Monday, November 8, 2010

MathRider ~ Help your kids learn math with this Fun Game!

My oldest struggles in school, in all subjects including Math.  I have found over the years in talking with teachers and parents, that Math is one of the toughest subjects for most kids.  I'm always on the lookout for fun ways for my daughter to learn math skills.  Playing games over the years, is one way that she has actually really improved in her math classes.  
I was recently offered a chance to try a new software program called MathRider.  It was designed to help elementary school kids practice and master addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
I will honestly tell you though, these skills are just needed in elementry school.  Last year when my daughter was in 7th grade, our school held a math & literacy night for parents. All of the SEVENTH GRADE math teachers, told us parents to keep making our kids practice multiplication.  They said it was amazing how many middle schoolers do not have this skill yet. 
The MathRider software takes kids on various quests, all the while learning where they are at in the fundamental arithmetic skills.  It then hones in on what needs to be practiced, with rewards and animations that match their levels of mastery.
This has worked wonders with quite a few kids, who, having rescued the princess, suddenly realized that they were now "masters of addition" or whatever operation they were playing.
Installation is very easy to do.  It didn't take more then a few minutes on my computer. You do need Adobe Air to run the program (free).  
My 4th grader loves this game.  She loves horses, and she loves going on quests in games.  My 8th grader is even playing the game.  It is definately better for younger kids, but she has fun playing along with her sister.  While playing the game, you don't even realize you are actually learning.  Always a plus with kids!
I love how advanced this software is.  The software maintains extensive statistics of each player's performance in the game and uses that to optimise what needs rehearsing and what doesn’t. Even a player's individual typing speed is considered. The game speed adjusts according to player performance and when someone has indeed mastered an operation, the software recognizes this very quickly. 
You can purchase MathRider online for $37, they even offer a 30 day risk free guarantee!
This post was written for Family Review Network & Math Rider who provided a 30 day trial of MathRider  in exchange for my honest review.

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