Saturday, October 25, 2008

Recipe ~ Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

For my daughters 11th birthday last month, I made her an ice cream sandwich cake. She always wants those expansive ice cream cakes, so I thought this would be a great alternative. Plus I hate baking!

They are so easy to do. You can make them several different ways. I wanted a long cake, so I used the larger cake pan. I bought 2 boxes of 12 ice cream sandwich's. I think I ended up using 20 ice cream sandwiches. The regular recipe for this size, required 19.

First you make a layer of ice cream sandwiches. Then you put down a layer of cool whip & crushed oreos (or whatever you choose). Then make another layer of ice cream sandwiches. For some reason, when I did this, there was some extra room. That is why I used the 20th sandwich cut in half length wise & I stuffed along the side. Then I put another layer of cool whip. For the top I used chocolate cool whip because my oldest is a chocolate addict :) Then more crushed oreos. Then freeze for 6 hours.
She loved it! It took her awhile to figure out how I did it. Which was really funny because earlier she found the extra ice cream sandwiches & ate one. We haven't ice cream sandwiches in a really long time, so I thought for sure she'd figure it out right away.

I wasn't sure how good the chocolate cool whip would taste, but after freezing for the 6 hours, it came out really good. This would be great for summer holidays like 4th of July, etc. I have seen these with sprinkles on the top, nuts, other crushed candies. Lots of fun!

You can also use Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches.

Here are a few recipes around the net ~
Kraft foods
Recipes Today
Happy 11th Birthday!!!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Contest $25 Apple Itunes Gift Card from Ciao!

Ciao is a new online shopping community and the perfect destination for all of your online shopping needs. features thousands of accurate and honest reviews from real people on everything from cell phones to laptops to MP3 players – even movies and beauty products.

As a fun reward, Ciao also pays its members $1 per qualifying review. offers a great way to earn some extra cash on the side! I know I love doing reviews, so getting paid for them is a great option!

Ciao is also a great place to connect with other shoppers and get the latest info on hot new products like the Wii Fit and Apple 3G iPhone.
To enter this giveaway, first visit Ciao!:

Then, follow this easy, three-step process:
Step 1) Search a product you'd like to review (e.g. iPod Touch)

Step 2) Select a product, click on "write a review" and share your experience using this product, as well as rating, with the Ciao community of shoppers. Be sure to do a full-length review!

Step 3) Join the Ciao community, start connecting with other shoppers and earn money for your reviews ($1 per qualified review). You can even upload video reviews!

Finally, once you have done at least one full-length product review (at least 120 of your own words), post your Ciao username and a link to your review in the comments section on this blog post.

Note: This contest is also open to current members, just be sure to include a link to a new review to qualify for this giveaway. US Residents only.

~ When a winner is selected, I will forward the winner's info to Ciao and they will send out the $25 Apple gift cards to the winner.

My user name is momof2dancers if you would like to become friends! My first review I did was on the Barbie MP3 Player, you can check it out for an example of how easy it is.

Deadline will be November 7th. Good luck & have fun!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've been tagged

I was tagged by Blessings Abound and Mommyhood is Thankless. These are two blogs I really enjoy, so thank you for tagging me!

The rules are:
1. To link the tagger and provide the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Ok, here are 7 facts you may or may not know ~

1. I find these things really hard to do, I guess I struggle with talking about myself :) Plus my life is rather boring.

2. I hated the color pink until I had my first daughter. Know it is almost my favorite color but I hate admitting it, lol. My other fav is yellow.

3. I never wanted kids until I went crazy after graduating & got pregnant days before turning 19 (on purpose) Still not sure what I was thinking, but being a mom turned out to be more important then anything else to me.

4. When shopping, I hate going to the same store too often. I do not like when the cashiers get to know me. When I am doing my drugstore runs for freebies, I will actually avoid the really friendly cashiers. I know silly, hubby thinks I am crazy for it. Most people look for the friendly cashier.

5. I am thinking about going back to school, but have no clue what to go back for.

6. I am a total pack rat, I have such a hard time getting rid of things that are sentimental to me.

7. I am not a morning person at all, my poor oldest sends me back to bed almost every morning that she gets ready for school, lol.

