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Sing-A-Lingo En Mi Casa ~ Teaching Kids Spanish through Music

Teaching children another language is important, I believe.  Especially when they are young, their brains are like little sponges.  My daughters elementary school teaches Spanish from 1st grade - 5th grade.  I'm amazed at what they pick up on.  I wish I had started younger though.  I know my now 3rd grader, knew a lot of Spanish just from watching Dora and other similar shows.  It just shows how easily they pick it up before 5. 

Studies have shown that you remember more through music.  My 7th grader was even excited about not having to study the word Independent because it is spelled out in a song she likes, lol.  The company Sing-A-Lingo understand this concept.  They teach Spanish to children ages 2 -6 through music! 

I was sent the cd ~ En Mi Casa to review recently. 

En Mi Casa is a collection of songs written to entertain and delight kids, and the parents who are raising them bilingual. Introducing kids to words in Spanish they can use throughout their day, these 17 songs are the centerpiece of a rich learning experience.

Songs Included on the cd ~

En la MaƱana-In the Morning

Hola Amigos-Hello Friends

Señor Sol-Mr. Sun


Ponte a Bailar-Start Dancing

Tienes Hambre?-Are you Hungry?

Lava las Manos-Wash your Hands

Abre el Refrigerador-Open the Refrigerator

Pon la Mesa-Set the Table

Dos Manos-Two Hands


Mono Chico-Little Monkey

And More!

There are 17 songs (14 originals, 3 traditionals)  included on this cd for only $14.99 + sh.  There is a lot of  repetition of relevant Spanish words for your kids to learn.  This cd teaches kids the names of items in your house.  This is something they can actually practice daily!  Another feature I really like about the cd is that it is Bi-lingual.  All of the song lyrics are in English and Spanish! 

Now my youngest is 8, so she is a bit older then the targeted audience.  However she thought the songs were a lot of fun & really enjoyed the cd.  She loves singing in Spanish, so this added several more songs to her inventory.  She even showed it to her Spanish teacher! 

I really recommend trying this out with your toddlers & pre-schoolers.  This is the time that they really just soak up anything you teach.  Since you are in the process of already teaching English, it is actually easier to also teach a 2nd language.  Spanish is becoming about as well known in the US as English is.  I myself even want to learn it.  I took French in school, and have never needed to use. Spanish however is everywhere! 

Sing-A-Lingo has several products right now.  I received the CD, but they also have an MP3 download for only $9.99.  They also have lyrics and vocabulary cards for the visual learner for $12.99 + sh plus a bunch of other great visual learning tools, packages, t-shirts and more!  There is even a fun treasure game to play.

Where to find Sing-A-Lingo


I did this review with Family Review Network.  I was sent a cd to review free of charge.  I was not compensated in any way for this review.  All opinions and thoughts are mine.

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