Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big Brother 10 Starts Tomorrow

Watch Big Brother 24/7

Big Brother 10 starts Sunday July 13th, woo hoo! They are following the same schedule that they did for Big Brother 9. I think this is going to be a good season with a lot of diversity.

Sunday Night: Effective July 13 - 8PM. Big Brother (Premiere)
Tuesday Night: Effective July 15 - 9PM. Big Brother (Premiere)
Wednesday Night: Effective July 16 - 8PM. Big Brother (Premiere)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Prima Princessa presents Swan Lake

I wanted to give a heads up that I have a great review coming up on Prima Princessa presents Swan lake.

I also have at least two giveaways coming up for some toothbrushes & a precious moments figurine! Plus I will be giving away something for the Summer Blog Contest that is coming up at the end of this month!

With summer, I am having a hard time keeping up with blogging & emails. My kids always want to go in the pool & that means me sitting outside. I so need a laptop bad!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally went to see Fireworks

We finally went to see fireworks yesterday. It rained a lot the week of the 4th, so we didn't bother trying to go see any of them then. The next one near us was last night.

Cam was upset because she expects fireworks on her birthday (the 3rd) but it didn't work out this year.

We had a lot of fun. The fireworks lasted about 25 minutes. They were great, no hesitations at all. They had a band playing 80's music. I guess is started a little before 7, but we didn't get there till around 9. The fireworks started a little before 10.

There is another firework show coming up on the 20th that we might head to as well. Only so much to do in the summer since we aren't vacationing this year. Have to give the girls some memories, lol.

I have pics but they are on my camera still. Will update when I upload my pictures :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My tween is getting jealous of her little sister ...

My poor tween is getting jealous of her little sister lately. Now that I am reviewing products, my little one gets some cool stuff to try out. There is never anything for my older one. I did get a cool new notebook for her to try out (review coming soon!). That didn't ease her pain though, lol.

I wish there were more products geared towards tweens. Not just to review of course. I have noticed that during holidays, popular searches are always what to get a tween. It is a hard age, growing out of toys, but still too young to enjoy teenager & adult items. The things that they do seem to like start getting expensive.

Even with clothes though, you see so many shops geared towards babies & toddlers, barely any towards the little bit older girl. Too bad I wasn't more crafty, it would be a great market to get into it.

I will have to be on a hunt now for cool products for the tween girl. If you know of any or sell something & want it featured here, just contact me!

Cyber Shower for Candace of

Happy Panda and lots of her friends, including the Cushie Pushie Company and Goodies for Mom are giving Candace of a cyber baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of her little boy. The party is going on July 7-July 17th and everyone is invited. There are tons of fun games to play, so make sure to participate!

The Most Inspirational Story

This would be my first pregnancy. I was 19 years old, I wanted a girl very badly. About 3 months into my pregnancy, I started having bad back pains. I thought it was from the pregnancy. Honestly, I'm not sure what I was thinking considering I gained a total of 17 lbs my entire pregnancy, but I was 19 & I had heard that pregnancy was hard on your back. Anyways, I had bad back pains, but my doctor visits always went well. My mom even bought me one of those belts to help with pain & my belly was so small it wouldn't even stay down. By 5 months (around July 4th actually) I was very sick. Terrible pain, bad chills, etc. On the day I finally went to the hospital, I was wearing jogging pants & was wrapped in a comforter, this was July 2nd (and very hot!).

I ended up having a bad kidney infection. While the doctors were trying to figure out what to do with me, I caught pneumonia from the hospital. I was 21 weeks I believe. They decided to drain my kidney of the blood, but my pneumonia got so bad I had to be rushed to ICU & put on a ventilator. My mom brought in a priest to pray over me & I totally freaked out. Talk about being scared & I screamed at him to get out. Yeah that is a fun memory even I'm not religious, lol. I had to be put into a medicated coma for several days.

The doctors did tell me it was a good thing because the tube to drain the blood would have hurt & they don't do anything for it. Yeah, lucky me right! Nobody thought my baby would live. They did ultrasounds every hour & she just kept on kicking away. My mom said it was amazing, I was getting sicker & sicker but my little belly kept on growing. They actually had a hard time finding the babies heartbeat. There was a nurse in the ICU with her dying husband. She felt so bad for us, that she did the ultrasounds. She was the only one that could find her heartbeat.

I ended up being in the hospital for 2 weeks. When I made it to my 30th week, my entire doctor office cheered. They told me if I could just get to 30 weeks, my little girl would have a good chance. Right after that I started getting very sick at night. Would throw up every single night around 2 or 3 am. After a couple weeks, my husband noticed blood in my puke. He took me to the hospital, I believe it was 33 weeks. While waiting in the emergency room, I went into labor. And yes the wait really was that long, talking hours! I went up the lady at the desk & told her I had a really weird feeling on my stomach, like a pulling. She ran & got a wheel chair, lol. I took an entire weekend & tons of meds to get my labor to stop. On the Sunday, I had a weekend doctor & I begged her to let me go home. They had wanted me to stay till I delivered. After my last stay, I couldn't stand hospitals. She finally agreed & put me on a pill to take. My doctor was pretty ticked when I went in on the Monday. They had me come back in on Friday. The med was causing my heart to beat to fast, so she told me take it through Sunday & stop.

