Saturday, September 20, 2008

I was a Saucy Blog

I want to thank The Secret is in the Sauce for having my blog as a Saucy Blog last week. I was surprised when one of my Halloween posts had a bunch of comments on it. Was like, Oh wow, people really like looking at these Halloween costumes, lol.

Then I had tons of comments saying Congrats on being Saucy. I was like what? I know what the site was, but I never submitted myself to be featured. I knew that couldn't be it. Imagine my surprise when I saw my little ol blog listed as a Saucy blog. I was with some good blogs too!

It was pretty funny though because even my spam comments linking to other Halloween stores were asking How did you get so Saucy?

Thanks again SITS! If you have never been to SITS, go check them out.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Review ~ Skinn Wet Shine Lip Gloss

Dimitri James is the founder of Skinn Cosmetics. After working 20 years with the major cosmetic power houses, he started his own company in 2002. Dimitri wanted a company that put out quality products, not quality packaging at affordable prices.

Skinn offers its products only through televised home shopping, the internet and exclusive, privately owned spas throughout North America. This has allowed them to reach the maximum amount of people, while keeping overhead very low. Unlike most companies, they don't have expensive retail shops or New York office suites; you won't see costly magazine or prime time TV ads.

I was sent the Skinn Wet Shine Lip Gloss to test out and review. These come in 13 fabulous colors. I was sent the wet lips clear and the shade on the left of the picture. Sorry I will update the correct color because it is very pretty. However my tween snatched it from me because she loves it.

Beautiful diamond looking glosses that may be worn alone, or over lipstick for a sexy, shimmery pout. Packed with Vitamin E, Soy and Aloe to soothe even the driest of lips.

Retail Value: $12.50
Skinn Price: $9.50
You Save $3.00!

Size: 0.5oz (15ml)

I cannot wear lip stick because of my chapped lips. I do love lip gloss though. The Skinn lip gloss is amazing! I normally stick with clears, but the shaded one I was scent was very subtle. I really liked the look a lot. The gloss isn't sticky, made my lips feel soft, lasted a good amount of time. I really couldn't be happier with it. I would definitely buy this again when I run out. Even though I think that will be awhile because a little goes a long way!

I let my daughter wear the color gloss for her school pictures. It was perfect because it gave her a nice lip color that wasn't too drastic. It was a perfect solution to make us both happy! Even though now I lost my pretty lip gloss, lol.

Dimitri will be on the Shopping Channel in Canada on October 1st and he will be on Shop NBC for the US on October 29th. I really want to pick up those Patina eye shadows, look so pretty.

Last but definately not least, here is the environmental policy from the website ~

Environmental Policy

At Skinn we believe being good to the environment is as much a part of doing business as is making a profit. We purchase only recycled, recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging materials. We also reuse all packing material sent to us (packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc). Finally, our products are never tested on animals.

It is very important for me that the company does not test on animals. I was very happy that this company never has!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Teen Boy & Girl Costumes

I found some fun Teen Halloween Costume Ideas from half priced costumes. Of course in this category, you really have to watch how your teen goes out.

Here is a classic Witch costume, can't go wrong with witch. Look how sweet she looks in her tiny skirt ~


Zombie cheerleader is always fun, and it isn't skimpy, amazing!


I like this one, Vamp Fairy. I love fairy costumes, but love the scary ones for Halloween. This would also be a cute one for Twilight fans!


Fairy Devil ~


Graveyard fairy ~


This one is really cool, Dragon Geisha ~


Bride Pop Teen might be a just bit too sexy ...


Prom Queen is a really fun one ~


Boodle Bone Teen ~


And we will end the girls with something I would kill my daughters if they ever put on before 18 ~ The Naughty Nurse


Executioner Teen


Demon Warrior Teen


Pirate Ghoul


If the Pirate Ghoul isn't right for your, you can always be a Pirate Zombie


And of course my favorite, one of the scariest :)



Highly detailed mask with moveable lower jaw finger extensions and long sleeve top with collar. Teen size (36-38).

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Works for me Wednesday ~ Chore Help

I've wrote about the program Handipoints before, but wanted to write again since the school year has started up again. It is basically an online chore chart which works great for kids, especially older kids that don't want the star stickers anymore.

Handipoints is a combination of Chore Charts + Virtual world for kids.

Parents create the account for your children. Then your kids can log in and set up tasks/chores. Your kids then earn points for completing tasks. After they complete a task, you can give them a letter grade on how they did.

Let me tell you, they have over 600 pre-programed tasks. Everything from chores around the house, to healthy living and even exercise and fitness. During the school years, there is an entire section for various home work and other school related items. They even have a drama section!

Kids then earn points that can be used in Handiland. This is the virtual world that they offer. It is pretty similar to Webkinz & Club Penguin. The character is a cat, you can change the way your cat looks and also change the clothes.

Kids can use their handipoints for buying things for their cat or you can set up a reward system. For example, my daughter can turn in 20 points for a trip to the park. You can also set up a system to earn actual money. This is a great way to do allowance.

The one thing that I really enjoy about this program is the help with chores. I always struggle with what types of chores my kids should be doing. With over 600 pre-set activities, it is very easy to make up a great chart that is not to overwhelming for my kids. I love that it has simple tasks like brush your teeth, brush your hair, shower/bath, wash hands, close the door, turn off the light. To more complicated tasks like pick up clothes, wash dishes, set the table, etc. Plus all the homework options, which can be very general to subject specific. They even can earn points for going to dance, sports, etc. I know my kids love doing activities, but some weeks they just get burnt out. The added incentive of getting points for their Handi Cat helps out :)


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Review Sort of ~ Eclipse * possible Spoiler *

I finished up the third book in the Twilight Series, Eclipse last week for the RIP III challenge.

I really enjoyed Twilight, New Moon I struggled with a bit. I don't normally read Romance type novels, but I really got sucked into Twilight. New Moon took a good half the book to get into it. I felt the same way about Eclipse. I struggled in the beginning, but the middle I really enjoyed it.

From the bits and pieces I have heard on accident about Breaking Dawn, I have a feeling this book will be the same for me.

I don't really have a review for this book. I do recommend the Twilight series, especially if you enjoy Vampire stories and/or Romance. I'm still surprised this is a teen series. I'm pretty open to things for my kids. I don't really like a ton of censorship, etc. I would allow my daughters to read this book once they are old enough, however, I would feel a need to talk to them about Bella's obsessive nature.

One thing I liked about the third book, is Bella starts to think about some of the consequences. She also goes against some of Edwards wishes (seeing Jacob). I also like that both Edward and Jacob are in the book more. It was interesting reading there interactions. Plus some more on the history of the Werewolves. By the end, I also did enjoy the story line of the new vampires, and the way the Vampire & Werewolves had to work together.

Party Hair

Cami had a party this weekend. I found a cute hair blog and did one of her styles. I was supposed to pick her up at 6:30, I ran to the dollar store first & didn't get out the parking lot until 6:30, oops. I'm never late either, usually my kids get mad because I am the first one there. She ended up being the last one there, so we started talking. I ended up staying till almost 9 o'clock. I had never met the girls parents, they were really nice!

Later I was watching tv, hadn't heard from her in a bit. Found her lying on her sisters lunchbox with a freezer thing still in it, sleeping on the kitchen floor. She was putting together a Bella Sara puzzle & got tired. Poor thing.

The next day, she asked where she fell asleep last night. I showed her the pictures, she was cracking up.

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