Saturday, June 6, 2009

Review ~ Celebrate Truffles

I love chocolate, love love love it! I also like to watch my weight, once you become a mom it seems that it gets harder to stay thin.

Imagine how excited I was when I discovered Celebrate Life Nutrition through the Family Review Network. I was able totaste test their new Celebrate Chocolate Truffles.

Celebrate Truffles are 100% natural chocolates that are created to to help cut your cravings and satisfy your hunger. The instructions indicate that you are to savor 1-2 pieces 20 minutes before each meal. In addition to cocoa, Celebrate Truffles contain three natural oils (avocado, macadamia nut, and hemp seed) which not only are loaded with healthy Omega 3 oils, but they also help to tell your body that you are beginning to feel full.

Now truffles are my all time favorite chocolate, so Celebrate Chocolate Truffles had a lot to live up to. Let me tell you, they did! They are super yummy. I'm not a really a big eater, so I'm not sure how well they did on suppressing my appetite. I did notice I felt full the few days I ate the chocolates. I really want to try them out for a longer period of a time though. Bonus, I get to eat more of them that way as well.

Some information about Celebrate Chocolate
  • Savor Premium Hand-Made Chocolates
  • Satisfy your hunger - Rich, never-bitter, rare cocoa from an ancient recipe
  • Cut your cravings - Quickly absorbed nutrients deliver quick satisfaction
  • Maximize your nutrition - Concentrated nutrients from 59 whole foods
  • Increase your Omega 3/DHA - Feed your heart and brain these vital nutrients
  • Boost your antioxidants - Premium cocoa delivers superb natural antioxidants
  • Naturalize your beauty - Smoother skin, silkier hair, stronger nails
  • Enjoy Low Glycemic Chocolate - for those who watch their blood sugar
  • Delightfully 100% All Natural
You can purchase the Celebrate Truffles online or check out the website for a retail location near you.

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Review ~ Dudley's Solo

Dudley's Solo, by Tiffany Alexander, is the story of a young boy who is deaf. He wants to do what the rest of his friends do and sing in the choir. Sweet Dudley can't hear or speak, but he is still able to preform his own solo with the choir.

I read this story and it has a great inspiring message. It is a religious story, I didn't realize it at the time of accepting the review. Dudley is in the Church choir, they sing "He's got the whole world in his hand".

Honestly my 7 year old did not like the book. We are not a religious family, so she had no interest in church, prayer, etc. She did like that Dudley got to the solo by signing though. The book was just too religious for our taste.

I'm not sure the recommended reading age of this book. It is most likely geared more for younger kids though. If you are enjoy a religious natured book, then this is an excellent book to read to your child. The idea of treating everyone equal is very important!

The kids in the choir are called the Children's band. They have a great website, where you can meet the inspiring kids including Dudley.

The book retails for only $8.00. It is a really nice softcover book.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Review ~ Chemical Cowboys by Lisa Sweetingham

Lisa Sweetingham, former reporter best known for covering the trials of Michael Jackson, Robert Blake and Scott Peterson has written Chemical Cowboys: The DEA's Secret Mission to Hunt Down a Notorious Ecstasy Kingpin.

Book Description ~ For nearly a decade, Ecstasy kingpin Oded Tuito was the mastermind behind a drug ring that used strippers and Hassidic teenagers to mule millions of pills from Holland to the party triangle--Los Angeles, New York, and Miami.

Chemical Cowboys is a thrilling journey through the groundbreaking undercover investigations that led to the toppling of a billion-dollar Ecstasy trafficking network--starting in 1995 when New York DEA Agent Robert Gagne infiltrated club land to uncover a thriving drug scene supported by two cultures: pill-popping club kids and Israeli dealers.

Gagne’s obsessive mission to take down Tuito’s network met unexpected challenges and personal discoveries that almost crippled his own family. Weaved into the narrative are the stories of Tuito’s underlings who struggled with addiction as they ran from the law, and the compelling experiences of a veteran Israeli police officer who aided Gagne while chasing after his own target--a violent Mob boss who saw the riches to be made in Ecstasy and began to import his own pills and turf warfare to the U.S.

Chemical Cowboys offers a taut, behind-the-scenes glimpse into an international criminal enterprise as daring as it is deadly.

My Thoughts ~ I was excited about this book because my husband always watches tv shows talking about the history of drugs, etc. This is the first and probably only book I have ever read, that he actually said he wanted to read as well, lol.

If you grew up in the 70's, 80's or even the 90's then you are probably familiar with Ecstasy. It was actually discovered in the early 1900's by Merck (Germany), but was forgotten about due to the War and other discoveries. Somehow the drug made it's way over to the US for further study over the 1950's & 1960's. It actually has an interesting history, along with most illegal drugs.