You guessed it, that night I went into labor. At this point, they told me they would just deliver. My water never broke, so we were waiting for my husband to get home from work. He of course got a flat tire & missed the time they were going to break my water. The lovely doctors told me they would just wait till the following morning. They figured every day they could stretch it out would be better. They finally broke my water on Tuesday morning around 11am. I delivered at about 45 minutes later.

Aly was 6 weeks early, weighed 5lbs5.5oz. She was pretty healthy considering! I have since found out that the meds did cause some muscle problems which were pretty much cleared up by toddler age. She does struggle with school quite a bit though. I am just thankful it worked out the way it did.

The Best, Worst, or Funniest Advice for Expectant Mothers.

  • I am not the greatest at advice, but my biggest advice is to listen to your gut. Whenever I have doubted mine, it usually turned into a mistake.

  • Kids will be kids, learn to go with the flow. Nobody is perfect. You have to learn to laugh, pick your battles & always have a camera handy! I have found when my kids mess up the house, sharpie the walls, smear poop over everything if I snap a picture & laugh it makes it easier (except the poop part, ew gross!)

  • If you house is messy, so what. When baby naps, you nap! You can clean later, when they are older! Well out of the house maybe, lol.

Here are some of the great prizes being offered that I'd love to win:

  • Runaway Rabbit is giving one lucky winner a pair of Classic Bunny Slippers. Runaway Rabbitclassic bunny slippers represent home, comfort and practical luxury - it’s what you would rather be wearing!
  • Hipster Tots will present one winner with a free Boutique Book with their choice of cover design, shipped free. Shower participants will receive 20% off through July at when they use the code MAMANISTA upon checkout.
  • Stuff for Sprouts is giving away a 3-pack of Lip Stuff for Crispy Kissers (one in each flavor: PB & J, Chocolate and Frosting) a generously sized balm with a handy oval shape, is perfect for one-swipe application to even the most resistant “Sprout.” The Olive Butter intensive formula is smooth, long-lasting, and, most importantly, super-effective in wiping out winter-chapped lips.
  • Chesapeake Ribbons is offering a$25 gift certificate to spend in their online store (does not include S&H). Classic handmade ribbon for the entire family…with a cause!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

50 Prints ONLY 50 CENTS ~ Great deal

Snapfish has an awesome deal right now. You can buy 50 digital prints for only a penny each. Each additional print after that is only .09 + shipping.

Use coupon code JUL4PENNY08 expires July 12th, so hurry over there! (Click on banner to join, if you are new customer you also get 50 free prints & a flipbook)

Also, don't forget about Arts Cow. I've ordered 2 months in a row right now & I am very happy. The shipping is a bit high because the prints are in Hong Kong. I compared my pictures to others I have received from Shutterfly, Dotphoto & Winkflash & they are comparable.

So far I have bought over 100 4 x 6's, over 100 5 x 7's & a photo necklace. They have awesome prices on photo gifts! Check out the credits I still have:

38x8 Cover Photo Book06/16/2008 06/21/2008 Expired
50Prints 5" x 7"06/29/2008 07/29/2008
50Prints 4" x 6"06/29/2008 07/29/2008
5Large Mousepad05/29/2008 07/29/2008
2Prints 12" x 18"07/03/2008 08/03/2008
1Playing Cards Single Design07/05/2008 08/05/2008
1Playing Cards 54 Designs07/05/2008 08/05/2008
1Key Chain (Heart)07/05/2008 08/05/2008
5Prints 8" x 10"07/07/2008 08/07/2008
50Prints 5" x 7"07/29/2008 08/28/2008
50Prints 4" x 6"07/29/2008 08/28/2008
3Large Mousepad07/29/2008 08/29/2008
2Prints 12" x 18"08/03/2008 09/03/2008
5Prints 8" x 10"08/07/2008 09/07/2008
50Prints 5" x 7"08/28/2008 09/27/2008
50Prints 4" x 6"08/28/2008 09/27/2008
2Prints 12" x 18"09/03/2008 10/03/2008
5Prints 8" x 10"09/07/2008 10/07/2008
50Prints 5" x 7"09/27/2008 10/27/2008
50Prints 4" x 6"09/27/2008 10/27/2008
2Prints 12" x 18"10/03/2008 11/03/2008
5Prints 8" x 10"10/07/2008 11/07/2008
50Prints 5" x 7"10/27/2008 11/26/2008
50Prints 4" x 6"10/27/2008 11/26/2008
2Prints 12" x 18"11/03/2008 12/03/2008
5Prints 8" x 10"11/07/2008 12/07/2008
50Prints 5" x 7"11/26/2008 12/26/2008
50Prints 4" x 6"11/26/2008 12/26/2008
2Prints 12" x 18"12/03/2008 01/03/2009
5Prints 8" x 10"12/07/2008 01/07/2009
18x8 Cover Photo Book06/13/2008 01/16/2009
50Prints 5" x 7"12/26/2008 01/26/2009
2Prints 12" x 18"01/03/2009 02/03/2009
5Prints 8" x 10"01/07/2009 02/07/2009
50Prints 5" x 7"01/26/2009 02/26/2009
2Prints 12" x 18"02/03/2009 03/03/2009
5Prints 8" x 10"02/07/2009 03/07/2009
50Prints 5" x 7"02/26/2009 03/26/2009
2Prints 12" x 18"03/03/2009 04/03/2009
5Prints 8" x 10"03/07/2009 04/07/2009
2Prints 12" x 18"04/03/2009 05/03/2009
5Prints 8" x 10"04/07/2009 05/07/2009
2Prints 12" x 18"05/03/2009 06/03/2009
5Prints 8" x 10"05/07/2009 06/07/2009
2Prints 12" x 18"06/03/2009 07/03/2009
5Prints 8" x 10"06/07/2009 07/07/2009

