Saturday, November 22, 2008

Win a Twilight Box Set

I went to see Twilight yesterday, yeah! It was great, highly recommend it! You can read my original post here. If you want the The Twilight Saga, go try to win over at Bitten for Books! You can enter up till Dec 7th. Good luck, but don't try to hard because I want it :)

Christmas Gift Guide ~ Pets

If you have a pet in your life, then you know how important they can be to the family. Since they are like part of the family, we want to include them in our Holiday Gift Giving. I've compiled a list of some of pet friendly gifts to give this Christmas.

Cats ~

Now if you are looking to do a handmade holiday, check out this Wiki Article on How to make a cat bed from an old sweater.

You can also make an adorable No Sew Fleece Cat Bed! Learn how over at Little Paws Pet Club. I saw these already finished on Etsy as well, if you aren't in the mood to make your own.

I came across the most darling Cat Quilts on Etsy a few weeks ago. They are sold at the shop called Colorado Catnip Toys. This is a "cat ran family business". Your cat deserves the best, and the best is COLORADO CATNIP TOYS! At least that is what her six cats say, and that many cats can't be wrong! You can choose from catnip toys, catnip mats and kitty quilts. Mats and quilts be customized, just convo her through etsy. All the toys use organic catnip purchased from the health food store, so it carries an extra punch. I was sent two of the Catnip toys and they are awesome. Very well made, my kitty loves them! I will have a full review up soon :)

If you aren't in the mood to make your own cat bed, you can check out Apartment C on Etsy. ~ "I started Apartment C the year after I graduated from college. I didn't have a job so I was able to mess around and figure out what I wanted to spend my time making. At first, I only made a pet bed for my cat. But after weeks of ignoring it, I listed it on Etsy and Apartment C pet beds were born. Now I work for the state of Maryland and sew as much as I can. My cat would still rather sleep in a box then any of my beds, but I keep at it, hoping one day, she might prefer a beautiful little bed. Visit for existing beds and pricing for custom orders. Thanks!!"

DVD For Cats: While You Are Gone

Dogs ~

Maiden US, has the most amazing non-slip grip barrettes. Now these are made for humans, however the non-slip grip works so well that they are Doggy Tested and Approved. If you dress up your doggy, I highly recommend getting some of these clips!

DVD For Dogs : While You Are Gone

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Friday, November 21, 2008

I went and saw ~*~ TWILIGHT ~*~

I went and saw the Twilight Movie this morning! About a week & half ago, I decided to order a Gold AMC pass from Coke Rewards. Luckily, it came in the mail yesterday. What are the odds, lol.

I totally went by myself while the girls were in school. I have never been to a movie alone, I actually enjoyed it. I prefer watching tv alone because I hate when people talk, so this worked out great. There was probably about 10 people total in the theater. When I got there, a couple was already seated and that was it. They were so nice, they were talking to me about the books. The husband called into work to have a date with his wife. They didn't want to be bothered by teenagers. I thought that was so cool!

The midnight showing had 2 shows, they had to open a third viewing to accommodate all the customers.

I loved the movie. I want to say more, but I won't spoil it :) I want this ~ The Twilight Saga: Slipcased I borrowed all my books from the library, and now I'm wishing I owned them!

* Update * You can enter to win the above Box Set I mentioned over at Bitten for Books until Dec 7th *

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Review ~ Refresh 'N Dryer Towels

Just one Refresh'N Dryer Towel will save you ~
* $365 on your dry cleaning costs!
*Apx. 700 gallons of water and 90 kwh of electricity on wash & wear items.

The Refresh'n Dryer Towel will clean, revive, reshape and freshen undesirable, previously worn, slightly dirty, odorized, lifeless, wrinkled clothing into freshly laundered, ready to wear articles in a matter of 10-15 minutes without the need for washing. Non-toxic, chemical free, and reusable up to 25 times, recyclable. Don't throw clothes in the laundry baske, throw them into the dryer and steam them back to life with the Refresh'n Dryer Towel!

