Saturday, March 15, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

I didn't plan on getting anything this week, but at the last minute decided to take advantage of the $3 off $15 beauty coupon from CVS. I picked up those 5 lip balms that you get for free after ECB & then 2 clearance products. A moisturizer & facial wash. I paid .33 out of pocket. I used the $3 beauty coupon & then $16 ECB. I ended up getting $14.95 back, not bad :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Not much of anything

Let's see, why did I sign up to blog every day this year except leap year day? I must have been crazy. I am fresh out of anything to say. I have tons of drafts started of decent posts that people might actually want to read. Just no energy to finish them up. I'm in the process of writing a post about good gifts for dancers. I get some blog traffic from that search & figured I should give the searchers what they are looking for :)

I had to get up early today to help out at the school. Tomorrow is another competition. This one sucks, have to be there at 7:30 in the morning with Aly in full make up & costume. She is supposed to go on at 9:30, but it could be anytime from 8:30 on. I think I'm going to do light make up & then darken when we get there. That will save some time. Especially since this dance needs purple make up & it will be harder to get on dark. She is doing her Hip-Hop number. So excited, she loves hip-hop. About half the girls are not regular competition girls though, so I hope they do well. I think there are 12 total & 9 of them have it down good. The other 3 just need a little work, hopefully they will be excited enough to pull it off. They are dancing to Tricky by Run DMC & it is a pretty cute dance. Back to the early time though, I am so not a morning person & neither is my DD. I think I have to get up at 5am. Yuck, will have a major headache I'm sure. The awards are around noon, so hopefully will be home shortly after. On Sunday we don't have to be there till around 4 I believe, so will give us time to sleep in. Monday should be fun for her, he he.

Ok have to discuss Big Brother now. I guess this would be a spoiler even though I'm sure nobody reading this cares, lol. James nominated Ryan & Sheila, just like I wanted. It is rare that I get what I want in the Big Brother game, so I'm excited. I know a lot of people are angry & don't like James & Chelsia. I really like them though, which may be a curse for them. I don't think I have ever had anyone I want win Big Brother or Survivor. The POV is today, can't wait for spoilers. I know Sheila was telling Ryan to pray before the competition. Anyone else get tired of all the praying to win this game? Seriously, if there is a god, why would he care if you won BB? I couldn't even see a God condoning the game considering you basically have to lie, cheat & forget your morals for 3 months while you are trying to win a lump sum of cash. I thought it was funny when Joshy was praying & said he'd tithe his entire 10%, lol.

I haven't wrote about Survivor, but I'm liking this season as well. I can't watch it on Thursdays, so I have to wait for On demand from Comcast which is SO SLOW! I usually end up watching it on Wednesday trying to avoid who got voted out on the internet & commercials. I love the Fans vs. Favs & they did a good job with the Fav's, I like almost all of them. I'm really like Ozzy, James & Amanda. Amanda & James were some favorites for me right from the start. I can't remember how I felt about Ozzy, I know I liked him but can't remember who I liked better on his season. They all blend together for me, there have been so many! I can't stand Cirie, I didn't like her in her first season either. I do give her lots of credit though for deciding who gets kicked out, it seems each vote. I like how she knew they were going for the weaker of the tribe & she knew she was included. That was pretty funny & I actually started liking her just a bit more, lol. I did hear about Jonathon having to go & felt bad for him. I always liked him as well.

Wasn't that crazy about Jonny Fairplay, did not expect that. I don't think I watched the full season that he was in, but I of course heard all about him. I'm wondering if he freaked out about holding up his reputation in the game? I thought it was cool he wanted to go home to his pregnant wife/girlfriend though.

Ok off to do some other crap. Have to get all my stuff together for tomorrow :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oyster Funny + some facts

What did the girl oyster say to the boy oyster?
"You never open up to me."
So, Are Oysters Male or Female? - Yes, there are male and female oysters.However, there is no way of telling male oysters from females by examining their shells. A really neat Fun Fact is, While oysters have separate sexes, they may change sex one or more times during their life span. Wow! The gonads, organs responsible for producing both eggs and sperm, surround the digestive organs and are made up of sex cells, branching tubules and connective tissue.
Oysters are large shellfish with rough, fluted shells and creamy-white flesh that has a unique dusky flavor. Oysters grow wild in shallow intertidal areas, but many oysters in today’s market are grown by aquaculturists on strings or nets. Oysters have a long culinary history. As long as 2,000 years ago, the Romans so loved oysters that they imported them from all over the empire. These delicious shellfish haven’t lost their popularity since. Millions of people eat oysters. They are a low calorie protein that are a great source of zinc, vitamin B-12 and omega 3 fatty acids.

