Saturday, April 12, 2008

Super Savings Saturday ~ CVS

I got a ton of stuff this week. For the Essence of Beauty I picked up (1) eyeliner pencil for $1.99 & then I picked up 7 of the bags for $1.49. I still need to pick up one more bag to get another $5 ecb. I also picked up Sunsilk Shampoo & Conditioner with the b1g1 coupon in the paper & a styling product with a $2 off coupon. Then I picked up a Degree for hubby & I both with $1 off coupons. I also picked up the pepcid deal with the coupon in the paper & then a storage container that was 75% off making it $1.50. I've been wanting one for the girls school papers so I can keep everything in one place. Those silly things cost $5.99 regular price.

Oh & not pictured, I picked up a Cover girl powder, concealer & mineral blush.

I ended up spending about $3 out of pocket because I went several different times during the week because of products being out. I have $10 ecb & need to pick up 1 more bag to get another $5. I was actually dong better before I went & did the Cover Girl deal. I didn't want to pass up that b1g1 free coupon, but I really didn't need the CG. Before that deal, I had $15 ecb for the ending week & now I have $10. Oh well :)

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Please excuse the mess!

Friday, April 11, 2008

365 Day Journey ~ Day 102

Prompt 102

LUST - is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body

I will have to think about todays 365 day Journey picture, this is a hard one for me.

And yes I am so cheating with my Letter J, I cannot think of anything at this point, lol.

Great deals for External Storage

Do you remember when I recently lost all my pictures? Well I have decided to go with things like SD Cards & Flash drives as an extra place to store important things. has some really good deals right now.

SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Micro USB 2.0 w/ Ready Boost - SDCZ6-4096-A11 - Small, portable, and smart!
List Price: $39.99
You Save: $20.00
Our Price: $19.99

SanDisk 4GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Card - SDSDB-4096-A11 - Great Buy!
List Price: $39.99
You Save: $18.69
Our Price: $21.30

Kingston 8GB DataTraveler Style USB 2.0 Flash Drive - DTYLB/8GBKR
List Price: $77.00
You Save: $44.05
Our Price: $32.95

I've been using Mozy to backup my documents & Xdrive as another backup for pictures.

Still time to get $25 from Revolution Money Exchange

There is still time to sign up for Revolution Money Exchange and get $25 free. If you refer your husband/wife, you get $10 & they get $25.00. Revolution Money Exchange is similar to paypal without fees. It is easy to send money & back forth via email. This is really a great deal if you have a checking account! It is a quick $60 & the money takes about 4 days to transfer to your bank. Also, unlike paypal you can use the same checking account for you & your spouse. Run go sign up. This offer expires on Tuesday.

You can read my original post here as well.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I {Heart} Giveaways

Yeah I know it is a stretch for I, but I slept terrible last night. I had to get up early, to go to a 5 hour program at my daughters school. It was really cool, bu I am wiped out. I am trying to catch up on BB9 because I was at dance last night & it is hard avoiding who got sent home, etc. I found some cool giveaways ~

Two Weeks of Toys - Giveaway Event
The first giveaway, is from Playskool. There will be three lucky winners — one receiving a Rose Petal Cottage, another scoring a Kid Motion Easy Dunk Basketball, and a third winner getting a Made For Me Day To Dream Soother.

Another favorite giveaway is from My Goddless Drama, she is giving away Nothing - Something to Believe In, enter by April 21st.

Here is a list of a bunch more ~

365 Day Journey ~ Day 101

Day 101

Prompt 101

GLUTTONY - is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Review: Hip-T the Must have shirt addition

When I found out about Hip-T's I just had to try them out. I decided to try out the Original White Basic

From the website ~

that has the lace on the bottom. First I want to say that shipping was extremely quick. My new Hip-T came in the cutest packaging. It is basically like a tube top or half a shirt that is meant to give you some extra protection from exposing your "assets".
Don't let your style fall through the crack and become a
victim of one of the following fashion crimes:
An Unwanted game of thong peek-a-boo!
Bending over at work and showing your boss the green polka-dot
thong you're wearing is definitely not the way to get that promotion
you've been hoping for!
The Plumber's crack
Ladies, let's leave this one to the professionals.
The Dreaded "Muffin Top"
No one wants a muffin top - unless it's blueberry!

