Friday, July 17, 2009

Review ~ Love is Hell

I picked up Love Is Hell because I am a fan of Melissa Marr. I read short stories when a favorite author has written one in a compilation book, but I normally don't love them. Love Is Hell is an exception, I really enjoyed the stories!

Sure, love is hell. But it,s totally worth it.

In these supernatural stories by five of today's hottest writers—Melissa Marr (Wicked Lovely), Scott Westerfeld (Specials), Justine Larbalestier (Magic or Madness), Gabrielle Zevin (Elsewhere), and Laurie Faria Stolarz (Blue is for Nightmares)—love may be twisted and turned around, but it's more potent than ever on its quest to conquer all.

From two students who let the power of attraction guide them to break the hard-and-fast rules of their world to the girl who falls hard for a good-looking ghost with a score to settle, the clever, quirky characters in this exciting collection will break your heart, then leave you believing in love more than ever.

Stupid Perfect World by Scott Westerfeld was my absolute favorite story. Honestly, it will probably always be a favorite story. I just loved it. The story takes place in the future, Westerfeld created such a unique world. I wish this would have been a full length story about the Scarcity Class and Kieran & Maria (the main characters).

I think that Love Struck by Melissa Marr was my 2nd favorite. I loved reading about our main characther Alana meeting a Selchie named Murrin. You don't get many Selchie books, so it was a refreshing change!

The other three stories were pretty good as well. There was Sleeping with the Spirit by Laurie Faria Stolarz. The main character Brenda dreams about ghost Travis.

I actually had some mixed feelings about the other 2 stories, but I did finish them. A lot of times with these books, I read my favorite author and then can't even get through the other stories. There was Thinner Than Water by Justine Larbalestier It was about Robbie (fey) & Jeannie.

Then there was Fan Fictions by Gabrielle Zevin. I had some issues with this one and really felt for Paige. I can't say anymore though because it will give the story away :)

Travel Products from Travel With Me

Do you travel on airplanes or know somebody that does? If the answer is yes, keep reading ...

Most airlines do not change their pillowcases after every flight. This is a part of cost cutting, so the majority do not change pillowcases or blankets between flights. Pillows often end up on the floor, and are loaded with dirt, germs and drool.

How gross is that? Especially if you travel with kids! Travel with me has created a must have product It is called Jet Heads. They are disposable pillow cases for travel sized pillows.

JetHeads™ Disposable Airplane Pillowcases are made of a soft and comfortable, non-woven fabric and come 2 to a pack. JetHeads™ are made in the USA.

The pillowcases are very nice quality for a disposable product. They almost remind me of those allergy cases you put under your pillowcase on regular pillows. You can get a 2 pack for $5.95 or 8 for $19.99. They are geared for children, but seriously if you ever use an airplane pillow, I'd use one of these regardless of being a child or adult!

Travel with Me also sells some very nice travel pillows that fit the cases. Check it out.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Reading Log

If you are crafty at all, you might enjoy this Summer Reading Log by Shimelle over at 2peas.

I probably read to much to do this exact book, but I definitely want to take some ideas from it. Right now, I'm logging my books in a notebook I picked up from Michaels. This is so much prettier though :)

I love the free library cards download offered, have to use those! I actually think I might do something more similar to this version.

Review ~ ikookie Organic Baby Cotton Clothes

ikookie baby clothes are made with 100% organic cotton, grown with natural fertilizers and free of toxic chemicals. Their organic cotton baby products include bodysuits, t-shirts, yoga pants, sleepsuits, blankets, towels and more.

100% certified organic cotton ~ good for your baby's delicate skin and the environment.

So, what is organic cotton? Organic Cotton is grown and harvested without the use of agrichemicals. Strict testing ensures the absence of contaminants like nickel, lead, heavy metals and pesticides.

When ikookie contacted me about doing a review a checked out their website first. I was thoroughly impressed with both the clothing, the pricing and the materials used in the products.

I was sent the short sleeve lap t-shirt with the ikookie logo on it for review. The top is well made and super soft. It has a very small tag on it that is sewn in on both sides. It isn't one of those annoying large handing ones that drive kids crazy. It has a nice thickness to it, just perfect for summer months or under clothes in the winter.

If you are looking for baby items that are organic, ikookie is a great place to purchase some basic items. They have fun colors and designs with reasonable pricing. You can purchase bodysuits (onesies), t-shirts, yoga pants, shorts, diaper covers, sleepsuits (so precious!), hats, bath towels, blankets and even gift sets.

The company has been wonderful to work with. The t-shirt came in cute packaging, was shipped quickly and I have had great email communications with ikookie.

They also offer a gift registry and even do returns within 30 days.

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