Chemical Cowboys is an account of one DEA agent's years-long quest to take down an Israeli crime boss who was responsible for the importation of much of the Ecstasy sold in the United States. This is an investigation that took place over several years, the book covers all of it, including another look at the Michael Alig case.

Chemical Cowboys is full of facts, figures, and details. However, it never reads like it is. The book is fast paced, it reads just like a fiction novel. I honestly, hardly ever read non-fiction. I had to keep reading the book description to verify it really was a true crime book.

It provides a unique perspective on how the police build their cases. Regardless of how you feel on drugs that are considered illegal, you can't help but be happy when Tuito was a taken down. It also gives you a look at some of the other illegal activities that most drug dealers take part in, and why the police are so serious about drug crimes.

This was an excellent read and would make a great gift for Father's Day offering all the action and suspense that a Dad could ask for! I know my husband would love to open this book on Father's Day. He has already started reading my copy. I will be honest, this is the first time since we have been together (13+ years) that I have ever seen him read an actual book.

Be sure to check out other great reviews of Chemical Cowboys and many other fabulous books over at Pump up your book promotion.

Chemical Cowboys
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Games for Wii Pirates vs. Ninja Dodgeball & Pilates Workout

SouthPeak has come out with a great game for Tweens/Teens to play on the Wii ~ Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball.

Leading videogame publisher, SouthPeak Interactive Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: SOPK), introduces a new arcade-style videogame, Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball, featuring iconic characters in the ultimate playground sport of dodgeball. Using a ball to tag opponents out of the game, Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball transforms the innocent childhood game of dodgeball into an action packed, mind-blowing battle between Pirates, Ninjas and other eccentric groups of characters.

Who would win a fight between pirates and ninjas? It’s a tough question to answer and is a pop culture phenomenon that has generated YouTube videos, books, thousands of online postings and entire online communities in a rivalry that’s shown no sign of being settled…until now! Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball for Wii™ was developed by Blazing Lizard to offer players the opportunity to settle this debate on the dodgeball court.

“The aim was to create a fun and exciting game for Wii™ which made the most of this rivalry in an energetic game that makes perfect use of Wii’s unique controls,” says Richard Iggo, VP Marketing of SouthPeak Interactive. “Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball is unlike any other game currently available on Wii and delivers a brilliant single player game that really comes alive when your friends and family join in.”

The game is played with seven different teams, including the Pirate and Ninja teams, as well as Zombies, Robots, Aliens, Monsters and Mushroom Men (from the Mushroom Men games, also published by SouthPeak). The battles take place across eight visually breathtaking arenas where players look to settle the score once and for all.

Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball is rated E 10+ and is available at major retailers nationwide. For more, visit

Now I game for us Moms ~


Daisy Fuentes Pilates™ Brings Popular Mind-Body Regime into Homes, with Individualized Coaching and Self-Monitoring, in English and Spanish

SEGA® of America, Inc. announced Daisy Fuentes Pilates, the first Pilates workout program for the Wii™. Set at a lush tropical resort and hosted by Daisy Fuentes, longtime Pilates icon and star of the entertainment industry, the title supports the Wii Balance Board™. Created in partnership with Interactive Game Group, Daisy Fuentes Pilates features customizable workouts, fitness tracking real-time coaching and interactive feedback.

Daisy Fuentes Pilates, the first self-titled Pilates endeavor, goes beyond the one-way, static workouts of traditional DVDs using the Wii’s controls to monitor movements and offer instant feedback, ensuring proper body motion so players get the most from every Pilates session. Players stay on track following the integrated, on-screen “timing bar” as well as the real-time feedback from Daisy Fuentes herself, whose voice guides the exercises. Players will be able to choose between English and Spanish.

“This is a great way to get Pilates training that fits your schedule and lifestyle,” said Daisy Fuentes. "You can start out as an absolute beginner then move into intermediate and advanced levels--all at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, and with responsive feedback that helps ensure you’re mastering core skills correctly before you advance."

Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early twentieth century, Pilates has become the exercise program of choice for a growing number of enthusiasts on a worldwide scale. Daisy Fuentes Pilates is built around 10 fundamental exercises that players craft into individual workout routines depending on their level of intensity (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced). Players can track their results – mapping the total amount of exercise completed and how well each movement was performed. Daisy Fuentes also offers exercise and healthy diet tips throughout the program to encourage a full-body approach to health and well-being.

"Pilates is like no other exercise," Daisy Fuentes continued. "It makes your muscles long and lean – not bulky. It focuses on the connection between your mind and body, giving you smooth control over your movements. And the Wii is a great way to practice it – whether you’re getting started for the first time or looking for a more convenient way to integrate Pilates into your ongoing exercise routine.”

