Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shopping for Christmas Dresses

My Grandma decided to take us shopping yesterday for Christmas dresses for the girls. Since it was conferences, they had no school. We hit JC Penney, Gymboree, Children's Place & Macy's.
At Macy's, Cami wanted to write a letter to Santa. The set up was adorable, with a big red table, postcards, pens & a free pin for the kids to take. I love how hard she is concentrating. Other shoppers walking by kept saying how cute she was :)
Here is my oldest helping Cam spell Christmas
Then the drop in the huge red mailbox. If you haven't heard about it yet, Macy's is donating $1 to Make a Wish for every letter they mail. A great program. Make sure to bring a stamp! We didn't have one, but there was no way she was going to leave without sticking in the letter. I will have to try & get up there again for another letter with a stamp.
Now onto the shopping dilemma. Cami has such a hard time making decisions. She ended up seeing a couple dresses that came with 18" doll dresses. She had her heart set on that, but the dresses were not our style. She ended up trying on one {above} and of course did not like it.
Now this dress was beyond gorgeous. Totally stunning. Very thick fabric, gorgeous pearl detailing with lattice ribbons. Super thick, high quality. However, it kind of just hung on her.
This one was so pretty. It was ivory with gold circles all over it & a big gold bow. Had a great shape on her & she really liked it a lot.
This is the one we picked though. Her favorite color is pink. It is a pink tank dress with flowers all over it. There are rhinestone & glitter accents. It came with the black velvet shrug. BTW, after looking at 7 stores, this was the VERY FIRST dress I picked for her at the VERY FIRST store we looked at {JC Penney}

Now you may be wondering where Alli's dress picture is? Well she kept bugging my grandma for a coat, in addition to the dress. My grandma said dresses only. Finally after the second store of her bugging me, I told her go ask if you can get a coat instead. Luckily my grandma agreed & she got a cute Dollhouse coat from Macy's. Really she isn't a dress girl anyway, so this worked out better. I meant to get a picture, but somehow in the mist of her driving me crazy ALL day, I forgot.

This girl can drive me mad. Every store we went in, she went on & on about all the stuff she wanted. I totally lost count on how many things she bugged my grandma for. Even when we went to Aeropostale for ME, she would not shut up. I finally lost it & yelled at her in the store. How embarrassing.

She even manged to talk my Grandma into getting her ears pierces instead of toy. Again worked good for me because she has been wanting it for years. We originally went 3 years ago to Libby Lu when she was 8. My youngest was 4 & talked us into doing her 2nd holes as well. Alli's got infected, so we had to let them close. Then we never got back up there. She has been on a huge kick lately because now all the middle school girls have more then one piercing, since she already it done she felt really left out.

Libby Lu is going out of business, so we got 14k white gold rainbow flower studs for only $23.50! Pretty good because Claire's charges $36.50 for the fake birthstone studs which are the cheapest. There were 2 girls getting a Hannah Montana makeover that wouldn't get of the way, so I didn't get a picture of that either. I really have to pull her aside & get some pics of her! Glad I documented the first time, they didn't do all the cute stuff they used to do {certificate + free earring at 6 week mark}

We also ate at the food court, Sbarro's has the best pizza!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Promote Blog Peace

A Daily Dose of Toni

Reposting from A Daily Dose of Toni ~

Now come on all you blogging queens let's join together and let everyone know we won't stand for drama, we won't stand for blocking people from our sites, we won't stand for being immature, we won't stand for bashing other blogs...because we stand for BLOG PEACE!

We come here to have fun, to win stuff, to learn about others and thank God that someone else's child is not ours when we see him/her doing something naughty! It's a place to be yourself and share who you are with tons of people and brighten other peoples day.

Who's with me, who out there in bloggy land is tired of the blog bullies?
Who out there is tired of the mean girls in the blog world?
~And I will be the first to admit I was a mean girl to one blogger in the past and I am so very sorry for what I did~

Who wants to stand up and say
"We want blogging to be fun again",
"We want blogging to be about friendships?",
"We want to not have to look over our shoulder and wonder if we are going to be blogged about".

Let's stand together today and say to everyone out there in blog land "We Promote Blog Peace" and we want everyone to just get along.

I thankfully haven't had any really bad experiences blogging. I've seen them, but not involved! I have had things come up on Message Boards, Yahoo Groups & Ebay though. I thought this was a fun little project, so I reposted it :)

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beaucoup for your Party Needs

With the upcoming Holidays, many of us will be planning parties. Where is a great place to get favors? Beacoup! They specialize in Wedding favors, but they have a huge range of Party & Holiday favors. Check out these gorgeous holiday themed favors.

I was sent this adorable Baby Piggy Bank. Isn't it cute? It is nicely made, best of all it is already wrapped cutely. If you are giving these as favors, they just have to be set out. They also make cute gifts! Best of all, you can buy 1 or as many as you need. There are also price adjustments for quantity.

I was also sent the Girls Baby Bottle Votive Candle. I just love it, so adorable. I had a nice baby shower, but since we were planning a baby & a wedding, we didn't do a ton of cute favors. I wish I had known about Beaucoup. The items are priced great, high quality & packaged adorable.