Product Features

  • For Dry Clean and Wash and Wear Clothing
  • Re-usable up to 25 times & Recyclable
  • Prolong the New Look of Your Clothes
My thoughts ~ I hang dry a lot of clothes. The majority of mine & my tweens. My husbands shirts & a lot of my youngest daughters clothes. I used the Refresh towel to take away some of the crispy feeling & the wrinkles. It worked great! I also don't like to wash jeans often because they get worn so easy. This towel totally reshaped the jeans. It works great. It also was great on some of my nicer clothes that I only wore a few hours & were not dirty.

Unlike some of the products that are made for dry clean only clothes at home, the Refresh 'N Dryer towel contains no chemicals! They are great for sensitive skin as well.

But it ~ The Refresh 'N Dryer towels retail for $9.95 and are good for up to 25 uses. You can buy a double pack for $17.95. You can order at the Refresh 'N Dryer website or from Amazon.

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Review & Giveaway ~ Groovy Ruby

Have you heard about the girls group Groovy Ruby yet? If not you are in a treat!

From the website ~

Think Beatles meet the Go-Go' grade school. Maybe a little Jackson 5, Doo-Wop, and some Ramones thrown in there too. Or how about a cross between Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers? That might be Groovy Ruby.

This all original band sings up on your feet, hooky, catchy, feel good tunes that get kids up and dancing. Led by five tween girls, the band's songs contain messages of friendship, perseverance, and encouragement, amongst other positive themes.

Fresh out of the studio finishing up their sophmore CD- Strong, Lovin', and Fun, the group plays regularly throughout the New York and New Jersey Metropolitan area.

The group was put together in 2005 by teacher/songwriter Dean Laterra. "I was teaching some songs I had written to a second grade class, and one kid really stood out. It was like everyone had a kazoo, and she had a trumpet. It occurred to me then that perhaps kids could sing these tunes that I had been stock piling. How many other talented kids were out there?" Laterra began writing more and decided to produce a CD of his tunes.
This cd is geared towards girls age 5 - 9. I had both my 7 year old & my 11 year old listen to it. My 7 year old loved it! Her favorite track is #7 Valentine. My 11 year old said it was pretty good as well. Which is good from her because she is big into Hip-Hop. Her favorite song was Don't forget about me.

What I love about the CD is that all the songs have great meanings behind them. You can check out the meanings behind the songs here. They have catchy tunes, and the girls are just adorable. This is a great cd for kids in the 5-9 range!

Buy it: You can purchase the CD, single tracks, T-shirts, teddy bears & bracelets here.

Win it: Thanks to Dean, I am giving away one Groovy Ruby Strong, Lovin', and Fun Cd valued at $15 to one lucky reader. To enter, head over to Groovy Ruby's website and tell me something. Watch a video or listen to a track. Come back here and tell me something about the site!

Extra entries ~

  • Vote for me to win a WII for my daughters!
  • Blog about this contest
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Contest ends November 28th at 11:59pm


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Review ~ Pacific Shaving Company

Thanks to the Family Review Network I had the opportunity to try out a great natural shaving oil from the Pacific Shaving Company. Just 6 - 8 drops is all you need to have a smooth shave. I loved using this product and was impressed that you honestly needed so little.

Like our small but mighty™ bottle of All Natural Shaving Oil. Made from essential oils, this tiny miracle (with up to 100 shaves in a half-ounce bottle) works wonders for both men and women on even the most sensitive skin.

They aren't kidding about the 100 shaves either. Even after several uses, you could hardly tell I opened the bottle. This bottle is perfect for travelers, and it is good for men and women! All natural ingredients as well, it is a winner in my book.

I also received the Nick Stick. I have to be honest, I haven't tried it yet. Sorry, I'm not willing to cut myself, so we will have to wait this one out, lol. It seems like an awesome product though. It stops bleeding quickly, dries clear, and rolls on with a self-sterilizing applicator. My daughter cut herself this week, but I didn't know until a couple days later when she asked what a nick was. I'm sure she will again though, she is new at the whole shaving thing :)

Want it ~ You can purchase right at Pacific Shaving Company's website. It is also available at CVS, Whole Foods, Harmon and


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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Review ~ The Return of Psycho Super Mom

I usually only listen to music in the car. This past weekend, I did some errands without my girls; I knew it was the perfect time to enjoy Lauren Mayer's new comedy CD - Return of Psycho Super Mom.

