Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

13 Things you should be doing for your health

Here is a list of 13 things to be doing for your health ~

  1. Eat Breakfast
  2. Take a Calcium supplement daily (I like Viactiv)
  3. Get 3 a day of whole grains
  4. Drink milk, get calcium & vit D
  5. Stay Hydrated
  6. Always use sunscreen (I swear by this, the rise of cancer on the driver side of your face is on the rise, even wear it in the winter!)
  7. Floss daily
  8. Eat 5 to 6 tiny meals a day instead of 3 big meals
  9. Measure your waist monthly (women over 35" are at a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes)
  10. Do a full body mole check monthly, combine with your breast self exam to make it easier!
  11. Switch just one soda a day for water
  12. Chew slowly while eating. This not only helps you enjoy your meal, you will eat less calories!
  13. While watching tv, sit on a stability ball instead of the couch (works for on the computer as well)

Sweating a cold out ~ Yes or No?

Does sweating a cold out really work? Here are some suggestions I have found ~

"hot toddy" was a mixture of hot tea, lemon, and a shot of whiskey or rum.

drinks 4oz. of warmed up whisky (seriously), then bundles up in several layers of PJs and socks, lots of blankets, and sweats like crazy all night. He swears he wakes up healthy every time.

if you Keep yourself hot it helps your body work on that and when you sweat at night its the body releasing the bad germs out of your body.

Over Proof Rum and I will always have a big swig before going to bed if I have a bad cold or flu and it seems to feel better in the morning. It works for me
Q: Is it possible to sweat out a cold?

A: You can’t starve a cold to death. Neither can you drown it, blast it with pills, or sweat it out. A cold can take one or two weeks to run its course, and the only way to get rid of it is to take care of yourself. But sweating isn’t harmful when you’re sick, as long as you replenish your body with fluids, change your clothes, and avoid sweating in the cold. You also can’t excercise out a cold. Your body needs to conserve energy to fight it. Exercising is a good way to keep your immune system strong when you’re well, but skip your workout if you’re feeling run down. Exercise can be a stress on a body that is trying to fight an illness.

Q: What about the old wives’ tale, Starve a fever, feed a cold?

A: This popular saying—which some people remember backwards as "feed a fever, starve a cold"—is wrong on both accounts. It may be based on the mistaken belief that food acts like kindling to your temperature: if you have caught a chill, you need to fan the flames, but if you have a fever, you need to remove the fuel to lower the blaze. Pay this Old Wives’ Tale no heed. When your body is fighting infection, it needs plenty of nutrients, fluids, and rest. If you don’t eat, your body will not have the energy it needs to fight. As annoying as a fever is, it is not harmful in and of itself. It just means your body is fighting back. The best thing you can do against illness is try and prevent it. Eat well, get plenty of rest and exercise, and wash your hands frequently during cold season.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

With the kiddos out of school, I can't remember what day it is. Today is the last day of vacation & they go back tomorrow :)

I brought up some old dance costumes to find one for Aly to use in Hairspray this June. Cam had to wear this cow costume for an acrobat routine a few years ago, so she put it on & posed for the camera with her Webkinz cow. Visit the official WW site!

Get Paid to Purchase 2008 Entertainment Book!

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Refer Two Friends: Get $30*!

Through March 31st, 2008,

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's my birthday

Today is the dreaded birthday, I have been dreading this day since at least middle school. I know dramatic, but I blame my mom, lol. I am now 30, well actually I won't be until 9:04pm & I am enjoying the last few hours of my twenties!

I woke up & made the girls chocolate chip pancakes. They have been wanting them for awhile & I hate cooking. My oldest actually wanted to make them, but I wouldn't let her. I think that is the sweetest thing because this child is SO LAZY! LOL.

I planned on not getting out of bed today, but we are in mid-winter break & Aly has dance, so I have to.

When I was younger, I used to say that I never wanted to be 30 & I'd rather die the day before my birthday. I have actually been worrying the last few weeks over that. I woke up today & was like ok I'm alive, lol. Isn't that silly & horrible. I can't believe I ever said stuff like that & why didn't my parents tell me how silly I am being?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sigg's 100th Anniversary ~ Contest

To celebrate Sigg’s 100th Anniversary, GreenStyleMom is giving away a reusable water bottle package to one lucky winner. To enter, stop by before February 20th.

If you don't win the contest, Check out the Sigg selection at Amazon! Or Sigg on Ebay!

TV Store Online Halloween Costume Giveaway

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