The top is extremely comfortable to wear. It is made of 92% Cotton/8% Spandex. It sits a few inches above your jeans, protecting your behind. It also makes a nice layered look without the extra bulk of 2 shirts. I also like the fact that you can still wear shirts that have shrunk a little, previously too short to wear. They are priced at $19.95 each & they have several designs to choose from. You can check out all the designs here.
The sizes range from XXSmall (Youth 8-10) to 3XL (20). I love that they come in tween sizes as well as women. I picked a size Medium (8-10) because I wear Medium shirts. I would recommend picking your size by what size jeans you were however. I wear a size 5 jean, and I think a small would have been just a bit better fit for me. I like my shirts a bit loose and this needs to be tighter fitting.

The Hip-T is also great for pregnant women. They would allow you to wear a lot of your regular tops and even pants and still cover baby belly up. I wish these were around when I was pregnant!

They are currently running a weekly contest on their website. You can enter here.

Wordless Wednesday ~ New Pop Star Outfit

We went shopping with my grandma last week during the girls Spring Break. The girls each got 2 new spring/summer outfits & some shoes. The entire time, Cam was not really caring too much what we picked out. She had no favorites & was pretty much happy with anything suggested to her. It took forever to get her to actually pick two outfits that I was confident she would wear in the summer. Right before walking to Aly's section, there was a big 75% off Clearance rack. Cam found that skirt with the attached gold leggings & gold belt & would not walk away from it. It was so funny, thankfully my grandma was willing to indulge her & spent the $6.97 to buy it. The shirt she got for Easter & the new Sparkly pink shoes were also new. She fell in love with those as well. They are toddler Keds, she was able to still fit in the 10 which was the highest they could go. Hopefully we get at least a couple months out of them, she started wearing size 10 in September, so there should be a growth spurt soon.

For more WW participants, stop by the official WW Hub

365 Day Journey ~ Day 100

Day 100

Prompt 100

ENVY - is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

365 Day Journey ~ Day 99

Prompt 99

The Seven Deadly Sins

PRIDE - is excessive belief in one's own abilities, that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity

Gas prices got you down?

Yesterday gas was $3.359 and now today it is $3.459 by me. Gas prices are supposed to hit over $4 this summer according to the Associated Press. I know they have said that in summers past, but this summer I see it happening.

There are tons of tips out there to help save on gas. The ones I found most useful are ~

  • Combine errands. It is the short trips that take up the most gas.

  • Don't idle the car when waiting. Also most cars do not need to be warmed up before driving them like they used to.

  • Drive the speed limit. The faster you go, the more gas you use.

  • Drive steadily. Don't take off fast, ease your car into desired speed. Also pay attention to where you are at. If you are coming up to hill, you can let off the gas a bit. If you are approaching your destination, don't speed up, etc.

  • Keep your car tuned & tires filled correctly.

  • If possible, walk places {great exercise as well}

  • Carpool if possible

Here are some sites that have great tips ~

Thirty Gas Saving Tips

15 ways to save money on gas

Giveaways around the Net ~ Huge List

G is for Giveaways, I actually struggled with G for a moment. I always call them contests, lol. Here are some that I found around the net today ~

Watch for my review of Hip T tomorrow for H :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

365 Day Journey ~ Day 98

Prompt 98

“Habit is the 6th sense that overrules the other 5"

Arab Proverb

Do you have a habit, be it a good one or a bad one, lol

Layout 14

Which of the 5 senses is your favourite? Scrap it!

F is for Freebie of course

Couldn't pass up the letter F without doing Freebies!

Walgreens has a coupon for free film processing this Wednesday only. Go here to print the coupon this is a great deal. I let my girls take disposable cameras to school at the end of last year & never bothered taking them in. This will be a great opportunity to get one of the rolls developed.

Recipe Booklet from Ragu

Giveaway of the Day gives away a free software package every single day. You get 24 hours to download it & load it. I always read the comments to see if the software is worth downloading or not.

