Monday, July 27, 2009

Rich is a Religion Book Review

If you're stressed about your financial future, stuck at a job that you hate, or feel trapped by your income, Rich Is a Religion is a road map that will help you transform your life. By showing you the mindset of millionaires and billionaires, you'll learn how to make more money than you ever thought possible and how to preserve this money for your entire life. With the insights found here, you'll quickly discover how to create a solid financial base and channel your money to maximize the gift of life.

I've read several books on money, finances, budgets, etc over the years. Most of the time, I gets some tips on how to try new things, etc. I will impliment some of them for a few months and then never really stick it out. I found Rich is a Religion: Breaking the Timeless Code to Wealth to be a different type of "money book".

Rich is a Religion is more a book on your attitude towards money and your life vs. a how to book on money. This book is probably the first book on money you should ever read. If you have kids heading off to college, this would make a great present for them. This book will teach them so much about how the rich people view money. It isn't about how they make it, it is about the respect they have for money.

Rich is a Religion is an easy to read book. It flows nicely, with a wonderful writing quality to it. You really feel like you are learning something. Written by a multimillionaire author and CEO, who experienced both poverty and wealth.

You can connect with the author ~ Mark Stevens

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