Friday, June 26, 2009

Book Review ~ Hell Yes! Two Little Words for a Simpler, Happier Life by Elizabeth Cogswell Baskin

The idea behind this book is that we all do too much. We take on extra projects at work that aren't a good use of our time because we want to be seen as team players. We end up on PTA committees, serving as assistant coaches with Little League, organizing our third cousin's bridal shower, volunteer, chaperon the middle school dance, chauffeur our kids to sports (and dance/music/tutoring/second language/etc. lessons), attending pointless meetings at work because someone in another department asked for our input ... and so on and so on and so on

Individually, these are all great things to do, but collectively, they can overload our lives. And, especially for parents, who have to place a priority on their children's needs, it's easy for their own needs to get lost in the shuffle.

The basic premise of Hell Yes!: Two Little Words for a Simpler, Happier Life, is that when something comes, ask if it's a “Hell Yes.” If it is, do it! If it's not, it's a “Hell No!” This one simple question cuts to the heart of the matter, allowing you to focus on what's most important to you and your family, and compels you to say no to things that fall in the gray area, where you aren't excited about them, but they aren't heinous to you either.

When I first read about the book, I thought it seemed like a great idea but would be just another how to book. When I received the book, I realized I was wrong. It is such a fun book, you can't help but get in the Hell Yes spirit. It almost reminds me of a picture book for adults. It is a small little book with great images. Each page has only one sentence on it. It is a quick easy read that is motivational!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Carefree Ultra Protection Review

Most women need a little bit of protection and Carefree is a company known for providing that. Now they are launching a brand new product that is even better. Along with the launch of the brand new Carefree Ultra Protection pantiliner, they are also starting the Carefree Fresh Start Fund.

This will be giving women a chance to win $10,000, $5,000, and $3,000 for a “fresh start.” Women can log on to to apply for funding to reach their personal fresh start goals. The top three finalists with the best plans for a fresh start will receive $10,000, $5,000 and $3,000 respectively. The winners will also receive a personal consultation from Ariane de Bonvoisin, change expert and founder of, as well as a three-day/two-night trip to New York City, where they will be honored at the Carefree Fresh Start celebration event, hosted in partnership with Step Up Women's Network. Seven additional finalists will receive $1,000 to help begin making their fresh start.

Through Mom Central I was sent a package of the new Carefree Ultra Protection pantiliner. Designed with an ultra-powerful DRYFLEX™ core, it absorbs ten times more than an ordinary liner (vs Carefree original) – so it’s absorbent enough for any day, but thin enough for every day. With the protection of a pad and the comfort of a liner, no matter what kind of protection you need, CAREFREE® ULTRA PROTECTION™ Liners have got you covered.

I found them to be very comfortable and absorbent. I gave the majority to my daughter and she asked me to buy them again. She really liked them a lot. Carefree is currently giving out free samples to try out. Just fill out this form to receive your sample.

You really should check out the Carefree fresh start. There is some great information. I know I'm entering the contest, that money could really help me get a fresh start. My car recently died, so I think I'd start over again with a newer more reliable car. Something like that could really open up doors for me.

What I love about the fresh start page though, it gives you information on every form of a fresh start. Style, Wellness, Relationships, Career and even a Just for Girls section. Just reading through some of the tips, makes you want to start a new healthier, positive way of looking at life. Plus they partnered with a wonderful website, First 30 Days.

So tell me, do you ever feel the need for a fresh start? Are you going to enter this contest?

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Visions" by Jean Koning Giveaway

'Visions' is a collection of columns written for the e-zine The Noise. A surprisingly intimate portrait on life and every day politics, accomplished with a fierce manner of writing.

Inspired by his own research for the musical album 'Notes from Purgatory', Jean Koning digs deep into the well of his personal life and blends the stories he found there with his experiences and visions of the American Way of Life, to portray a whirlwind of emotion, anger and doubt.

Dipped deep in a cocktail of absurdity and melancholy, the swift stories are built upon the eagerness to achieve a deeper understanding in trends, hypes and the corrupt world of commercial art.

The stories' subjects change as swiftly as the Dutch climate. From Amsterdam hookers to New York art openings and the ongoing war in Iraq. From the duality toward American lifestyles and Hollywood productions to Barbie and Ken in a setting of ironic perversity. From a heartfelt letter full of tips for Hillary Clinton to a remarkable talk show with Oprah Winfrey.

'Visions' is a humoristic approach of the life we lead today, with a huge comment made on worldwide politics. This is our planet today, with America as the prime suspect, Europe as the jury and Koning himself as the brutal judge.

Surprisingly enough, Koning doesn't point a finger of blame at anyone without pointing that finger at himself first.

Visions provides the year 2006 in columns. Jean Koning investigated the American Way of Life through European Eyes for an American Magazine during the promotion of his personal vision of the American Song Book presented on the album ´Notes from Purgatory´.