"More and more people are choosing to work-out at home" said SEGA of America’s VP of Marketing, Sean Ratcliffe. "Daisy’s targeted program for the Wii is a very effective way for the millions of Americans who practice Pilates to bring the experience into their living rooms, without losing the value of a group class and an instructor."

You can pre-order Daisy Fuentes Pilates right now at Amazon!

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Guest Post from Katka Author Stephen

Be sure to check out the Guest Post from Katka author ~ Stephen R. Meier over at my Product Review & Giveaway Blog.

Why Social Networks are the Key to Success

Keep an eye out for my review of Katka in a couple weeks!

Why Social Networks are the Keys to Good Networking

Today we have a guest post from the author of Katka ~ Stephen R. Meier

Social Networking can really be a great tool for networking, cause let's face it, everyone, and I mean everyone knows of MySpace, Twitter or Facebook. It's becoming the way to communicate. You are essentially "out of the loop" if you aren't on one of these, and for an author it can open up doors that might not have ever been possible. For me, Facebook has allowed me to have my book, read and reviewed by people in nineteen countries! That was a month after it was released!

The amazing thing is how much influence some of these people have. There are people out there, that I truly think "Facebook" for a living, meaning they are constantly on, writing, chatting, commenting on other people's photographs, posts, etc. And when you get your book in front of one of these people and they like out! Next thing you know you are being interviewed by a nineteen year old kid who has a blog that is followed by hundreds and giving away a free Kindle! This in itself causes a wave of publicity, which is picked up by others that you would never have imagined!

If you aren't out and about on the web interacting, you are missing out.

Stephen Ross Meier was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, the first of many places he would live worldwide. He received his Bachelors in English from Arizona State University. He currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Inspired by music, films, books, and the world around him, he is currently working on several projects, with his next book, Teaching Pandas to Swim, ready to be released soon. A huge fan of such writers as Charles Bukowski, Milan Kundera, Irving Welsch, Irving Stone, Chuck Palahniuk, and Brett Easton Ellis, Stephen has always been drawn to writing and story telling. Having been diagnosed with Heart Disease on May 10th, 2006, Stephen has been reminded that life void of passion is really not a life at all.

Keep an eye out for my review of Katka that is coming up.

Thanks to Stephen for guest posting here today and Pump Up Your Book Promotion.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Father's Day Giveaway ~ 18x24 Poster Print

My friends at UPrinting sent an email asking me if I'd like to do another giveaway as part of their Father's Day Promotion. I immediately said yes of course for my dear readers.

This time, they are giving away an
18x24 Poster Print!

I haven't had a chance to try out Uprinting yet. I'm currently trying to decide what picture I want to get made into a poster printing in the 16 x 20 size. I'm debating between trying to get a good picture of my daughters in their ballet outfits or getting a photo from the Hubble Site. You can download high resolution pictures for free there to get printed anywhere you want. I am leaning towards doing the Space photograph, and then doing the ballet print on the canvas printing that they offer.

Anyway, back to the giveaway. Like I said, I'm giving away one 18 x 24 Poster Print. To enter, Stop by Uprinting and browse around. Come back here & tell me what you would use the 18 x 24 poster print for.

You can get a second entry by blogging about this giveaway. Just come back here and comment a second time with the link to your post.

Contest is open to US/Canada only. Giveaway will end on June 8th at 11:59pm.

Winner ~
Marybeth I.

10% OFF All UPrinting Products!

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Obama: The Historic Journey: Young Reader's Edition

I like to have books available on my daughters book shelves about history, especially presidents. I have a very nice one that lists all the presidents up to George Bush's first run, with a few pages on each. Sometimes I add print outs to it as well, like when a former President dies, etc.

I'm excited to add some books about our newest president, Barack Obama to their collection, especially since it was such a historic election. It is one that both my girls had a chance to mock vote in (both voted Obama), so I know they will always remember it. I was lucky enough to have Mothertalk send me a copy of Obama: The Historic Journey: Young Reader's Edition (New York Times Book).

The book is a nice size ~ 10.9 x 9.2 x 0.7 inches.
  • Reading level: Ages 9-12
  • Hardcover: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Callaway (February 16, 2009)
  • Language: English

Obama: The Historic Journey: Young Reader's Edition is a beautiful book, full of amazing photography. The book covers the entire election, plus gives us some background on our 44th president. It includes childhood photos, along with Obama's history. We get a glimpse at his mother and father, the way he grew up. His grandparents, his family tree, his wife and his political journey.

I was amazed at the amount of details in this book. Both my daughters browsed through it, my 7 year old was able to read through it without problems. We all enjoyed learning a bit more about Obama. Our favorite though ~ looking through the photos.

This is a great book to add to your collection, everyone in the family can enjoy it. It is a nice piece of history to add to your book collection. There is also an adult version, I haven't had a chance to look through a copy yet, but it is available ~ Obama: The Historic Journey.

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