Monday, July 6, 2009

Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits

Have you gotten into the Guitar Hero craze yet? My brother is obsessed with it & my daughters love it as well.

The makers of Guitar Hero introduced Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits for the Nintendo DS system, a follow-up to the On Tour and Decades games previously released. The game features 28 songs, all radio-edits of modern rock hits from bands including Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, The Strokes and Wolfmother. Besides being able to take the game on the road, the Nintendo DS has a wireless feature that allows song streaming and multiplayer modes.

Product Features

  • Select from eight characters including two new rockers making their debut on the DS and deck them out with stylish threads and hot guitars and set out to rock.
  • Unique, portable gaming experience for the Nintendo DS that utilizes the innovative Guitar Grip and pick-stylus to strum the touch-activated screen to rock out on the go.
  • Prove your shredding skills in single player modes including Career, Quick Play or Guitar Hero mode, with new career modes included for Lead Guitar and Bass, or use Practice Mode to nail those tricky solos.
  • Multiplayer modes including: Play Face Off, Pro Face off, Co-op and Guitar Duel together utilizing local wireless play.
  • Blow into the DS microphone when the touch screen is set on fire in pyrotechnics, or sign an autograph when requested to by an excited fan.
Mom Central sent me Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits to try out. When I first got it, I just set it on the kitchen table. Later my brother walked by and yells out Oh Damn. I was like, oh my god what happened? He yells, you finally got something good to review (LOL) He's like can I have it? Um no, my girls would kill me.

Since they were outside playing all day though, he finally talked me into letting him be the first one to try out. I had to fight him to get the game back a couple days later so my girls could try it. Everyone loved it! This game gets 5 stars in my book!

You can purchase Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits at Amazon along with many other fine retailers.

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