In these unique tales Koning mixes politics with sexuality, humor with tragedy and intelligence with complete naivety. The stories are touching and thrilling, and offer a unique glance at America from an artist’s point of view. It is like magazine editor Josh Brown once said about these columns: ‘Every American Citizen should read this!’ And now the same can be said about this book: “Every American Citizen should have a copy of this!”

Giveaway ~

Jean Koning is offering two copies of his book, Visions, to two of my lucky readers.

To enter ~ Comment here with why you want this book. Doesn't have to be a detailed answer or anything like that :)

Extra Entries ~

Contest will run until July 25th

Do you {HEART} Getting Flowers, but never Do?

We usually only have flowers in our household once a year ~ Dance Recital time. Yes, my little girls are the only ones that are ever lucky enough to get fresh flowers.

Last week though, I got a big box from Fed Ex, couldn't figure out what it could be. When I opened it up, there was this beautiful bouquet of flowers from the California Cut Flower Commission. My favorite color is yellow, so these couldn't have been more perfect. I loved them so much, I blogged about them right away over at my other blog.

Every time I walk by my kitchen table I get a big smile on my face. I forgot, how much fresh flowers brighten up your day. The best thing about these flowers though, there was no reason behind it. There was no dance recital, it wasn't my birthday or Mother's day. They were just because.

I think we forget that flowers can be just because. Just to put a smile on your face, brighten up somebody's day.

The California Cut Flower Commission wants to encourage people to consider sending flowers more often, and not just on special once-a-year occasions.

The California Cut Flower Commission (CCFC) recently did a survey and concluded that 42% of women don’t receive flowers as often as they would like. Because of this the CCFC has created “Hint Cards” to help deserving mom drop hints that they would like to receive a beautiful bouquet of the world’s freshest flowers like the ones offered by California Grown flowers.

Hint cards are such a great idea! They add a bit of fun way to give a hint to that someone special that you would really appreciate a nice bouquet of flowers.

Some of the Hint cards that I have read...

~ I dare you to buy me flowers

~ Want to make up for it? You know what to do {One of my favorites, such a great way to break the ice after a disagreement as well}

The Hint cards are about the size regular business cards, which makes them a great size to get the idea across. You can stick them in your special someone's wallet, in their lunch, car dashboard, inside their pocket, in the kitchen by the coffee, etc.

Did you know that ~

~ 75% of all US grown flowers come from California, however they account for only approximately 25% of all cut flowers actually sold in the United States. The remainder is imported from South American countries. That is just so wrong! Why import flowers when you can get beautiful AMERICAN GROWN flowers right here in our country. The only time a flower should be imported is if it's something that can't be grown here (like a tropical flower).

~ California’s cut flower industry generates $10.3 billion in economic impact for the State of California and generates 121,950 California jobs and $3.3 billion in wages for other industries. WOW! That is a lot of money and jobs to consider when buying flowers.

~ California's cut flower industry meets the strictest growing standards in the world. They raise hundreds of varieties of flowers.

~ Most of California cut flowers remain in the fields up until 24 hours before you purchase them therefore they are much fresher and will last longer.

I have some great news! The wonderful people over at the California Flower Commission want to send a bunch of my readers some Hint Cards! They really want to get the word out and are willing to send out 25 of my readers hint cards!!! How fun is that????

To enter, tell me a fun way you would use one or more of these hint cards.

Plus, after you receive your hint cards, you will be invited to fill out a survey. This survey will you enter into another giveaway, the grand prize of one free California-grown bouquet every month for one year!

You must answer the initial question, after that you can get many extra entries ~

  • Blog about this contest ~ 3 entries, leave 3 comments
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  • Contest will end on July 10th

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    Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    Giveaway ~ Wii Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball

    I recently did a quick review of the new Southpeak game Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball.

    About the game ~

    Pit scurvy against stealth and cutlass against katana in the ultimate playground sport of dodgeball. Perform powerful special moves and melee attacks to eliminate your opponents. Choose your team and take them through a unique story mode or team up with or against your friends in multiplayer mode mayhem! Pirates versus Ninjas is a social phenomenon; starting in online chatrooms and forums and growing to become a topic that everyone under 35 is aware of. It¿s a joke that has spawned online communities, Facebook applications and countless websites devoted to the subject. Finally, the phenomenon has become a video game, allowing millions of people all over the world to settle the debate once and for all. Whose side are you on?

    Product Features

    • Seven teams to choose from: Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, Zombies, Aliens, Monsters and Mushroom Men
    • Eight incredible interactive arenas.
    • Art style and content suitable for all ages.
    • Multiplayer includes up to 4 players in co-op and versus modes.
    • Characters are equipped with combat moves and special abilities to make the Pirates vs Ninjas rendition of Dodgeball
    Good news, Southpeak has given me one to give away to my readers. To enter, tell me who Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball would be for.

    Extra Entries ~

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    • Sign up to get 2gb of free space with Mozy {love this service to store a backup of my documents for free!}
    Contest will run until July 18th at 11:59pm

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