Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Made Here, Baby! Book Review

As a parent, you would do anything to keep your children free from harm. So you want to be sure that the toys you buy for them are fun, well-made, and-above all-safe. Recent recalls of millions of imported toys have caused parents to be more and more concerned about products that are manufactured overseas-and the materials that go into them. It is becoming clearer than ever that by buying more American-produced merchandise for our children, we can assure ourselves of its quality and safety.

Made Here, Baby!: The Essential Guide to Finding the Best American-Made Products for Your Kids by Bruce H. Wolk is a wonderful book if you have children. Bruce uncovers more then 400 companies devoted to making safe, high-quality children's produccts in the US. The majority of the companies highlighted are smaller companies that are environmentally friendly but harder to find.

Bruce tracked down these companies, interviewed owners, tested the products. He did all the work, then gives us the descriptions we need regarding what makes the company a company we should buy from.

What makes this book even better though is that it isn't just a list of companies and products. There is also interviews, anecdotes and helpful appendixes that identify companies committed to green or organic manufacturing. There is also listings of companies owned or founded by women!

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