Free Children's book every month (birth to age 5) by Dolly’s Imagination Library.
Click HERE to view the list of participating communities.
Click HERE to register your child with the Imagination Library.

Baby Phat Fabulosity Fragrance Sample

Dove Body Lotion

Dial Anti-bacterial Soap Sample

Free Book from Billy Graham

Sensodyne Toothpaste Samples

Organic Foot Cream Sample

Blue Spa Cat Food Sample

April 19th, Walmart is giving away a free reusable shopping bag

Birthday Clubs & Freebies

Geoffrey's Birthday Club - They mail a "Save $5 on $25 purchase" coupon for Toys 'R Us (for kids 2-10) My girls have both also received a $3 gift card for their birthdays. They also will announce your child's name over the intercom if you come in to shop during birthday.
ColdStone Creamery Birthday Club - free ice cream coupon for the week of your birthday
Sonic Wacky Pack Birthday Club - free Kids Meal (via coupon by email for kids 13 & younger)

Don't forget to check out CVS, Walgreens & Rite Aide for their monthly & weekly freebies & deals.

Operation Spring Weight Off - Week 2

mom weight loss

It's week two of Operation Spring Weight off. I've been doing good with drinking more water, and really cutting down pop a lot. I usually only drink it now when I take my girls to dance because I buy those 16.9 oz bottles (does anyone else hate the goofy sizes they come in now 16.9 or 24, ugh). One day this week, I actually drank water while out which is rare for me, lol. At home I drink a lot of tea. Sorry just cannot stomach a ton of plain water, I get so sick from it.

I'm only trying to lose 5lbs, so I was happy when I actually dropped half a pound. With the kids home for spring break, it was hard doing any type of exercise just for me. Even eating right is hard with them for some reason. This week I want to step up my exercising & start adding in more fruits again. I love fruit but with Michigan weather, I don't seem to eat as much in the Winter. It is starting to get nicer out though & I am more in the mood for it.

My biggest goal this week is figuring out my exercise plan. I always rip out articles & save websites but never actually put it into motion. I am going to get that going this week!

Click the banner above to check out everyone else's progress.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Request a Review

I love doing reviews, and I will do reviews on just about anything. That includes websites, blog reviews, book reviews and product reviews.

Book and Product Reviews - I ask that the author or company send me one of the item for my personal use. This is the only way I can give an honest review vs. sight unseen. I will write the review in exchange for the item. Item will be mine to keep after the review is written. A link to the item reviewed as well as a link to the homepage of the site is provided within the review, along with photo(s) if possible.

Along with the review, I can give the option of offering a like item for a giveaway. I will conduct the giveaway including all details of the giveaway. I request that the company send out the prize to the winner. I can also send out the prize if needed.

Book/Product reviews are totally free (minus the costs of the product).

Click here to email Me

Website and blog reviews are $10. Payment can be sent via Paypal or Revolution Money Exchange. Your website or blog will be personally reviewed by me. The written review will be a minimum of 200 words. You may request specific keywords you would like for me to include along with any specific links you wish linked to those keywords and any image. The review will be posted live on my blog within 48 hours of your payment. You will be provided with a direct link to the review post on my blog. I reserve the right to decline any request that I do not feel is appropriate.

If you are interested in only sponsoring a giveaway at Mom of 2 Dancers, click here.


Earrings, the perfect topic for the Letter E. I love browsing through Amazon, Ebay & even Etsy for fun earring finds. Here are some of my favorites ~

One thing I like to do to save money on earrings is buy Gold over Sterling Silver. It cuts down the cost & you can buy more!

There are too many trendy earrings on ebay, so I will just give you a link to enjoy for yourself.

365 Day Journey ~ Day 97

Day 97

Prompt 97

"I would rather have eyes that cannot see; ears that cannot hear; lips that cannot speak, than a heart that cannot love”

Robert Tizonstrong

Carrying on with our theme of the senses this week

TV Store Online Halloween Costume Giveaway

I didn't realize that the sold a huge line of Halloween costumes until recently. They are the place to go if yo...