Saturday, July 31, 2010

Marriott "Nickelodeon Your Stay"

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We had to stay at a few hotels over this past competition season.  The first one we went to was the Marriott in Kalamazoo, MI.  Let me tell you, it really set the stage for the rest of the hotels, and none of them compared!  This hotel was beautiful.  I wish I had taken better pictures to show you.  

It was clean, great staff, awesome breakfast, great pool and fabulous decorating.  It was a great hotel!

Recently, Marriott and Nickelodeon came up with a great new promotion to keep kids happy and busy throughout their stay. Starting July 1st, you can arrange to "Nickelodeon Your Stay" at nearly 2,000 hotels with the Marriott brands. All kids get free activities including a Nickelodeon bracelet with a code to access free online games at, and an activity book with challenging puzzles and mazes.  Kids who eat at the hotels' restaurants also receive a placemat featuring favorite Nickelodeon characters, SpongeBob SquarePants and Dora the Explorer. 

To further the experience, Marriott and Nickelodeon also offer an upgrade package at several of Marriott's brands, including Courtyard, Fairfield Inn & Suites, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn and TownePlace Suites  locations for $10 that includes all the free items plus a SpongeBob activity bag and splash ball, Nickelodeon sunglasses, and a 3-D build-your-own SpongeBob craft. The package costs $20 at Marriott and JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts and kids get all the above items and a special SpongeBob SquarePants or Dora the Explorer pillowcase and storybook. At great price points, Marriott and Nickelodeon make the stay easier and more engaging for us as parents and for the kids. for more information on the promotion and to start booking.  This site also has free, downloadable, Nickelodeon themed travel games under the free goodies section, including a travel journal, travel bingo and coloring sheets.

I was sent one of the backpacks and it is super cute.  My daughter loved it!  The Marriott is such a fantastic hotel and with the added Nickelodeon fun it is a top choice for traveling with kids!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by  on behalf of Marriott and received a Nickelodeon gift pack to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central also sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lindsay Brin's Shed 5 Fast DVD Review + Coupon Code

Lindsay Brin's Shed 5 Fast with Moms Into Fitness

Are you looking to lose that pregnancy weight?  I have found a women that will get you motivated to lose pregnancy weight.  Better yet, she shows you how she loses her baby weight week by week.  By seeing this, it is just extra motivation that it IS actually possible.  Who am I talking about?  Lindsay Brin from Moms into Fitness!  
I was sent the Lindsay Brin's Shed 5 Fast with Moms Into Fitness DVD to review with Mama Buzz recently, let me tell you I'm loving it.  

Lose that pesky five pounds faster than you put it on! You can achieve the ultimate fat burn in just 30 minutes.

Did five extra pounds sneak up on you in your busy life? Get rid of them fast with these two total-body workouts that balance toning exercises with bursts of energetic cardio for maximum fat burning in only 30 minutes. This interval training is the most efficient way to burn calories, and two different workouts ensure you will not hit a plateau during the six week program. You will lose five pounds or more in just the first three weeks!

Lindsay Brin uses the 3/3 interval method for the most effective fat burning workout - 3 minutes of toning using multiple muscle groups to boost metabolism, and 3 minutes of martial arts/kickboxing to melt fat in exercises that are simple and effective. Follow your level- beginner, intermediate or advanced, or step up your program to advanced as you start to see results.

  • Workout 1:

  • 3 minute warm-up

  • 24 minute 3/3 intervals

  • 3 minute cool-down

  • Workout 2:

  • 3 minute warm-up

  • 24 minute 3/3 intervals

  • 3 minute cool-down

  • Lindsay Brin created Moms Into Fitness to help moms find a flat stomach.

    I can see this DVD helping you lose a lot more then those pesky 5lbs, but she has an entire collection of DVD's for other reasons.  Don't let the title of lose 5 throw you off, this workout will definitely work you out!  I guess if you think about it though, the last 5 are usually the hardest.  I've been trying to lose 5 in my stomach area for about 5 years now, lol.

    This dvd contains 2 workouts, each consisting of a 3 minute warmup, 24 minute weight loss challenge (Workout 1) or 24 minute interval burn (Workout 2) and a 3 minute cool down to finish. These 30 minute workouts use 3 sets of weights, light/medium/heavy, depending on your level of fitness. Lindsay also has 3 levels being demonstrated: Lindsay is demonstrating at an intermediate level, Tara is showing beginner modifications while Amy is stepping up for the advanced participants.