Lauren Mayer is a singer, songwriter, music teacher, comic, and sleep-deprived mom. She is a five-time recipient of the San Francisco Cabaret Gold Award, a Peninsula Arts Grant recipient, and a phi beta kappa graduate of Yale University. Her songs have been heard on A&E's Good Time Cafe, the Dr. Demento Show, and more, she is the author of several musicals published by Contemporary Drama Service, and she is the co-founder and songwriter for Curriculum Rocks, a company producing entertainingly educational music for kids. Visit the Curriculum Rocks Website. She is the mother of 2 boys who introduce her to really cool music, who sing backup on her kids' CDs, and who inspire her wackier comedy songs.

The CD is very funny! My favorite song is Food Network. I was laughing my head off at that song. Another favorite is Environmental Envy. I know I felt that way when my girls were younger! There is also an original Psycho Super Mom cd available.

The CD retails for $15 + 2 shipping. This would make such a fun gift for one of your Mom friends and for stocking stuffers! You can place your credit card orders here. You can also download a pdf to mail in your order. Take a peek at Lauren Mayer's website.

Thanks to the Family Review Network and Lauren Mayer for the laughs!


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giveaway ~ Win $50 Amazon GC

Thanks to Swagbucks & Prizewish I have $50 in Amazon gift certificates to giveaway to my readers.

How to enter, you have to vote for me to win a Wii. My girls want one so bad, & I'd love to totally surprise them. We aren't having a great Christmas this year & this would totally make it for them!

Head on over & vote for me, mine will be first in yellow. Then come back here & let me know you voted. If you already voted from as a bonus entry in my other contest, you can still enter this one!

Extra entries after you voted ~

  • Blog this contest & please include my VOTE link
  • Twitter this contest
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  • Digg, Kirtsy, etc this contest
  • Post my Christmas Holiday Guide button on your sidebar
  • Join Prizewish though this link
  • Or join Swagbucks through this link <- Swagbucks has cheaper Amazon gc redemptions currently. If you join one, you are a member of both
  • Buy something from Amazon through this link
  • Join Coolsavings to get great coupons
Please leave additional comment for each entry. Contest ends at the end of the day on Nov 30th. Thanks!

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Supercharge your Car

My husband loves working on cars. He is big into lowriders and hydraulics. His brother is big into supercharging cars. He has done Escorts, Mustangs you name it he has worked on it. His dream project is a mercedes supercharger. He even tried getting a buick supercharger for my car, but I said no way. My husband already lowered my car, that was more then I needed.

Since he only works on cars part time, he is always looking for the best prices on products. That keeps his prices low and competitive. has great pricing and customer service. If you are looking for the best price on a wide selection of replacement Supercharger, Turbocharger and nose covers, then they are the place to go. They sell both New and Remanufactured. are able to keep the prices low because they ship direct from the supplier using the power of the internet. Everything they sell is high quality. You may find parts cheaper, but they will not last as long. If you have to put a supercharger on two or three times then you are losing money. You are better off going for quality.

Are any of the men in your life into Cars? Superchargers? Turbochargers?

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Subscribe in a reader makes shopping easier this Christmas!

If you are a mom then you are most likely very busy. Doesn't matter if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, you are busy! With it being Christmas season, I like to make things easier. Why spend all my precious time wandering around looking for presents. I'd rather be spending time with my family, getting the house ready for Christmas, etc. Ok, not really getting the house ready, but it does have to get done.

In steps SHOP.COM into my life. Haven't heard of them yet, well they are a comparison shopping site specifically designed for women that allows you to shop from over 2,000 merchants all in one place. Purchases can be conveniently made using one universal "shopping cart" to buy everything at one time or by clicking over to participating merchants' sites.