I have such a hard time figuring out who to tag because I read so many awesome blogs! I am going to tag 7 blogs that I found through IComLeavWe this week ~

Mommy Needs Therapy
Here We Go Again
The Daily Doings of Mr Silly and Little Miss Trouble
Tales from Kiddyland
Our Box of Rain
Mommy Confessions
Lee's Things

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Review ~ The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Cooking

I became a Vegetarian in 7th grade. It was right after we had to dissect a frog to be exact. I was very into animal rights, and I was totally against the dissection. I was actually allowed to be a third partner with another group so that I wouldn't physically have to do anything to the frog. I just had to watch. The following year for pig dissection, I was allowed to sit alone in the cafeteria, I just had to fill out the paperwork by looking everything up. I was lucky to have an understanding and very cool science teacher!

Anyway, that same week my Aunt took me to Arby's. I was eating a roast beef sandwich, looked down & all I could picture were the frogs tissues. It totally looked the same. I stopped eating meat at that point on.

I'm super picky with food, so I continued to eat the whites of eggs, I stopped drinking milk right after I stopped the bottle & I have never been a huge fan of cheese. Even though I love it on Pizza :)

I've thought about going totally Vegan in the past, so was excited when I got to review The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Cooking. This book is fantastic. There are so many reasons to go vegan including better health and nutrition, weight loss, green and sustainable living, and prevention of cruelty to animals. There are over 200 mouth-watering recipes in this book, that are all easy to follow. I loved the tips for converting meat and dairybased dishes into vegan ones. Those had to be my favorite parts of the book. With it being a Complete Idiot's Guide, the book is really easy to read. You can read from start to finish or flip through to the sections that interest you. The book begins with Vegan Basics, Morning Meal options, Teasers and Toppers, Lunch, Dinner and Sweets. If you are thinking of going Vegan part time or full time, this is a great starter book.

From Amazon ~ About the Author
Beverly Lynn Bennett is an experienced vegan chef, writer, and animal lover, and the author of the e-cookbook Eat Your Veggies!. Ray Sammartano is a musician, web developer, and long-time vegan cook who has devoted himself to spreading the vegan message for the past 15 years.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clorox Anywhere Anti Allergen Spray Blog Tour

I recently tested out Clorox Anywhere Anti Allergen Spray. Did you know, approximately 15 percent of population suffers from allergies to cats and dogs, and 10 percent to dust mites. I personally would have thought that higher because I have terrible allergies, my husband does and both my daughters do as well. From the website ~

This gentle and effective formula helps neutralize up to 90 percent of common indoor allergens* that can hide in upholstery and fabrics throughout the house. The formula works by changing the structure of allergen proteins, rendering them inactive. The fragrance-free, dye-free spray is safe on virtually all fabrics and gentle enough to use around kids and pets. Not recommended on fabrics that are prone to water spotting such as leather, wool, silk and mohair.


  • Neutralizes up to 90% of allergens*
  • Gentle enough to use around kids and pets
  • Fragrance-free
  • Dye-free
  • Safe on virtually all fabrics**

*Dust mite matter, cat dander and dog dander.
**refer to label instructions prior to use

According to the website FAQ's, it is recommended to use this whenever you clean. That is what I've been doing. It is hard to give a clear review of the product because it is still new to us. I can say it is fragrance free, it hasn't stained any of my furniture, etc. This is one of my bad times for allergies, so I will have to see if it makes a difference over time. Both my daughters asthma has been under control though which is rare this time of year. Seems like a good sign that it is doing what it is supposed to do.

If you or your family suffer allergies, I recommend giving this product a try.

Big thanks to Mom Central and Clorox.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Review ~ Sweet Life by Mia King

A high power couple living in New York seem to really have the life. They have the life most of us dream, they don't have to cook or clean, they have a nice place in a well of area, designer labels, nice parties. They have a beautiful daughter that takes ballet lessons and attends a private school.