They are always giving away more & more incentives for people that order. They also have a forum that they do answer on. It is a really great site with lots of potential!

New Mom Video Site to Learn + Share

If you have ever been to youtube and you are a mom, you will love this brand new website, let me tell you. is a safe, secure and free site where moms can create, share and learn with video. You will find mom produced videos as well as corporate product infomercials and expert solution Vcasts. For those of you with the desire to Vlog, it's easy to do with your webcam or Flip camera and fun too! My favorite feature of is the Family Video Gallery. Here you can upload videos and choose to mark them "private" or "public" and share them with select friends and family. Imagine! You can now sit with your child in front of a webcam, tape a conversation and share it with Grandma on another coast and store it for a long time in a safe, secure place for FREE! You can also customize our video widget and have your videos feed into your Blog.

I wish this was around when my kids were babies! Sometimes it helps to see someone doing something, then it all clicks. It is so hard being a parent, especially a new one. The only con I can even find on the site is that it doesn't go past pre-school. I'd love to see a grade school and even a tween section added. I know us moms need help too, lol.

They have such a vast array of videos, you could get lost on the site for hours. Plus your kids can actually be in the room with you, with no fear of clicking on the wrong kind of video. The site is geared towards pregnancy through pre-school.

Sign up now for FREE and set up your profile to be entered in the 30 day giveaway going on in July where they are giving away a prize a day to registered members.

Monday, July 7, 2008

EZ School Supplies + 10% Discount Code

Yes I am talking about school supplies in July. Hey if we can talk Christmas in July, then we can talk school supplies in July, right?

I was contacted by EZ School supplies, and I happily took them up on their offer to do a review. One of the biggest things I dread before the new school year is buying school supplies. It is stressful hunting down the needed items, fighting the other moms & dads trying to also buy school supplies. Running from store to store to get the right items. Well EZ School Supplies takes all that hassle away from you. Especially with the high gas prices, it is extra nice to have a box of supplies come right to your door! provides services to thousands of schools and parents throughout the US, offering a ‘one-stop’ location to find every item that children need for a productive school year. Schools or teachers can submit supply lists directly to the site, so that parents can find the exact supplies required and purchase everything at once, without leaving the house. Supplies are delivered right to their home, making the whole process much simpler than the scavenger hunt that school supply shopping often becomes.

The site offers over 26,000 brand name items which are delivered from 32 distribution centers strategically located throughout the US. And as an added bonus, every school which signs up with the site also receives back a 10% donation to assist them with their fund raising efforts. has also helped refurbish six schools in Baghdad and Mosul, as well as working with other national and international organizations and foundations.

My box arrived very quickly. I was pretty excited to see everything that came in it. One thing I noted was that it was packaged wonderfully. Everything was secure and wrapped in bubble wrap. My favorite feature is the box that the supplies came in. It has space on it to label your child’s name, school year, grade, teacher, etc. That way you can use the box to store all of their schoolwork and art projects during the year. Great extra feature in my opinion!

When looking at the prices on the site, they seem comparable to a lot of the office supplies store. I know you can find better prices during the crazy back to school sales at places like Target & Kmart, but you have to hope the sale items are in stock. A lot of times, if you don't go right away on Sunday morning, you lose out on all those great deals. Plus you have to deal with lines, fighting your way through other customers, your kids & driving there! EZ School supplies is a very easy alternative and worth the cost in my opinion!

If your school is already registered, you can locate it by zip code. Then click on your school to get a list of needed supplies.

If your school isn't enrolled, they can get forms here. They also have a wide variety of brochures. Remember if your school registers, they can earn 10% on all sales for fundraising.

If you homeschool, you can also use EZ School supplies. EZ School Supplies will donate 10% of your purchases to the non-profit organization of your choice. For example your homeschool association, sports or club teams. All they need to do is register. For customers who do not specify a school or organization, 10% of purchases are donated to the Learning Legacy Foundation.

EZ School Supplies has offered my readers a 10% discount on their orders. Just use coupon code EZMB005.

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