    There is a nice variety of exercises to the program that I really enjoy. Some I've never done before in any other video.  It is high energy with great music, plus Lindsay is a great motivator.  Love her attitude.  While I waited for the workout to arrive, I subscribed to her blog and started reading her website.  I really like her a lot, she seems like she would be an amazing women to get to know.  She has two children, so she understands what us moms go through.  Nothing like a skinny single chic with no kids yelling at you to get in shape, right?

    You can head over to Moms into Fitness for more information.  There is a calculator to find your BMI and figure out your weight loss goals.  You can also print out a free meal plan and food journal. 

    You can keep up with Lindsay at the following social sites ~

    Youtube ~ Has some really informative videos to watch, along with trailers from her DVD collection.

    Be sure to check out her Entire Collection of workout DVD's over at Amazon.  Lindsay recently
    released a new program ~ 60 Day Slimdown program for moms that want to commit to 5 days a week, complete with Fitness Tracker, 3-phase Meal Plan and workout calendar.  You can find all of her products over at Moms into Fitness + I have a 20% coupon code for you to use there.

    I did this review for Mama Buzz.  Lindsay Brin sent me a Shed 5 Fast DVD to help facilitate this review.  No compensation was received. 

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    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Oxy Clinical helps treat both teen and adult Acne!

    Acne affects 85% of Americans at some point in their lives, which makes it the most prevalent skin disease in the country.   I myself have suffered from it since 6th grad one, and now I have an 8th grader daughter.  We both tend to break out on our chin the most, with blackheads on the nose.  I personally cannot aford expansive trips to the dermatologist so I need an over-the-counter solution that provides fast and noticeable results. Luckily, OXY Clinical acne treatment offers a powerful and affordable solution to stubborn acne without the need for a costly dermatologist appointment!

    OXY's focus on the "science behind skincare" has led to the creation of their new Clinical System which incorporates patented technologies with prescription-strength ingredients to ensure a quick and discrete solution to acne. OXY Clinical delivers a new level of treatment technology in a system that can be applied on a daily basis in our home. Each of the system's three treatments contains an advanced delivery system technology that helps the product work continuously over time. This allows OXY Clinical to provide clinical results without a prescription while remaining gentle enough for every day use and it won't over dry skin.

    The OXY Clinical Clearing Treatment penetrates deep into pores killing the bacteria, while the Advanced Face Wash uses AcneShield technology to unclog the pores and fight flare-ups. To complete the treatment process, the Hydrating Therapy delivers nutrients to replenish acne-prone skin while fighting blemishes and controlling oil.  I have read in the past, the worst thing to do with acne is skipping the moisturizer which is commonly done.  I know myself, I used to skip my nose and chin area.  After reading that article years ago, I started applying lotion to those areas and well and did notice an improvement!

    The products' patented, acne-fighting technology is clinically shown to eliminate 99% of acne bacteria in 8 hours. So what does this mean to you and your teen? In short, it works; and when an embarrassing breakout appears, that's what matters.

    I've been using the 3 step process of the Oxy Clinical Product for over a week now.  My daughter has been using it occassionally.  She really hasn't gotten into the daily thing of taking care of her skin.  I'm trying to convince her important it is, but I guess living carefree is always a good thing. 

    Anyways, I've been using the Advanced face wash every morning, then the clearing treatment at least once a day but sometimes twice, last the hydrating treatment once a day when I'm getting ready for the day.  My face has actually really cleared up. My chin is always the worst, and it has been breakout free.  Just working on clearing it up.  My nose has blackheads, and I have found nothing for them at all.  My forehead is my other breakout zone and it has been totally clear using Oxy Clinical! 

    My only complaint so far is I wish they would add a toner.  I like using a toner, and it would be nice to have the same product line. 

    I haven't come across it yet in stores, so I'm not sure how much it costs yet.  I was sent the Solutions pack and the wash is around 2oz I believe.  I'm not sure if that is the normal size or if they sell larger products.  The two treatments are the perfect size, I would like a larger wash though.  It does last a long time though, you need a really small amount to cover your entire face.  Like the pea size amount you would put on your toothbrush.  The texture of it really goes a long way.  I haven't experienced any drying out from this product either. 

    This is something that is worth trying out if you suffer from Acne.  I have no complaints whatsoever on Oxy Clinical. 

    I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Oxy Clinical and received products necessary to facilitate my candid review.”

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