When her husband gets a new job, Marissa Price, 40, leaves the island of Manhattan for the island of Hawaii. Paradise seems like the perfect place to find herself, save her marriage, and reconnect with her daughter. Marissa soon discovers that her new life is less about beaches and beautiful sunsets and more about cows and lava flows. Their new “home” is a fixer-upper at best, and her brilliant daughter suddenly wants to be homeschooled. But what needs fixing the most–her marriage–is the first thing to crumble when her husband announces he wants time apart to find himself. Pulled in opposite directions, Marissa is faced with the most important decision of her life–a choice that will define who she is, what she wants, and where her happiness lies.

If this book sounds good, then you have to pick up Sweet Life by Mia King. This book explores many of life issues including marriage, parenthood and friendships. Mia King has such a great way of explaining her characters, you really feel like they are your friend as well.

This book was a super quick read for me, only took a few days of reading. I have a longing to visit Hawaii now that I did not have before. I really enjoyed reading the background on some beliefs and customs of Hawaii. If that isn't enough, the book is filled with great recipes!


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Review ~ Picture It Postage lets you create real U.S. postage with your very own photo. You can use a picture you took of your kids, your kids artwork, a nature picture, business logo etc. It is a great idea for Christmas, Birthdays Invitations and Weddings.

Simply upload your photo on the website, create your postage design and your PictureItPostage customized postage will arrive in a seven to 10 business days. They offers a large "canvas" on which to print your postage photo. Your picture, logo or illustration will be printed so that it measures 1-1/2" x 1-3/16". The total size of PictureItPostage™ is 2-1/2" x 1-9/16". These are great for baby announcements, engagements, holidays and graduations.

The process is so super easy. It literally takes minutes to process your order. The editing was super friendly, you can center your photo however you want. You can make a vertical picture horizontal and vice versa.

They are also hosting a contest beginning Oct. 31 and going into the holidays. It is called the PictureItPostage "Get Real" Photo contest. They want to see the best of the worst when it comes to photos. Beginning October 31, simply visit, click on the “Get Real” contest button and upload the best of your worst photos. Beginning November 21, all visitors to the “Get Real” contest website will have a chance to vote for their favorite photos.

What’s the Prize? Winners will be announced December 8.

Two Grand Prize winners will each receive a new Canon Digital SLR Camera and five PictureItPostage coupon codes good for 100 customized photo stamps.

Ten First Prizewinners will each receive one PictureItPostage coupon code good for one pack of customized postage stamps.


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Fun Halloween Crafts linkapalooza

I bought these cute zebra striped mini pumpkins. When my daughter found out she couldn't carve it, she had to decorate it. Isn't that funny, she even put braids on it, lol.

Here are a ton of great links to fun Halloween Crafts ~

Sewing Stars has a free printable for this friendly skeleton - just print, cut out, and connect with mini brads.

That Artist Woman shows us how to make these simple but scary ghosts. They are amazing!

I want to do these, leaf bat prints from The Long Thread.

Another one I love because it is so simple & looks so cute! Little Elephants shows us how she makes these adorable painted paper bag pumpkins. Check out this super easy Spider as well.

Another easy Spider craft made from egg cartons and chenille stems. These are great for younger kids, learn how at Ramblings of A Crazy Woman.

Make a pumpkin out of an Oatmeal container, good for all ages!

Skip to my Lou has some fun Halloween crafts ~ Printable Ghost Garland, Halloween Votives, How to say Boo in your neighborhood.

Hostess with the Mostess shares an adorable construction paper pumpkin. These would look great hanging from the ceiling!

More Halloween Paper Ornaments at Julie K in Taiwan.

Inspire me Crafts shares a bunch of Halloween craft projects for little ones.

Modge Podge magic for Halloween at Make and Takes.

Start a new tradition, Make a Halloween Tree. Also find out how to make a creepy china ball lantern, Mad Scientist Jars & tons of other great posts!

Do you have a lego fan at your own, make a Pumpkin from Lego or a Witch.

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TV Store Online Halloween Costume Giveaway

I didn't realize that the sold a huge line of Halloween costumes until recently. They are the place to go if yo...