I guess there are some risks to eating Gulf oysters that wants Oyster consumers to know about.
It provides a thorough background on Vibrio vulnificus bacteria that you can get from raw or under cooked oysters. If you eat oysters on occasion or all the time, head on over there to see if you are at risk. It is always good to be aware!

Big Brother Last Night Oh my ~ James Yeah!

I just got finished watching Big Brother 9 from last night. Aly had dance till 8:45, so had to wait, ugh. I was dying to find out what happened with James! I don't know why, but I love him & Chelsia. It was so hard to watch it without cheating & looking. I'm glad I didn't, it was awesome! I was so excited that James won HOH. I wasn't sure at the beginning if he could make it, but he did! I honestly don't care much for Natalie even though I do feel very sorry for her. I was bummed at how upset she was, she did great. I think if Matt wasn't on the show, I'd like her more. I just can't stand how hung up she is on him when he is so cruel to her. I was bummed that he made a deal not to put up Matt. I really wanted it to be Matt or Sheila this week. I know James made a comment that he knew Sheila was being sneaky, so I hope he gets her out. I cannot stand her!

The last episode where it showed Sheila turn because of Chelsia's mommy card comment. When I first heard it, I thought she was trying to warn Sheila. That if people thought she had a good chance of winning because she is the single mom that needs the money, then she would be up next on the block. Sheila didn't take it that way though & talked Ryan into backdooring James. I knew it was Sheila that did that, but I didn't know why. Well, I hope Sheila is out soon :)

If you haven't yet, subscribe to the live feeds, this season is good! Lot better then last season that is for sure!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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Wordless Wednesday ~ 1st Competition

In Costume
Calling Dad to tell him they won Gold, 1st Overall & Most Creative Production Number
On stage, Love the Zoom on my Canon PowerShot S3

Accepting 1st Overall Award

Sorry, going to bore everyone with Aly's Dance Competition Pictures. I want to get the entire event in a post :) We weren't allowed to take pics on stage, they were selling 4 x 6 for $9, but they didn't get a single good shot of her. I was so bummed! Hopefully next time!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things coming out of my 10 year olds mouth

I think moms tend to document our babies & even our little ones, but we tend to forget the little things when they get older. I recently was looking at some of my old scrapbook layouts & came across one of saying my younger daughter (6) said at two. Since I had recently been thinking about an annoying thing my 10 year old daughter has been saying, I decided to document some of her sayings.

Sweet, That's Sweet, etc


You rock, That Rocks, etc

Frik & What the Frik

Ok, now the frik is what has me annoyed lately. I think it is totally inappropriate. Which I have told her, yet she keeps "accidentally" saying it. Now my husband (the carpenter) and my brother (the kid that started swearing at age 4) think there is nothing wrong with her saying it. My husband even told her, Aly just don't say it around Mom. I was like WHAT? Hello, show some support here.

Now am I overreacting? I personally don't swear, my mom always said Ladies don't swear, & I just never picked up the habit. My mom on the other hand, swears about as much as my hubby, brother & my dad (which is a lot).

Please way in with your opinion!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Ramblings ...

Not much to post about today. Tired from yesterday + the loss of an hour!

Did you hear about the abortion protest at Horton Hears a Who? I really don't even know what to say about that one. Total shock & disgust ...

Wanted to wish a very happy birthday to PZ Meyers. I love love love his blog!

Don't forget about the Ultimate Bloggy Party going on right now!

Chandra recently left me one of the sweetest comments, go check out her wonderful blog!

Here is a great contest site, I find out about a lot of contests from Prize-a-tron.

Janet Evanovich has a contest going on to celebrate Joe Morelli's birthday on March 1st.

Like Sudoku? Play web Sudoku!

Create personalized Easter ecards in minutes with your photos, videos and music-try it for free! Easter is here before you know it, crazy & so not ready! Ecards will make things quicker for some family members :)

Easter Bunny Letters Surprise your special child with their very own message from The Easter Bunny!

Big Brother 9 is on tonight! This is a very good season, totally loving it.

Watch Big Brother 9 24/7 on SuperPass

Oh & a scrapbooking mommy tip ~ Keep a notebook in your purse to record cute memories. On Friday I had to pick up my youngest for a check up at the Asthma doctor (which went well thankfully). She said something really cute in the car that I wanted to remember. Of course by the time I got home I totally forgot what it was. I even tried asking her & she thought I was crazy.

I was like, so do you remember that cut thing you said.

Blank stare back, then I said something cute?

Of course she didn't know she was saying something cute, ugh!

Happy Sunday :)

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