SHOP.COM gives busy Moms an opportunity to ease the stress of holiday shopping with tools to help us figure out what to buy, find recommendations, and pinpoint which stores have the best price. With a combined total of over 20 million products, we can stop running from store to store to find the best deal or the perfect gift for the impossible-to-shop-for relative. Additionally, SHOP.COM provides expert advice, shopping tips, and articles, while giving easy ways to save money via price comparison tools, coupons, and rebates.

This site is amazing, super easy to navigate. It looks good, not one of those cheesy looking websites that makes you feel unsure of even being on it. There are tons of various ways to navigate around to find the best gift choices.

Do yourself a favor and check out for this years gifts!

Smart Solutions for Everyday Moms

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Giveaway ~ Maiden America Hair Clips

Congrats the 2 lucky winners are Sherrylinn and Mandee.

To help with your Stocking Stuffers and other Christmas gifts, do I have the Giveaway for you!

Tristan from Maiden America has offered two of my readers each a $25 gift certificate for Maiden America. How cool is that?

Tristan makes the most gorgeous hair accessories. Her clips are completely no slip with a patent pending system. She also makes stunning headbands and purses with more items coming soon.

You can read my full review here. I can't say enough good things about Maiden America. If you have girls in your life, they have to own at least one of these lovely hair clips. They even work on dogs, so you can fancy up your little dog! There is going to be a great 1-day Stocking Stuffer Sale on Nov. 28th, so make sure to check that out as well.

To enter the giveaway, tell me a) your favorite product and b) one thing you didn't expect to learn about this company by looking at a page like their about us or newsletter page, etc. *Both things are required to get your first entry *

Additional Entries ~

  • Vote for me to win a WII for my daughters! I'm the only Ginny there :)
  • Blog about this contest with a link here and Maiden America
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  • Join Coolsavings to get great coupons

There are several ways to get entries, 10+ chances to win. Please leave separate comments for each additional entry.

Deadline to enter is November 30th

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Stockings are a must have, but what to put in them? Here are some ideas for kids to adults ~

Trading card packs ~ These are great for sport collectors and non-sport collectors. Kids to adults if they collect. I'm giving my 7 year old Bella Sara cards, my oldest ChatterChix Trading Cards Series 1 packs. Pokemon is still popular along with a variety of other trading cards.

Matchbox cars are great little stocking stuffers for boys & adult collectors. I know my hubby & my dad both like these.

Pak Nak ~ These are great stocking stuffers for kids! You can read my review here. Coupon Code JOY15 for 15% off the rest of the year!

are another great stocking stuffer. Hallmark, Carlton Cards are just two companies that make yearly ornaments. This is also something that you can make to save money and to have a precious memory.

Instant Tickets and Gift Cards are another great stocking stuffer. I love getting my kids a $5 McDonalds Arch Card. They always enjoy it. Some other great cards are, Target, Apple iTunes, or even Ebay.

Hair Accessories ~ Get some adorable bows for little girls or a set of cute combs/brushes for the tween/teen set. Some great companies I have personally used hair clips from are Your Couture Kid, Bugalug, and Maiden America. Maiden America has a great pony pair of the month club that will make it Christmas once a month for an entire year!

Makeup, Perfume and Nail Polish are great stocking stuffers for tween and teen girls, along with any women in your life.

Arts/Crafts Supplies ~ if you stocked up during back to school you should already have tons of crayons, pair that up with a $1 store coloring book! You can find tons of stocking sized craft kids at Michaels & JoAnns as well.

Gourmet Coffee & Teas ~ If you have someone in your life that enjoys Coffee, Tea or even Hot Chocolate ~ those little gourmet sample packs are a great stocking filler.

Some more adult stocking stuffer ideas ~ Concert tickets, book/bookmark, Pocket sized planner (you can find these for $1 at Dollar Stores & Michaels), Card games, Cd's, DVD's, Bath Salts or other spa items, Jewelry, Magazine Subscription, Zoo membership.

Some more kids stocking stuffer ideas ~ Diary/journal, Card Games, Candy, Small toy set from a favorite character, Handheld games, Puppets, Small stuffed animal or doll, jewelry.

Stocking Stuffers Giveaways ~

Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook

I was sent a black  Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook  to try out, and let me tell you this is my favorite notebook! 36 reu...