Friday, December 31, 2010

$25 Early Bird Sign Up Bonus ~ FREE MONEY!!!

This is a great deal, if you recall Paypal did this when they first opened. I made some great money with them. PayBox is a brand new site, and during the early bird enrollment period, you get $25 free automatically in your account. All they need is a user name, email and password to get your started!

Paybox is trying to make themselves the best payment site out there. To do this, there are daily surveys and other things you get to do to have an impact on how the site runs. With doing so, you will earn interest in your account.

Plus, for every person you refer, you get an additional $10 in your account!

What a great way to start the New Year. Think of all your resolutions ~ paying off debt, starting an emergency fund or even saving for Christmas 2011!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Books & Movies


  1. The Black Ice by Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch Series, 2nd book) ~ Jan 10
  2. U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton ~ Jan 14
  3. Night Passage by Robert B. Parker ~ Jan 17
  4. Dark Side of the Morgue by Raymond Benson ~ Feb 4th
  5. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown ~ Feb 20th
  6. Remember When by Nora Roberts & JD Robb ~ Feb 28th
  7. Devil Bones by kathy reichs ~March
  8. The Concrete Blonde by Michael Connelly ~ March 16th 
  9. 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs audio book ~ March 2010
  10. The Last Coyote by Michael Connelly ~ March 2010
  11. Trunk Music by Michael Connelly ~ March 2010
  12. I Alex Cross ~ April 10, 2010
  13. Singulariy by Kathryn Casey ~ April 14, 2010
  14. The Poet by Michael Connelly ~ April 18
  15. Angels Flight by Michael Connelly
  16. Divided in Death by JD Robb
  17. Bloodwork by Michael Connelly
  18. A Darkness more then Night by Michael Connelly
  19. Bloodlines by Kathryn Casey
  20. Void Moon by Michael Connelly
  21. Visions in Death by JD Robb ~ June 2010
  22. Worst Case by James Patterson ~ June 2010
  23. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer ~ June 2010
  24. Chasing the Dime by Michael Connelly ~ June 2010
  25. City of Bones by Michael Connelly ~ June 2010
  26. Lost Light by Michael Connelly ~ June 2010
  27. The Narrows ~ June 2010
  28. Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison ~ July 2010
  29. The Spellmans Strike Again by Lisa Lutz
  30. Tutu Deadly ~ July 2010
  31. The Closers by Michael Connelly
  32. Ghouls Hawnt just to have fun by Victoria Laurie
  33. Indelible by Karin Slaughter
  34. The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly
  35. Echo Park by Michael Connelly
  36. The Overlook
  37. Doom with a View by Victoria Laurie
  38. Private by James Patterson
  39. Sweetness at the bottom of the Pie
  40. Sizzling Sixteen by Janet
  41. Fiber and Brimstones by Laura Childs
  42. Don't Blink by James Patterson
  43. Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr
  44. Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
  45. Tick Tock by James Patterson
  46. Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly
  47. Blood Game by Iris Johansen
  48. Hoot (Started in December with daughter class, finished 1/2)

  1. Angels and Demons
  2. Escape to Witch Mountain
  3. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
  4. Paranormal Activity
  5. House on Haunted Hill (1999 version)
  6. Alice in Wonderland 3d ~ March 7th
  7. What happens in Vegas ~ June 
  8. Wanted  ~ June
  9. The Bounty Hunter
  10. Inception

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How was your Christmas?

I will admit it, I'm so glad Christmas is over!  I really have a hard time enjoying this time of year.  When we pull it off though, and our kids are happy, it is a magical time :)  My brother recently got a new flat screen tv and he is looking into TV stands for flat screens instead of mounting to his wall.  Now, I'm on a mission to help him find the perfect one to fit into his decor.

I have to talk a bit about favorite Christmas gifts.  What were your favorites for the year?

My 13 year old teenager ~

26" Mongoose Mountain Bike
Sweater Boots

9 year old daughter ~

Nintendo DSi Bundle Orange
Lalaloopsy Dolls
Rapunzel and Flynn dolls

Tell me, what were your families favorite gifts?

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Monday, December 27, 2010

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