The website is so easy to navigate. There are so many various categories to look through. You can look through bestsellers, party ideas, even seasons. Whether you are having a holiday party, wedding, birthday party or baby shower ~ Check out Beaucoup first!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

R.W. Knudsen’s Organic Sensible Sippers ~ Review

My girls just loved the R.W. Knudsen's Organic Sensible Sippers. We were sent the Fruit Punch and the Apple flavors. The fruit punch went first, then the Apple quickly followed. What surprised me the most was, it was my 11 year old that drank them the most. I actually had to start watching her to make sure her sister had a chance to try them out.

My oldest has a major sweet tooth, the only "juice" she likes is Hi-C, Hawaiian Punch & Kool Aide. I struggle to get her to drink water and other healthier juices. I couldn't believe it when she started asking for the Sensible Sippers all day long.

From the website ~

We are proud to partner with The Berenstain Bears to offer convenient, wholesome, Sensible SippersTM juice boxes for kids. Offered in child-friendly, unbreakable 4.23 oz juice boxes, Sensible SippersTM are certified USDA Organic and feature classic Berenstain characters - such as Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear and Sister Bear. True to their name, Sensible SippersTM are 50% organic juice and 50% water, reducing the amount of sugar in each serving without compromising taste.

Sensible Sippers
TM are available in favorite kid flavors: Fruit Punch, Banana, Apple, and Mixed Berry. Parents will delight in the fact that these juices contain 40% fewer calories than regular juice boxes. Additionally, Sensible SippersTM contain no added sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives, and are certified organic in accordance with the USDA's National Organic Program.

You can sign up to receive a $1 off coupon. If you go to the Home Page, you can find the store locator. I found them sold at Kroger, Meijer & a nutritional store within 10 miles of me.

If you are looking for a healthy juice box for your children, I highly recommend the Sensible Sippers! They are the perfect juice box for school. With them being half & half juice with water, they are great for kids. Plus they are a little bit smaller size, so no waste.

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Who is behind that Phone Number?

I'm at the point, where I usually do not answer the phone if I don't recognize the number. I get so tired of those automated calls, people trying to sell you something and of course the dreaded bill collector. Especially when the bill isn't yours! I keep getting calls for a Michael & they do not believe me when I tell them ~ WRONG NUMBER!

One time, my husband tried getting them to stop calling me. I guess since he was a man, they really didn't believe him. They actually had the nerve to ask my husband his social security number. Like that would prove anything!

When I stumbled on the Harassing Caller Report website, I thought what a great idea. If you get a call, you can report the number on this website. That way everyone knows what calls to watch out for. What a great idea to allow users to comment about calls from certain numbers and let other users know what to expect from that number. Was it a sales call? Was it a wrong number? Let others know.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day

MySpace Comments

I have this great photograph of my Grandpa standing in his Military Camp in Egypt. I had planned for over a week to post it, and I cannot find it. I'm so frustrated!

My grandpa served in World War II for the British Army. I joined the service at 16 years of age. I do not know much, but I do know he did get some medals for WWII & he did serve time in Egypt.

My Grandfather was raised in a orphanage, so when the boys turned 16, they joined the British Army. His mother died at the age of 2, and his father was a bar fighter in Ireland. He wasn't able to raise my Grandpa and his siblings, so they were sent away. Due to his history, I never heard to many stories about his past. He died while I was in middle school, so I never got to ask many questions.

When he died, he was given a beautiful Veteran funeral with an American flag over his casket.

Some fun Veteran Day Links for you to enjoy ~

US Department of Veterans Affairs
Printable Cards
Veterans History & Kid Activities
Veteran Day Crafts
Veteran Coloring Page

Veterans Day Shopping ~


World War II Veteran White T-Shirt

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Review ~ Weight Watchers Golden Sponge Cake

I recently tried out the Weight Watchers Golden Sponge Cake with creamy filling. Each cake is individually wrapped to help with portion control. The box comes with 6 cakes, and the great news is that they are only 1 point value a piece (under 100 calories).

They are pretty close to the taste of a Twinkie. Maybe a little dryer. The biggest down side is they are on the small side. They are a great snack though. My 11 year old loved them & ate my last two. She seemed to like them better then I did. That says a lot because she has a major sweet tooth and hardly likes anything healthy.

You can check out Weight Watchers website and sign up for a Free Newsletter. Each week you will get Delicious recipes, Success stories and Weight loss help. Make sure to check out the huge variety of products that they sell. Great alternative for Moms ~ they are low calorie, easy to eat & help keep our weight down!


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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Amazing Barbie Deal Spend $100, Get $50 VISA

Right now Barbie has an amazing offer. If you spend $100 on Select Barbie toys, you can send in for a rebate for $50 Visa Debit Card. You can get the rebate here.

Here is the list of products to choose from:
All of these are available at Amazon with most having free shipping right now. If you use PrizeWish or Swagbucks, you can redeem your points for Amazon Gift Certificates and make this an even better deal! Rebate is valid until Dec 31st.

You can also combine this deal with the $10 gift card at Toys R Us. If you do the Toys R Us deal online, you can earn money back at 1.5% BigCrumbs or 2% back at Mr. Rebates.

* My daughters have an older version of the cruise ship; I can't tell you how many years of playing they have gotten out of it. It was given to my oldest & both my girls play with it. Has to be at least 6 years now, maybe longer!

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