commit other policy violations.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Woke up late

I woke up late today, I am like to get up 5 minutes before the kids wake up 8. Today I woke at 8:15, I hate that! I ran to wake up Aly & she of course freaked out. Cam has a dentist appointment today at 1, so I decided to just keep her home. Her long hair, makes it hard to get her ready quick. Aly ended up getting ready in 9 minutes, quite impressed & then included eating!!

My fingers are killing me, I'm only up to 140 entries. Oh my, I just looked & there are 575 listed right now. Totally crazy. My starbucks is a bit hit, I have never had more then 200 comments on my other contests, yeah!

I don't think I am going to have a chance of checking out all the contests, but I will try. Doesn't help that there are so many great blogs, I read to them as well. I have subscribed to a bunch.

Check out this blog to enter for a pretty Apron! Ok off to find something for Cam to do & then take a shower. The dentist is going to be rough, she needs a lot of work done. She has to go today, Saturday & then 1 other day in mid-Feb, poor baby!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Well I only got through the first 112 contests so far. Have a lot to do in the days ahead. Some fab prizes. The first 2 I didn't win anything, but I found some awesome blogs to read. I have already found a few more blogs to read, so that is worth it.

Weekend Snapshot

The neighbor was getting his carpet cleaned & the truck caught on fire. It was crazy, thought our house was going to burn down. We just had some siding & some of the paint above it melt. I guess the companies insurance will be fixing it. Nobody was hurt luckily & the neighbor had no damage at all except his concrete is a bit burnt up.

One of the firefighters gave all the kids hats. The Women firefighter, let all the kids get pictures with her. I thought that was nice.
If you found your way to my blog by this post, make sure to check out my giveaway!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Actor Heath Ledger dies at 28

I originally wasn't going to blog about this because so many people are already talking about it. I don't think I have seen any of his movies, I was however excited about the new Batman movie. My mom was a big fan & was quite upset when she heard the news. It is very sad, being only 28, not even 2 years younger then me. Thinking about his child & all of his potential.

I think being an actor/actress is very hard, even though they have money and success. Such sadness when I think of how unhappy this successful man was.

What made me blog though, is my utter disgust for Fred Phelps & anyone that is apart of his church. He is going to picket Heath Ledgers funeral. ABC News wrote an article about the Kansas church. Near the end they ask Hate Group, or Religious Freedom? How it can even be called a church is beyond me. Totally disgusting. If I believed in Hell, all of those members would be burning!

Photo Friday ~ Kids Picture

Yes I am doing Photo Friday, late late Saturday night (ok early early Sunday morning). This picture my 6 year old took at the Zoo & I just love it. The Chimpanzee was just amazing, he was right up at the viewing window sleeping. When he woke, he just sat there staring at the kids. It was so amazing seeing his hands, they looked just like ours but bigger. I wish she got that in the shot. She had a hard time because this really little boy & his mom kept cutting her off. My picture didn't even turn out as well, so luckily my budding photographer got a better one :)

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